Trailer: ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ w/ Ellie Kemper!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

A little while ago, we talked about how NBC passed on Tina Fey's new show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, because ... I dunno. Maybe one of the executives' parents died of laughter and this is their revenge. Who knows? Anyway, the series made its way to Netflix, and here's our first official look at it. Initial impressions: The writing is sharp, especially when it hits the throwaway gags ("WHITE WOMEN FOUND! Hispanic woman also found." Nicely done.) MORE

Tina Fey’s new sitcom is moving from NBC to Netflix

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

A little while back, it was announced that Tina Fey was working on a new sitcom for NBC–Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt–about a girl who escapes a cult and starts over in New York City. Except like all the best peacock shows, it is no longer on NBC, as it's already been sold to Netflix. So if you were planning on waiting for the entire season to come out so you can binge watch it, good news! So this is probably a first: Netflix has picked up MORE

Netflix hints at a fifth season of ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development

Remember last year, when Netflix bestowed upon us mere mortals a fourth season of Arrested Development IN ITS ENTIRETY? And then half the web complained about a freebie, while the other half understood that cast scheduling meant a different narrative frame, and that the season was meant to be watched as a whole rather than separates, allowing each individual story to further colour and nuance the others as they interconnected? Well, they might MORE

Who’s ready for season two of OITNB?

Orange Is The New Black

June 6th cannot come fast enough ... the intense anticipation of Orange Is The New Black's upcoming second season on Netflix is killing me. I absolutely fell in love (top-notch writing and performances) with the show last year, watching all 13 episodes in very short span of time, it's SO GOOD. Without a doubt you'll find me marathoning the new episodes immediately, what craziness is going to transpire this time around with the ladies (plus a few MORE

Season Two Trailer: House of Cards

House of Cards

The second season of Netflix's political thriller / drama House of Cards is only a little over a month away (all thirteen episodes will be available on February 14th)! I totally loved the first season, and I can't wait to see what happens this time. If you haven't watched this show, you definitely need to go catch up on Netflix as soon as possible, it's an incredible series with top-notch writing and acting with a cast led by tow of my favorite MORE

Orange Is The New Black: Character posters!


Have you watched Orange Is The New Black yet? If yes, don't you love it?! If no, WHY NOT? If you follow me on Twitter you already know I've been completely obsessed with Netflix's latest original series from Jengi Kohan (the creator of Weeds), about one woman's experience in prison (based on Piper Kerman's memoir). Everyone I know who has watched already feels the exact same way I do, hands down OITNB is one of the best television shows to come MORE

‘Arrested Development’ … season five?!

Arrested Development

Since season four of Arrested Development managed to bring in a ton of viewers to Netflix and told a pretty great story (naysayers be damned, they still delivered quality writing and told some wonderful character pieces) Netflix executives and the Mitch Hurwitz are currently working on giving the green light for a fifth Netflix season. Via HuffPo ... “We are in conversations with them to do another,” producer Brian Grazer told Bloomberg MORE

DO NOT MISS ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Orange Is The New Black

Just the other day I posted about Regina Spektor's theme song, "You've Got Time," for the new Netflix original series, Orange Is The New Black, and as of today the show (13 episodes in all) is now available for streaming! Whatever you do, do not miss out on this completely hilarious and often touching series about one woman's crazy experiences in the big house, based on Piper Kerman's memoir! The cast is simply incredible including Taylor MORE

Listen: Regina Spektor’s ‘Orange Is The New Black’ theme song, “You’ve Got Time”

Orange Is The New Black

Last week I was able to catch the first six episodes of the upcoming Netflix original series, Orange Is The New Black (from the creator of Showtime's Weeds, Jenji Kohan), and I knew I heard a familiar voice during the opening credits! It turned out to be one of my favorites, Regina Spektor who penned a brand-new original song for the show called "You've Got Time," (iTunes) which you can listen to below! "When we met in New York, Jenji painted MORE

Netflix wants to make more ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development

I already went way overboard talking about how much I loved the new Netflix season of Arrested Development despite some minor flaws, so I'm not going to white knight the show any more than I have to. So I'm just going to jump right into this bitch: Rolling Stone is reporting that Netflix is currently talking about bringing the show back for another season, since the viewership has pretty much been through the roof ever since it premiered a couple MORE

Mitch Hurwitz addresses fans and critics of ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development

I just finished watching the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix, and ... it's good! It really is! Admittedly, it feels far different than the original three seasons, but overall, it's still intelligently written, with some great character beats and intricate narrative weaving. And more than anything, I appreciate the fact that the avoided falling into the trap of relying on fan service and call backs. It's wholly original, ambitions MORE

Jason Bateman hints at more ‘Arrested Development’

Jason Bateman

The fourth season of Arrested Development is coming to Netflix in just a couple of days (May 29), but if you need more than fifteen new episodes to keep you going, potentially good news! Jason Bateman did an interview with Rolling Stone where he says that there may be more episodes (or potentially even a full movie) of AD in the pipeline. STEVE HOLT! To be able to go back and play a part that I love and do it with people that I love and MORE

Arrested Development: Tobias Fünke’s sizzle reel!

Tobias Fünke (David Cross)

Fun fact: There are only eleven more days until the fourth season of Arrested Development debuts in its entirety on Netflix, and they're gonna keep teasing us with just the tip until we just can't take it anymore. Anyway, here's the latest clip, which features Dr. Tobias Fünke's (David Cross) sizzle reel, encouraging you to stick him anywhere! Granted, if you've never done it before, you may want to ease into it with something small first MORE

The new ‘Arrested Development’ trailer has arrived!

Arrested Development

I really don't have anything to add to this, so let's just cut straight to the good stuff, shall we? Here's the first full-length trailer for Netflix's new Arrested Development fourth season, which will be streamed simultaneously starting on May 26th. And yes, you can bet your ass we'll be locked in our homes power-watching the entire thing from beginning to end, all fifteen brand-new episodes! MORE