Kate Moss’ nipple slipped out!

good evening! we've got ourselves another nipple slip situation - earlier this evening over in london - kate moss was leaving businessman philip green's birthday party (he's in charge of topshop where ms. moss has a collection) and once she got into her car - her nipple made an appearance that was caught by the paparazzi (see the uncensored photo) at least kate was wearing panties - since you can see right up her skirt in the shot below! all of MORE

Pamela Anderson’s runway nipple slip!

good evening! lady pamela anderson took to the runway again - this time she was in paris walking the runway for vivienne westwood ... while she was walking her nipple decided to make a random public appearance and popped out of her dress (see closeup shots here & here) at first people were a bit stunned but ms. anderson & ms. westwood just laughed the slip off - it's only a nipple and practically everyone has already seen pam in her entire MORE