Courtney Stodden and Nik Richie hate each other

Courtney Stodden and Nik Richie

Since Courtney Stodden has hijacked VH1's lame reality show Couples Therapy and has essentially turned it into a show about a teenage prostitute whose only contribution to society is banging doughy inbred morons (in your face, Teen Mom!) her co-star, Nik Richie, isn't too thrilled with her, and the two of them have started sniping at each other in the press. RadarOnline reports ... As RadarOnline exclusively reported, on Saturday Hutchison's MORE

Courtney Stodden’s husband Doug Hutchison is mad at Nik Richie

If you walk into Burger King wearing a paper hat, you're going to get some orders. And conversely, if you're in your fifties and you get married to a minor, you probably shouldn't be surprised when someone calls you a child molester. You know, because you're married to a child. Except now Courtney Stodden's husband, Doug Hutchison, is getting huffy because Nik Richie called him a child molester, now it's causing strife on the set of VH1's Couples MORE

Nik Richie: Courtney Stodden’s husband is a child molester

Normally, I'd say that if you're willing to appear on a VH1 celebreality TV show, you probably shouldn't be throwing stones since they put you up in a glass house. Except for this particular instance, because it's hilarious. According to TMZ, blogger Nik Richie (of fame) said what we were all thinking by calling Courtney Stodden's husband, Doug Hutchison, a child molester while taping Couples Therapy. I have nothing to add to this MORE