Catch Nicki Minaj’s ‘The Pinkprint Movie’

Nicki Minaj / The Pinkprint Movie

Nicki Minaj has come a long way, hasn't she? When she started off, she played up a cartoonish look and personality ala Lady Gaga / Katy Perry, and after a solid debut with 2010's Pink Friday and then 2012's (mediocre) Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, Nicki has settled into a pretty nice and successful groove of demure sexiness with ties to pop, dance, rap, and R&B. Anyway, for her third studio release, The Pinkprint (one of 2014's most solid and MORE

Did Nicki Minaj fake her VMAs wardrobe malfunction?

Nicki Minaj

One of the biggest stories from MTV's VMAs last night, other than "Hey look, Kim Kardashian is still a terrible person!" was Nicki Minaj having herself a wardrobe malfunction after her dress refused to zip and she had to hold the damn thing together for the duration of her performance. In a related story, Nicki wears clothes? Huh–you learn something new every day. Anyway, TMZ is now reporting that the entire thing may have been one big MORE

Don’t Miss Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video!

Nicki Minaj "Anaconda"

Every summer, there's always one song that I can single out as "the worst". This year, that honor went to Jason Derulo for "Wiggle," a song that makes me grind my teeth into powder. Jason has always been the king of hooks that annoyed me to no end, but "Wiggle" holds a special place in my heart for having a hook that's simultaneously irritating, childish and lecherous. Patton Oswalt has this great bit about how G-rated filth is infinitely MORE

Watch: Nicki Minaj’s music video for “Pills N Potions”

Nicki Minaj

If there's one thing I noticed about Nicki Minaj, it's that she likes to hype her new albums by leading with an unconventional first single. Remember "Your Love?" "Stupid Hoe?" It's not a criticism, because I actually liked those songs and I appreciate the fact that she likes to challenge her listeners a little with something different. Anyway, her next album (The Pink Print) is going to be released soon, so here's her new single "Pills N MORE

Nicki Minaj has a new song / video out …

Nicki Minaj

Hey look, a brand-new music video from Nicki Minaj which dropped on the very same day as Mariah Carey's latest single, "You're Mine (Eternal)" ... just a random coincidence? I think not! Yet I can't even type out the name of Nicki's song without asterisks because ... well, I'm white. Canadian / Irish white, which is the whitest white a person can be without becoming completely translucent. Anyway, please enjoy Nicki's "Lookin Ass N***a," off her MORE

Nicki Minaj isn’t happy with her ESPN magazine cover

Nicki Minaj and Kobe Bryant

So apparently, ESPN The Magazine is coming out with their music issue soon, which is nice because I don't know anything about sports. That's the thing where you put a ball in a thing and then you do that more times then someone else so you win, right? Right? Okay then. Either way, Nicki Minaj is going to be on the cover alongside Kobe Bryant, but apparently she's none too happy with the photoshop job they did on her ... In all fairness, MORE

Mariah Carey: “Idol was like going to work in Hell with Satan”

Mariah Carey

Hey, remember when Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj worked together on American Idol and they hated each other and Keith Urban was between the two of them the entire time looking super awkward? Well, Mariah sure hasn't because she's still super pissed about the whole thing. In a new interview with Hot 97, Mariah basically says that working on Idol was like working in Hell with Satan. I know she's talking about Nicki here, but considering how Ryan MORE

Nicki Minaj went as ‘Naked Nicki Minaj’ for Halloween

Nicki Minaj

It's Halloween hangover time, so as you nurse the pounding in your head with fun-sized Oh Henry bars and individually wrapped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, let's post some of the costumes people wore last night. Or, in Nicki Minaj's case, didn't wear last night. Get it? Because she's naked? COMEDY! But seriously, I love the actual 'Officer Minaj' costume itself, although I'm guessing most people have zeroed in on those massive boobs of hers. MORE

Nicki Minaj and Zac Efron got it on?

Zac Efron and Nicki Minaj

I don't - What is - I can't even - WHAAAAAAAAAAA?!?! No, seriously, Hollywood Life just reported that Zac Efron and Nicki Minaj hooked up once, and it needs to explain itself right now because my entire world view has just been flipped around like a cheap steak. Are Zac and Nicki Hollywood’s latest secret hookup? It appears so, in a new report that claims they had sex in July! “Zac and Nicki shared a steamy night together. Nicki took Zac MORE

Nicki Minaj unveils her new fragrance, MINAJESTY!


Nicki Minaj just unveiled her second fragrance, MINAJESTY, which will be available in stores starting in September. Check out the sexy bottle below, complete with Nicki's infamous big pink wig. She's also been working on her third studio album, supposedly due out sometime later this year, I definitely won't mind hearing some new music from her, the sooner the better I say! Miss Nicki Minaj is back for more with yet another jaw-dropping MORE

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Barbz’ conduct her Marie Claire interview

Nicki Minaj

Well, I might be overstating it by saying they conducted it but Nicki Minaj, who appears on the cover of August’s Marie Claire, focused on questions sent in via Twitter from her Barbz. Topics included her “secret man”, a potential relationship with Drake (longtime fans will remember when they faked a marriage on Twitter 3 years ago), and her hair. The article is a nice, endearing piece on Minaj since her time on American Idol and her MORE

Mariah, Nicki and Randy are all done judging ‘Idol’

Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson

American Idol has been hurtin' as of late, with viewership dropping off rather steeply and a season largely dominated by the contrived Nicki Minaj / Mariah Carey feud. Well, it's not going to get any better any time soon, as Mariah and Nicki are both jumping ship after one year, and Randy Jackson, the last original judge on the show, is also reportedly leaving, according to HuffPo ... In a statement, Fox, FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment MORE

Nicki Minaj sounds off on RuPaul’s Drag Race final three

Nicki Minaj

As some of you might know, Nicki Minaj is actually a huge fan of RuPaul's Drag Race. (She actually used the show as proof that she didn't get a nose job, which ... smart. Smart move, Nicki.) After last Monday's episode, Nicki took to Twitter to sound off on who she thinks should win, and SPOILER ALERT: Apparently, Nicki thinks that this is Face Off or something, because she's judging mostly on who has the best makeup instead of who performed the MORE

Music Video: Nicki Minaj’s “Up In Flames”

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has dropped the music video for her track, "Up In Flames," (less than a week after her last video dropped) which features her playing the piano despite the fact that there's about as much piano in this song as there is didgeridoo. Congratulations Nicki, you have perfected the mindf**k. MORE