Happy New Year! Here’s Starbomb’s “Luigi’s Ballad”

Happy New Year

Well, this is it. The last post of 2013. Thank you all for reading PopBytes, especially those of you who've started commenting recently (Yes, I read them, and I appreciate them. Thanks!) Admittedly, I more often than not write about the stupidest, most vapid, most worthless types of celebs possible, but here's the thing: I'm fully aware that the idiots I cover aren't representative of humanity. People, actual people, are still really great, MORE

Lindsay Lohan got $100K to party with a Prince on NYE?

Lindsay Lohan

So remember how Lindsay Lohan said she was just going to stay in and not party on New Year's Eve? Well, funny story... She actually meant to say, "I will do the complete opposite of that, and get paid $100,000 for it from some random, rich Prince. And also my mother Dina Lohan will be there too for some reason, because that doesn't add an entirely new, layer of creepy frosting onto this moist delicious cake of WTF?" From Confidenti@l ... She MORE

Lady Gaga to do Dick Clarks’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Lady Gaga

Wait, what? Why are we talking about New Year's when it's September? We haven't even made it to Halloween yet. Hell, we haven't even made it to Folsom. But whatever, it's actually kind of a slow news day, so here's a story about how Lady Gaga will performing at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. In related news: turns out Dick Clark is still alive. Who knew, right? Via Access Hollywood: Lady Gaga will rock New York’s Times Square on New MORE