The Fappening: Male Edition … might be coming soon!

Justin Bieber

After The Fappening died down enough that we could all start joking about it, one of the more prevalent joke-not-jokes was that leaking a bunch of the men stars' pics would help even things out a bit. You know, make things fair. Except according to TMZ, that might be a thing soon. Get ready for: "That's not me!" and "It's photoshopped!" and "Look, it was super cold that day, cut me some slack." We're told the male celebs have contacted MORE

The Fappening: Banned by Reddit!

Jennifer Lawrence

When The Fappening opened up and saw the personal and private naked pictures of hundreds of female celebrities (including Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence) invaded for the sake of someone else's gratification, Reddit became something of a nexus. You know, because it's the biggest internet content aggregator ever and all. Anyway, it turns out that having people post stolen content on your site is a great way to get sued to hell and back, so MORE

The FBI will now get to the bottom of … The Fappening!

Kate Upton

First, off let me just say that I love Reddit. Dearly. I may not get the point of Karma, but I do appreciate how incredibly efficient it can be as a content aggregator. That being said, "The Fappening." Lord, you motherf*ckers know how to make my heart hurt. I mean it's clever, but considering how dozens of women just had their personal privacy invaded (like Kate Upton), immediately going with the jack-off joke might have been in bad taste. MORE

Exposed Via Nude Photo Leak: Jennifer Lawrence (+ more!)

Jennifer Lawrence

Normally, I'd be more than happy to take Labor Day off, even though it's kind of a useless holiday that basically acts as breakup sex with summer. The more you think about that one, the more it makes sense. Anyway, I was going to just putz around all day, but then alleged nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and pretty much every female celebrity you could ever think of leaked onto the web, so now we're MORE

Seth Rogen gets naked for his ‘artful’ selfie

Seth Rogen

Total honesty time: I've always had a bit of a thing for funny guy Seth Rogen. He's super adorable! He's like a cross between a bear and a puppy. I'm just saying, not every guy needs an eight-pack and a wax job to be hot. Anyway, because it's Friday night and I'm in a very generous mood, here's Seth's naked 'selfie' which he posted on Twitter. The 'photo' either has a black and white filter added or it's a still life drawing. And oh look, you get MORE

That Emma Stone naked selfie is fake

Emma Stone Naked Selfie Fake

So apparently, a pic purported to be of a naked selfie taken by Emma Stone made its way online yesterday, and despite it being so blurry you could tell me that it was a ham-sandwich and I'd believe you, people ran with the "IT'S EMMA STONE!" story. To the surprise of absolutely no one, it turns out the pic is fake. Whoops! Guess you were looking at some random redhead's boobs. Wah-wah. The naked Emma Stone photo that has blessed the web is -- MORE

FitnessBytes: Grady Sizemore … the Next BIG Sports Star?

Grady Sizemore

Grady Sizemore is making a comeback with a one-year contract with the Boston Red Sox that could land him $6 million next year. Like any good celebrity, he already has some controversy behind him -- luckily for us, its a NUDE PHOTO SCANDAL! The pics came out a few years ago when his ex-girlfriend's computer was "hacked" and the photos were "leaked," showing him nearly naked. You're welcome! Grady has also dated Playboy playmates. Next MORE

Taylor Momsen got naked for her band’s album cover

Taylor Momsen

Remember Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen? For a while back in like 2009-2010, she was basically one of the big train wrecks, having gone from "cute little girl from that awful Grinch reboot" to "sad gothic raccoon who hates Hollywood and her parents." Well, apparently she mellowed out a bit but kept the goth-rock music career, because here's the cover art for her band The Pretty Reckless' album, Going To Hell (due out March 18th). And yes, that's MORE

Oh, hey Alexander Skarsgård … whatcha up to?

Alexander Skarsgård

No, seriously, what's going on there Alexander Skarsgård? Because it looks like you're naked and sitting on a toilet bowl while at the South Pole, and -- oh, that's exactly what you're doing? Huh. And yet I would still hit it. Truly, this is the greatest love of all. Ours will be a spring wedding! MORE

Links: Dylan Sprouse (who?) addresses his nude pics

Dylan Sprouse

→ Dylan Sprouse has posted a statement on his Tumblr page regarding his nude photos Rickey → Kim Kardashian says Kanye West is her 'best friend' and wants three kids with him Celebitchy → Lindsay Lohan has been offered a six-figure deal to spill her guts in a tell-all book Bohomoth → James Cameron announced that he is doing not one, not two but three sequels to Avatar SOW → In a show of support for Free the Nipple, MORE

Nicki Minaj went as ‘Naked Nicki Minaj’ for Halloween

Nicki Minaj

It's Halloween hangover time, so as you nurse the pounding in your head with fun-sized Oh Henry bars and individually wrapped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, let's post some of the costumes people wore last night. Or, in Nicki Minaj's case, didn't wear last night. Get it? Because she's naked? COMEDY! But seriously, I love the actual 'Officer Minaj' costume itself, although I'm guessing most people have zeroed in on those massive boobs of hers. MORE

‘That Awkward Moment’ when Zac Efron gets naked

Zac Efron

That's right, we're click-baiting. Why? Because (A) Zac Efron is naked, and I really don't have a problem with that and I'm assuming neither do you, and (B) the news. She is slow. Seriously, did everyone in Hollywood party too hard celebrating Columbus Day yesterday, and now that's why everyone's too tired to do anything? For heaven's sake, would someone just call someone a bitch, write an open letter or something? I've got bills to pay, MORE

Miley Cyrus gets naked (again) for Rolling Stone

Miley Cyrus / Rolling Stone

Oh here we go again ... Miley Cyrus is stripping down again, this time for the latest cover of Rolling Stone (read her interview with the magazine). I still really do like Miley's whole new 'adult' vibe (and music) but I think girlfriend is overdoing the whole naked thing, she needs to simmer down for a bit and keep her top on and tongue in. We totally get you Miley, but you don't have to keep nailing it into our heads with that sledge hammer you MORE

Miley Cyrus got naked … again

Miley Cyrus

Back when I first started blogging, the idea of sweet little Miley Cyrus naked would have earned us so many page views that I could wallpaper my crappy little Montreal apartment in crisp $100 bills. AMERICAN bills even! Oh, what a glorious time that was. Well, now Miley gets naked literally every other day to exorcise the spirit of Hannah Montana from her body, so here you go. Here's more naked Miley on the potential cover of the deluxe edition MORE