Ten Reasons to Watch ‘Candidly Nicole’

Nicole Richie

The bitch is back. After a brief lapse from gracing the nation with her comedic genius (sorry, she was busy getting married, having kids and creating a stunning clothing line), Nicole Richie returns to our televisions tonight at 10/9c on VH1, and it's like she never even left. Candidly Nicole showcases the trials and tribulations of our favorite Simple Life lady, while teaching us how to get through awkward situations by making light of MORE

#CandidlyNicole: Nicole Richie visits a pet psychic!

Nicole Richie

On the latest episode of #CandidlyNicole, the hilarious Nicole Richie pays a visit to pet psychic Marcia DeRousse with her dog Iro in tow. Nicole always manages to crack me up, her dry and slightly awkward sense of humor, something we totally share in common. Check out what happened below, and if Iro and Nicole possibly shared previous lifetimes together! In semi-related news, word broke that Nicole's NBC show Fashion Star has been cancelled MORE

Nicole Richie on how NOT to find a man!

Nicole Richie

I've always had a soft spot for Nicole Richie ever since she was living The Simple Life with her then BFF Paris Hilton (who you barely hear about these days). Besides being a mentor on NBC's Fashion Star (I wonder if there's a third season in the works?), Nicole has been busy working on this hysterical web series for AOL called #CandidlyNicole (we all know Nicole is always quite candid), and here's episode twelve as she tries to give her single MORE

Nicole Richie welcomes RuPaul on #CandidlyNicole

RuPaul and Nicole Richie

Have we ever talked about how awesome Nicole Richie has become since she settled down from her partying days? Because she really turned it around. Seriously, ever since she dumped Paris Hilton, she went from being on The Simple Life to being a respected fashionista and overall cool person. And now, here she is interviewing RuPaul for her new AOL webseries, #CandidlyNicole, where she learns how to dress, walk and talk like a drag queen. See what I MORE

Three years and two kids later … Nicole betrayed?!

here's someone who we haven't seen featured on the cover of STAR magazine for quite some time ... it's nicole richie - the magazine is claiming there's relationship drama with her baby daddy joel madden (he has supposedly been running around on her - and they've been separated for a month now) i thought they would have gotten married by now - maybe there really is trouble in paradise? at least ms. richie seems to finally be stable (unlike another MORE

nicole & joel go for privacy over spectacle

good morning! this week's STAR magazine is featuring couple nicole richie and joel madden (who now share two children) because they might already be married but nobody knew about their wedding because they went for privacy over spectacle - no frills, no fuss - unlike khloe kardashian and lamar odom - that couple totally opted for trying to create a reality TV spectacle! i think nicole and joel are perfect together - even though they have kids MORE

Is Nicole Richie ready to move on?

good morning! the latest cover is STAR magazine is claiming there's drama between nicole richie and her baby girl harlow winter's rocker daddy joel madden (the baby totally has his eyes) over him possibly getting cozy with washed up OC actress mischa barton! although i seriously don't see ms. richie & mr. madden being in it for the long haul - i can't see them splitting over lame ass ms. barton (i think nicole and her are actually semi-friends MORE

more baby drama for nicole richie…

hey hey! the new cover of STAR magazine is posted below (they were able to snag lindsay lohan a small spot - just in time for printing! i say send her to jail ASAP - if paris hilton did time - ms. lohan should totally do time as well! ms. hilton looks like a saint compared to lindsay!) but the main story this week revolves around nicole richie and her supposed 'big blow-up' with her boyfriend joel madden (who may actually demand a paternity test! MORE

Is Nicole Richie … pregnant?!

UPDATE - JULY 3 '07 so national enquirer was right all along - nicole richie is pregnant with boyfriend joel madden's baby! they were first on the story almost six weeks ago with the cover below! today in touch magazine confirmed the news - but the enquirer totally broke the story first - everyone was in complete disbelief but they do actually get it right sometimes...kudos to david perel and his team! (i can't imagine ms. richie being a mom MORE

nicole, paris, & lindsay do sidekicks

good morning everyone! don't forget today is friday the 13th - so be extra careful today! a bunch of celebs were on hand last night at the t-mobile sidekick party - and where there's brand new cool swag - of course everyone comes trolling around! including a reunited paris hilton & nicole richie, and sometimes rival lindsay lohan...don't you all think that ms. lohan is rocking way too much hair on that head of hers? it's getting a bit out of MORE

Nicole Richie and Karen Carpenter

good morning folks! so you've gotta admit the comparison of nicole richie & karen carpenter is quite chilling...this week's STAR magazine tries to shake some sense into ms. richie by plastering her next to one lady who didn't live to tell about her battle with anorexia (nicole still denies being anorexic) at least these days things are talked about more than back in the 70's when karen was struggling with her weight & health...such a shame about MORE

Nicole and Brody … Steve-O approves!

brody jenner seems like a stand-up sorta guy - i'm hoping he's good for skinny minnie girlfriend nicole richie - plus jackass steve-o approves (i bet ms. richie really cares what he thinks) anyways he told STAR magazine after seeing her at the VMAs 'she looked totally happy and gorgeous!' nicole has known mr. jenner since they were kids playing in their parents' pools so hopefully she can lean on him while she tries to get her weight up a bit - MORE

STAR’s skinny Nicole Richie diagram!

oh these photos are sad - someone get this girl some help! although she seems to keep going up & down in weight - it's very clear that nicole richie is in trouble! STAR clearly outlines the differences between a few months ago (may 28th) to just recently (aug 12th) i really do like ms. richie - she so made this season of the simple life with her dry sense of humor (although that finale the other night sucked ass - what a cop out and MORE