Two of those One Direction guys got caught smoking weed

One Direction and Big Bird

I'll be brutally honest, I don't get One Direction. I really don't. I don't hate them, because they're actually rather respectable in their private lives, but I don't love them because ... well, their songs are just okay. Not stand-out amazing or terrible, just rather okay. But then I see the kind of conspiracy theorism some of my acquaintances place them under, and you kind of have to wonder what's happening there. Anyway, two of them (Zayn MORE

Liam Payne likes ‘Duck Dynasty’ (but he’s not a homophobe)

Liam Payne

If you put a gun to my head, I wouldn't be able to tell you which member of One Direction was Liam Payne. Is he the one with the hair? No? Crap, I got nothing. Anyway, last week he apparently tweeted about how much he liked Duck Dynasty, a month after that whole debacle with the Phil Robertson's GQ interview, and people started accusing him of being a homophobe. So of course, he took to Twitter to clear the air with only the most delicate of MORE

Harry Styles says no to ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner

So it appears One Direction star Harry Styles is still dating Kendall Jenner (they recently went skiing together in Mammoth, CA) but rumor has it that he wants absolutely no part of appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, just like Kanye West. With ratings for the reality show sinking to all-time lows, I bet executive producer / momager Kris Jenner would kill for him to make an appearance on the show which would be an easy and free ratings MORE

Photos: One Direction’s Liam Payne is a sexy surfer!

Liam Payne

I'm not the biggest One Direction fan but I do think that Liam Payne (age 20) is way adorable. So I simply couldn't resist posting these sexy shirtless pictures of him surfing off of Australia's Gold Coast. PHOTOS | FAME/FLYNET MORE

Harry Styles got pantsed during a concert

One Direction

Because there are a disturbing number of people out there who go totally apesh!t over One Direction and their tiny zygotic charm, here's a video of Harry Styles (aka Taylor Swift's ex) getting pantsed during a concert by one of the other laboratory clones in the group. I want to say his name is ... Nick? Justin? Jonas? Ah hell, I'll just refer to him by the label that was on his test-tube: Experiment HG - 7405721. Oh science, is there no end to MORE

Harry Styles named NME’s ‘Villain of the Year’

Harry Styles

Maybe it's because I grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, but I generally classify villains as anyone who can shoot lightning out of their fingers or can break Batman's back. But NME just awarded One Direction star Harry Styles with the title of "Villain of the Year" so who knows? Maybe villains today just need to look like weird muppet babies and sing mediocre pop songs. Via HuffPo... Did his breakup with country superstar Taylor Swift have MORE

Harry Styles got hit in his crotch with a shoe

Harry Styles

Let's get one thing straight: I am, in no way, a One Direction fan. Sorry, but they're just not my thing. That being said, it's probably a good thing for them that I'm not a fan, because during a concert, one of their fans threw a pair of shoes at them and one of them managed to hit Harry Styles right in the balls. (In all fairness, it could have been Taylor Swift. We really can't rule that one out.) But seriously, what is it with dumbass teenage MORE

Taylor Swift mocked Harry Styles at the Grammys

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift got to open the Grammys last night with a Cirque de so-lame meets Alice in Wonderland mess, which already sounds bad enough as it is, but wait, it gets worse! Because Taylor just can't stop herself from using her failed relationships as musical influences, she decided to take one final jab at One Direction's Harry Styles, mimicking his voice and torturing a boy on-stage. So basically, her performance was just every Taylor joke MORE

Taylor Swift wanted Harry Styles to get circumcised?!

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

In case you're wondering why all of Taylor Swift's relationships seem to go belly-up? Here's a story from National Enquirer about how she was always hounding One Direction's Harry Styles to get circumcised. OH MY WHAT THE NO JUST NO. Said my source close to Styles: “Taylor didn’t like the fact that English-born Harry was not circumcised – she even suggested he undergo surgery!” But from the very first time Taylor brought it, MORE

Ugh: More on Taylor Swift and Harry Styles’ split

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

Oh, what's that? You thought for once Taylor Swift would break up with someone and then not ride it for all the money and attention it was worth? Ha ha! Oh, you! No, she and Harry Styles are going to ram this thing straight into the friggin' ground, because let's face it, what else are they supposed to do? Make good music that speaks for itself rather than air their dirty laundry for the sake of publicity? Yeah, you clearly don't know how this MORE

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up? Nooooooooooo, really?

Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles

All right, you're gonna want to sit down for this. Are you sitting down? It's crucial that you be in a seated position. You can sit on a sofa or a couch or the floor, just ... sit anywhere, it's cool. Actually, do you need a glass of water? Tea? Coffee? We're here for you. It'll be okay. Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles broke up. It'll be okay. It'll be okay. IT. LL. BE. OKAY. From Page Six ... Styles, 18, and Swift, 23, flew to MORE

Video: One Direction’s “Kiss You”

One Direction "Kiss You"

You know, I really have to hand it to One Direction: I just assumed that they would be a one-hit wonder and that they would stop being relevant after they got out of the womb in which they recorded all their songs. Well, boy was I wrong! This thing will not stop. Just ... it won't stop. It will never stop. Never ...  anyway, here's the music video for their latest single "Kiss You," and - okay, how do I put this? Oh, okay, got it. This video is MORE

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles’ relationship seems totally not staged

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

Despite the fact that neither of them was even born when Dirty Dancing came out, here's Taylor Swift and Harry Styles recreating the famous dance scene, which a One Direction site subsequently posted on Twitter. A propos of nothing, here's an interesting blind item from Blind Gossip which I'm sure is completely unrelated to the rest of this article. We know the tabloids and the fans are loving this hot young couple! We also know that MORE

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are (probably) doing it

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

After Taylor Swift got kicked to the curb by that Kennedy, presumably after he realized he was dating Taylor, she of the million and one break-up songs has rebounded back into the skinny little fetal alcohol baby arms of Harry Styles (from One Direction). Quick side note here, but is it just me or does Taylor have a thing for men she can crush, both physically and emotionally? Think about it. The woman refuses to date anyone she cannot destroy on MORE