Links: Pamela Anderson remarried Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

→ Pamela Anderson is an honest woman again -- she remarried her ex Rick Salomon! Celebslam → Kim Kardashian denies Photoshopping selfies: I am so disciplined & work so hard! Celebitchy → Golden Globes 2014 After-Parties: Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney win fakest kiss! Bohomoth → Miley Cyrus tweeted this photo of herself with some super big fake teeth! SOW → Justin Timberlake celebrated his People's Choice Award wins at MORE

Links: Pamela Anderson’s demure makeover!

Pamela Anderson

→ Pamela Anderson got a somewhat classy makeover: an improvement or bizarre? Celebitchy → Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have the hottest bromance to ever exist BuzzFeed → Nicki Minaj is basically blaming the other judges for low American Idol ratings PopCrush → Carmen Electra was hosting a local night club for $2,000? (site NSFW) Drunken Stepfather → Lindsay Lohan is still trying to figure out where she will go MORE

Links: Drunk Pamela Anderson never disappoints!

Pamela Anderson

→ Pamela Anderson got totally wasted on Monday night while partying over in London! Celebslam → Amy Poehler and Tina Fey created the perfect drinking game for the Golden Globes! BuzzFeed → Loathsome Locks: See a collection of some seriously bad celebrity hairdos! PopCrush → Teen Mom Twitter war escalates! Jenelle Evans' ex-boss posts naked photo of her! RadarOnline → Is Rihanna finally over Chris Brown or warning MORE

Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars: The Pairings!

Pamela Anderson

Because RuPaul is launching an All-Stars Drag Race (or is it Drag Race All-Stars? I can never get this right ...) someone over at Dancing With The Stars presumably sat down and thought, "Hey, us too!" So now we have Dancing With the Stars: All Stars, which proves that just because you awkwardly shoe-horn the word "stars" in your title twice, does not mean your show contains any stars whatsoever. The cast list via Entertainment Weekly MORE

look ma, no bra!

no bra here (right?!) but at least pam anderson remembered to put her panties on! Pamela Anderson at Comedy Central's Roast Of David Hasselhoff held at The Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California on August 1st, 2010. PHOTOS | FAME PICTURES MORE

Guess the celebrity rump?

hey everyone! time for a game of 'guess who' - can you figure who this sexy, almost naked rump belongs to? find out who she (an obvious hint!) is after the jump ... GO! MORE

every rose has its herpes thorn

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, here's Pamela Anderson walking around with a big stupid rose on her head. Some of you might think this is Pam's way of jumping on Lady Gaga's "Take something that doesn't belong on your head and wear it as a hat!" bit, but personally, I just don't think Pam's brain is capable of understanding how head wear works. But honestly, I think the flower is cute, and it suits Pam perfectly! It's pretty but essentially MORE

pam anderson parties like there’s no tomorrow!

when she should be resting up so pam can practice her dance moves for dancing with the stars next week! girlfriend looked like a complete mess out in hollywood late last night after partying at guys and dolls - she staggered out of the club with big sweat stains across her boobs (or maybe she spilled a drink - or two) definitely not a cute look! she's been doing pretty good so far on DWTS - i just don't know how she can party like this and MORE

hey pam, shouldn’t you be practicing?!

hey y'all! with the premiere of dancing with stars about two weeks away (monday, march 22nd) you'd think pamela anderson might be busy practicing her dance moves but she's still partying like a (washed-up) rock star - girlfriend was spotted leaving a london club looking a bit disheveled (what else is new?!) if she wants to last on the show - she's needs to calm down on the late night escapades and start learning all the steps that will be coming MORE

Anyone else on Team Pamela Anderson?

during the season finale of the bachelor last night (jake picked vienna - ugh) the new cast of dancing with the stars was announced - all eleven people are posted below - of course i'm tossing all of my support behind pamela anderson - i love the hot mess factor she'll no doubt bring to the show (along with a nipple slip) if she goes then i'm going to take a spot on team shannen doherty! the competition kicks off on monday, march 22nd - i always MORE

who wants to smell like pamela anderson?

oh my gosh - this is the last thing we need ... yet another celebrity fragrance - and from pamela anderson of all people! i had zero clue she was working on a scent of her own - i imagine her new scent malibu contains notes of booze, panties, & plastic! all joking aside - i do have a soft spot for pam - i love her to pieces - even though she's like a party warrior (that girl keeps going and going and going ...) she actually looks pretty amazing MORE

good morning starshine

hey hey! oh i know i just did a post about pamela anderson yesterday morning but girlfriend seems to be on a roll (or shall we just call it a bender?) she was spotted wearing a super short (shocking, right?) pink dress in london last night leaving the 'whisky misty' night club - supposedly she only stayed for ten minutes but ms. anderson must have packed a lot in during that short time - she looks like a total mess but again like i said yesterday MORE

pamela anderson shows no modesty

good morning! i'm back home - i had an excellent time - the best part of the whole quick trip was seeing a bunch of my friends - we had such a blast together! if you ask if i'd go back to jamaica ... i would have to say no but the the beach down there was completely awesome - i love being in the ocean! anyways it looks like pamela anderson is still up to her tricks - playing the modesty card just like always ... she was performing and learning MORE

anyone have a job for pamela anderson?

good morning! i'm feeling a little bit better than yesterday - i want to completely shake off this cold before my brother arrives tomorrow night from boston - i can't wait to see him! anyways the latest cover of STAR magazine is featuring drama for the travolta family - they're dealing with that nasty & cold hearted extortion plot down in the bahamas - i feel awful about the loss of john & kelly's son jett travolta this past january - i can't MORE