Say Goodbye: ‘Parks and Recreation’ final season trailer

Parks and Recreation

If you haven't heard by now, NBC has pretty much purged its Thursday Night comedy lineup, with the last straggler being the terminally optimistic Parks and Recreation, which will be heading into its final season in the new year. So as we say goodbye to Parks, and by extension the peacock's once golden comedy block, let's watch the trailer for the seventh and final season and remember about all the fun and laughs along the way. Like that time MORE

NBC is ditching Community (and Parks and Recreation)


A few years ago, NBC had the best Thursday night line-up, thanks to the combined power of 30 Rock, Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Office. Except since then, 30 Rock and The Office have come to a close, but at least they still have Community and Parks, right? Oh what's that? They just canceled Community? Welp. I'm just going to curl up in the corner now. If it sounds like I'm crying, I'm not. I'm just trying to squeeze excess water out MORE

Gag Reel: ‘Parks and Recreation’ season five!

Parks and Recreation

It's that time again! Time for Parks and Recreation's annual gag reel, highlighting all the best breaks from season five. We're just going to post a couple of them (via Uproxx) but you can go find the rest of them on Parks and Recreation's season five DVD which is out now, and make sure to catch the season premiere of season six on September 26th on NBC! MORE

Rob Lowe & Rashida Jones: Leaving ‘Parks and Recreation’

Rob Lowe & Rashida Jones

In the saddest news of the day, Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe will be leaving NBC's Parks and Recreation this season. So I'm going to assume that Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins will be running off together into the night to finally have their baby. The A/V Club reports ... Just as the next season of Parks And Recreation was looking to be all sunshine and abs, Buzzfeed dropped the news (confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter) that Rashida Jones and MORE

Chris Pratt is ridiculously hot now!

Chris Pratt Shirtless

I've been watching Parks and Recreation for years now, and I've always had a thing for Chris Pratt. He was just so goofy and affable, and he totally had that bear thing working for him. But now Chris has lost some fat and bulked up the muscle, and now he's even more unfairly attractive. Seriously, he was cute before, but now he's just stupidly hot. Oh Andy, you'll always have a special place in my heart! Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda MORE

Patton Oswalt’s AWESOME ‘Star Wars’ filibuster on ‘Parks and Recreation’

Patton Oswalt

Yes, this is the second time this week that we've featured Patton Oswalt. I know, it's almost as if we've started featuring talented people who've worked for years to perfect their craft! WHAT HAVE WE BECOME? Anyway, Patton is guest starring on tonight's Parks and Recreation, where he'll be filibustering a Pawnee bill by talking about the upcoming Star Wars movies. The best part: The entire thing is completely improvised. That's just Patton MORE

Best of the Best: The TV Class of 2012


We here at PopBytes have never been a huge fan of ‘best of’ lists. They always seem to miss our favorites. So when it comes to looking back at the best television of 2012, we like to hand out some TV superlatives here and there. Class clown? Most likely to succeed? They’re all here. Enjoy! Best in Show: Girls Of all the shows that hit the air in 2012, no show had such a uniquely original voice as HBO’s Girls. Lena Dunham’s MORE

VP Joe Biden will appear on ‘Parks and Recreation’

Adam Scott, Joe Biden and Amy Poehler

So Joe Biden's riding pretty high right not, huh? He was elected to a second term as Vice President, he beat out the disturbingly hot Paul Ryan, and now he's set to make an appearance on Parks and Recreation, which I think means Joe is now the luckiest person in the entire world. EW reports ... Once the producers committed to shooting an episode in D.C., the process of landing Biden was “so much less difficult than we ever possibly MORE

Nick Offerman on growing your Movember Moustache

Nick Offerman

In a couple days, November will be upon us and with it, comes Movember. It's that thing where guys grow out their moustaches to raise awareness of men's health issues, like prostate cancer and mental health. So to help you out, Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreations' Ron Swanson) put together this video teaching you how to grow a thick, full moustache. MOUSTACHE RIDES FOR ALL! MORE

‘Parks and Recreation’ teases the fifth season!

Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler and the rest of the Parks and Recreation gang are returning on September 20th for a fifth season (22 episodes) and they're teasing the highly-anticipated premiere with spots poking fun at the Olympics. Well, mind you the Olympics are over now, but still, they're funny, plus one features Andy (cutie Chris Pratt) half-naked and covered in shaving cream, so there's that! (H/T The A.V. Club) MORE

NBC is changing up Thursday nights!


While I don't always agree with certain decisions NBC makes (the Jay Leno debacle a shining example of piss-poor planning by the peacock), I will go to my grave praising the network for having some of the smartest, funniest, most well-written shows on TV right now. Unfortunately, most of those great shows seem to be on the bubble now, with most of them getting hesitantly renewed for shortened seasons so they can focus on new shows that will be MORE

‘Parks and Recreation’ is back!

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is coming back to NBC tomorrow night (Thursday, April 19th) after a little break, sadly there are only four episodes left in season four! To get you pumped up for the show's return, watch the hilarious gag reel below (a bonus from the third season DVD, available now), featuring all the Ron Swanson crack-ups you could ever need and much more. Also included: the first and last time Aubrey Plaza will ever smile. Oh Aubrey ... MORE