The Oscar nominees are here!


Oh, you know what time it is: It's time to play our favorite Oscar nominations game, "Wait, what's that movie? How did that one get nominated? Why did they leave out ... HUH?!?!?!" You know how it works. Just read through the list of Academy Award nominees with an air of confusion because you didn't actually see any of these movies, even though you told yourself you were going to hit up the critical darlings this year but instead went to go see MORE

The SAG Awards nominations are out!

SAG Awards

Remember how I said December was basically one massive clusterf*ck of year-end retrospectives / holidays / announcements for the new year? Well, I almost forgot to add "AWARD SEASON", because oh yeah, it's starting. The hype train is on the rails and nothing will stop it. So first, we have the Screen Actors Guild Awards (taking place January 25th), the fanciest and most high-falutin' of the awards show because it involves a guild. The MORE

Nominees: The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

2014 MTV Movie Awards

What's that? The Oscars just happened and you're a little exhausted from all this awards season chatter? Well SUCK IT UP, because here come the 2014 MTV Movie Awards to hand out little golden popcorn cups to famous people. For you see, famous people are frail creatures, and if they ever stop being congratulated for being millionaires, they will whither away into nothingness. Do you want Will Ferrell to stop existing, you heartless monster? No, I MORE

The 2014 Oscar Nominations are in!

The 2014 Oscar Nominations

Coming off the one-two punch of The Golden Globe Awards and The Razzie nominations, here come the 2014 Oscar / Academy Awards nods, the be-all and end-all for awards season. A lot of your favorites are here, although I'm sure there's a snub or two to complain about. Seriously though, poor Tom Hanks ... he'll be fine, but still. Anyway, the complete list of nominees via HuffPo (I'm sticking my initials next to my picks. If MK is so inclined, he MORE

Nominations: The 34th Annual Razzies!

Grown Ups 2

After the big congratulatory orgy that was The Golden Globe Awards, we need a reminder that sometimes Hollywood kind of sucks. So naturally, here come the Razzie nominees for the year's worst films, and naturally an Adam Sandler film got the most (8) nods. Via Coming Soon ... WORST PICTURE After Earth Grown Ups 2 The Lone Ranger A Madea Christmas Movie 43 WORST ACTOR Johnny Depp: The Lone Ranger Ashton Kutcher: Jobs Adam Sandler: MORE

The 2014 Golden Globe nominations are in!

The 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Oh yes, it's happening. Prepare yourselves, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) released their 2014 Golden Globe Awards (the first major awards show of the season) nominations early this morning. The winners will be announced on Sunday, January 12th, with the ceremony being hosted again by funny ladies Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! ONWARDS AND FORWARDS! (Via HuffPo) Best Motion Picture – Drama "12 Years A Slave" "Captain MORE

The 2013 Emmy Award nominations are out!

The 2013 Emmy Award Nominations

As the title says, here's the list of the 2013 Emmy Award nominations (American Horror Story: Asylum leads with 17 nominations), slightly abridged because there are like fifty billion categories and you'd be kidding yourself if you thought you're actually going to read the whole thing. DRAMA SERIES "Breaking Bad" (AMC) "Downton Abbey" (PBS) "Game of Thrones" (HBO) "Homeland" (SHO) "House of Cards" (Netflix) "Mad Men" (AMC) COMEDY MORE

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards nominations are in!

Rebel Wilson hosts the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

After the Academy Awards, I was more than ready to close the book on awards season and not have to worry about it until the Oscar bait started dropping in the fall. But nope! I forgot that the MTV Movie Awards are a thing. So close ... on the plus side, this year's ceremony is being hosted by the always fantastic Rebel Wilson. The full list of nominees from Us Weekly ... Movie of the Year Django Unchained Silver Linings Playbook Ted The MORE

The 2013 Oscar nominees have been announced!

The 85th Annual Academy Awards

It's that time of the year again: the 85th Annual Academy Awards are a-coming, and once again we all have to pretend like we don't know exactly who will win. (Beasts of the Southern Wild has no chance, but I hope it picks up a few wins.) Anyway, here's the list of the big awards, via HuffPo, because these are really the only ones I can make informed bets on when it comes time to make my Oscar pool. Best Picture Amour Argo Beasts of the MORE

TV: The 70th Golden Globe Awards nominations!


We already covered The 70th Golden Globe Awards film nominations, so now let's look at the television nominees, with Showtimes's smash hit Homeland scoring the most with seven nominations! Yes, we split the nominations into two different posts. What can we say? Double the page views. Sorry 'bout it. From LA Times ... DRAMA SERIES "Breaking Bad" "Boardwalk Empire" "Downton Abbey" "Homeland" "The Newsroom" DRAMA-ACTOR Steve Buscemi, MORE

Film: The 70th Golden Globe Awards nominations!

The 70th Golden Globes

Awards season is officially upon us, as The 70th Golden Globe Awards nominations, the first show of the season worth a damn, are finally out. So far Lincoln is the big winner here, with seven nominations to its name. The full list of film nominees, via The Guardian ... Best Drama Argo Django Unchained Life of Pi Lincoln Zero Dark Thirty Best Comedy or Musical The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Moonrise Kingdom Les Misérables Salmon MORE

The 2012 VMA nominations are here!

Rihanna, Drake and Katy Perry

Did you know MTV still shows music videos? Neither did I, but apparently they do because they're still running an entire awards show around it. Anyway, the nominees for the 2102 MTV Video Music Awards have been announced, with Rihanna and Drake leading the pack with five nods each, Katy Perry coming up with four, and Chris Brown getting two more nominations than he deserves. Video of the Year Katy Perry, "Wide Awake" Gotye, "Somebody That I MORE

25 Facts You May Not Know About the 2012 Emmy Nominations

2012 Emmy Nominations

Nominations for the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards came out this morning. On first glance, there’s lots of snubs (Huge Laurie Mandy Patinkin), surprises (yay Schmidt from New Girl and Sarah Paulson from Game Change), and same ole shit as usual (another nomination for Larry David, Jim Parsons, Jon Cryer, and Alec Baldwin. Yay?). But I looked a little closer for you. Here’s 25 facts about the 2012 Emmy Nominations you may not know. (You can check MORE

The 2012 Emmy Nominations are out!

2012 Emmy Nominations

All right, I'll get into why this is total crap in a bit, but first let's actually look at the The 64th Emmy nominations: DRAMA SERIES “Boardwalk Empire” (HBO) “Breaking Bad” (AMC) “Homeland” (Showtime) “Downton Abbey (Masterpiece)” (PBS) “Game Of Thrones” (HBO) “Mad Men” (AMC) ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIES Steve Buscemi, “Boardwalk Empire” (HBO) Bryan Cranston, “Breaking Bad” (AMC) Michael C. Hall, MORE