Did Nicki Minaj fake her VMAs wardrobe malfunction?

Nicki Minaj

One of the biggest stories from MTV's VMAs last night, other than "Hey look, Kim Kardashian is still a terrible person!" was Nicki Minaj having herself a wardrobe malfunction after her dress refused to zip and she had to hold the damn thing together for the duration of her performance. In a related story, Nicki wears clothes? Huh–you learn something new every day. Anyway, TMZ is now reporting that the entire thing may have been one big MORE

Tina Fey goes topless in a new SNL promo!

Tina Fey and Kenan Thompson

If you haven't really seen it, Tina Fey had the briefest glimpse of a wardrobe malfunction during the Emmys over the weekend, so if you're the kind of person who goes for a slight wink of different colored skin on the breast of a nerdy-hot comedy goddess, here you go. Anyway, Tina is hosting the 39th season premiere of Saturday Night Live (with musical guest Arcade Fire), and decided to poke fun at her nipple slip by going full-on topless. Now MORE

Sofia Vergara’s boob fell out during that bar fight

Sofia Vergara

Because apparently, women are completely okay with dating violent men (*cough* Chris Brown *cough*), Modern Family star Sofia Vergara allegedly called up the paparazzi immediately following her fiancé Nick Loeb's bar fight on New Year's Eve in Miami so that they could come take pictures of them being totally sane and in love. But we aren't going to talk about that, because Sofia's big boob popped out right out of her dress during the fight and MORE

Links: Celebrity nipple slips galore!


→ Here are seventeen celebrity nipple slips that made us uncomfortable (NSFW) The Frisky → Love It or Leave It: What Lindsay Lohan looks like amidst an intervention crisis! Evil Beet → Gross: Katy Perry and John Mayer get cozy at her costume-themed birthday party! PopCrush → After nearly a year out of the spotlight, Heidi Montag re-emerged on the red carpet Yeeeah → Despite rumors that they've split, George Clooney MORE

Kris Jenner posted her nipple on Twitter!

Kris Jenner

In what I can only assume is her attempt to keep everyone from remembering that last Halloween, Kim Kardashian ended her big fake sham wedding after two months, Kris Jenner posted a picture of herself in a Wonder Woman costume which prominently featured her nipple. Granted, she took it down, but not before Khloé Kardashian put it back up because some people just want to watch the world burn. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend the rest MORE

Nicki Minaj’s nipple almost slipped on ‘Idol’

Nicki Minaj

Because gossip blogs are basically 63% nipple (the other 37% is composed of DERP, it's a science, really) Nicki Minaj went ahead and nearly slipped a nipple while she was performing her latest single Starships on American Idol last night. Apparently, some people freak out over a tiny circle of skin. Page Six reports: Minaj arrived on the Idol stage, exiting from a pink and purple UFO. The singer wore a blonde wig, and showed off her ample MORE

Jennifer Lopez: Nipple or no nipple?

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz

During the awards ceremony last night, there was a brief moment where a little bitty patch of skin on Jennifer Lopez's boob that was a shade darker than the rest of her boob. Cue the entire web freaking out over the possibility that they may have seen a tiny sliver of JLo's nipple (which now has its very own Twitter account), because despite the fact that you can find boobs pretty much everywhere online, one tiny slip of nip is like crack to MORE

Did Nancy Grace’s nipple slip?

Nancy Grace

So despite the cadre of celebrity tits on this season of Dancing with the Stars, the first celebrity to allegedly slip a nip was Nancy Grace, she of the perpetual bitchface (or maybe she's just constantly smelling farts? Who knows.) Anyway, Nancy is now swearing up and down that she never let her areola fly out of her dress and OH GOD THE IMAGE IS IN MY HEAD AND IT WON'T COME OUT. TMZ reports: Nancy Grace is adamant ... her nip did NOT slip on MORE

Scarlett Johansson’s nude pictures leaked?

Scarlett Johansson

Because let's not even try and pretend anymore that the Internet is just a dumping ground for famous titties, nude pictures were leaked onto the web early today featuring a woman who is allegedly Scarlett Johansson (allegedly being the key phrase here, because they couldn't look any faker if they were colored on construction paper using crayons) showing off the goods. Which is an absolute outrage, because we all know famous titties should only be MORE

Kelly Rowland / Nicki Minaj: Nipple slips!

Kelly Rowland & Nicki Minaj

It's been a big week for celebrity boobs. Here's a little trade secret, every time there's a nipple slip, it's like a gift to bloggers from the little baby Jesus all the way in heaven. This week is like having your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. Two singers have both had their boobies shown to the world, and it's awesome. While performing at a club in New Jersey, Kelly Rowland showed more than she intended. Probably. Honestly, taking MORE

Sparah’s Sarah Carroll’s nipple slip!

Sarah Carroll - Nipple Slip

Remember when I introduced you guys to Sparah a few months ago, a totally manufactured celebrity couple from Richard Branson and the team at Virgin Mobile? Now they've done a number of super clever commercials, webisodes, red carpet appearances and I'm hoping to interview them very soon in person, you can keep up them on their website, sparah.com, they're getting more press than Speidi. Just the other night Sarah Carroll was out with her cute New MORE

Say hello to Khloe Kardashian’s nipple!

Khloé Kardashian

I'm pretty sure this is considered a war crime, but I'm posting it anyway: Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian were on Fox & Friends this morning when Khloé decided to make the show actually watchable by wreaking havoc and letting slip the nipple of war. For six straight minutes. To be fair, a six-minute nipple slip is still one of the most dignified and intelligent things to ever appear on Fox. Khloé was wearing a black shirt with see-thru MORE

Hey Lindsay Lohan, your nipples are showing!

Lindsay Lohan

On her first day to serve her sentence of community service, Lindsay Lohan left the downtown Woman Center to attend her orientation in Los Angeles on May 2nd, 2011, but without the cover of a bra, Lindsay sported a see-through black tank revealing her nipples! PHOTOS | FAME PICTURES MORE

Hello, Eva Longoria’s left nipple!

Eva Longoria and David Letterman

So Eva Longoria was on David Letterman last night to promote her new cookbook, and - No, really, she has a cookbook. I know, right? I didn't even know the bitch knew how to eat. Anyway, she showed up wearing a blazer, hot pants and absolutely nothing else, which of course means it was only before one of her ta-tas tried to jailbreak that shit. Not that I mind at all here; it's a nipple for Christ's sake, it's not like she pulled out a gun and MORE