Amy Winehouse: Rest In Peace

Amy Winehouse - NME Magazine

I still can't seem to get my beloved Amy Winehouse out of my head, I'm still very upset about her sudden death this past weekend, at the age of 27. Her funeral took place in London earlier today, then she was cremated, her physical being has left this world forever, but Amy's spirit and incredible talent remains. I was looking back on all my old posts about Amy, there were so many times that I talked about being worried and concerned for her MORE

Lady Gaga to NME: I’m not a Madonna rip-off!

Lady Gaga - NME Magazine

Yes, Lady Gaga has heard all the rumors about she's a rip-off of Madonna, back before Madge turned into that weird, gristly, veiny-armed harpy-witch she is today. And now Gaga's clearing the air in her new interview with NME magazine, stating that she's not just a rip-off of Madonna and that her songs just happen to have the same chord progression as some of Madonna's work, so they just have a similar structure. You know, sort of like how every MORE