NBC is ditching Community (and Parks and Recreation)


A few years ago, NBC had the best Thursday night line-up, thanks to the combined power of 30 Rock, Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Office. Except since then, 30 Rock and The Office have come to a close, but at least they still have Community and Parks, right? Oh what's that? They just canceled Community? Welp. I'm just going to curl up in the corner now. If it sounds like I'm crying, I'm not. I'm just trying to squeeze excess water out MORE

It’s the ‘Community’ season five promo!


Here's the trailer for the fifth season of Community, which plays pretty heavily on that whole "season four was a rancid pile of yak turds" thing which ... look, I get that fans were upset that Dan Harmon wasn't around to guide the show, but I think everyone involved at least tried. It wasn't the best season, but it could have been worse. Anyway, season five (premiering Thursday, January 2nd) sounds like it's going to be a rebuilding time for the MORE

The hills are alive with the sound of SHADE

Carrie Underwood

Last night, NBC aired a live version of The Sound of Music, which I sat through because (A) I've never seen the movie or the musical before, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and (B) I had to write a musical opening sketch, and I figured it would inspire me. Turns out, writing music while listening to other music is damn near impossible. But I digress. I thought they did a decent enough job, and everyone was at least putting their MORE

Fall television’s best & worst new comedies

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

So we are roughly a month into the new TV calendar year and here's a run down of what I’m thinking so far. In general, there has been more shows with promise than in past years, but on the flipside some of the beloved returning shows are starting to show their cracks. On the new comedy show category, here is my breakdown of the good, bad and ugly, and remember, I can watch some really bad TV. BEST NEW COMEDIES Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, MORE

First Look: Carrie Underwood in ‘The Sound of Music’

Carrie Underwood | The Sound of Music

NBC's live production of The Sound of Music is set to debut December 5th, and a recently-released promotional poster shows star Carrie Underwood looking every bit the part of Maria von Trapp! Although the 1965 film adaptation starring Julie Andrews is a certifiable classic, I have a feeling NBC won't disappoint. Underwood certainly looks the part, and her vocal talent is undeniable. Although this is her first major acting gig, I expect to be MORE

Tina Fey, Miley Cyrus and Bruce Willis will host ‘SNL’

Tina Fey

In case the rapidly yellowing leaves, the number of kids in school, or the fact that everything now tastes like pumpkin hasn't tipped you off yet, it's almost fall, and you know what that means: season premieres for all of your favorite television shows! Weeee! Which of course means a brand-new season of Saturday Night Live, which according to Variety, will start off with one of the best hosts they ever had returning followed by a sharp quality MORE

Gag Reel: ‘Parks and Recreation’ season five!

Parks and Recreation

It's that time again! Time for Parks and Recreation's annual gag reel, highlighting all the best breaks from season five. We're just going to post a couple of them (via Uproxx) but you can go find the rest of them on Parks and Recreation's season five DVD which is out now, and make sure to catch the season premiere of season six on September 26th on NBC! MORE

Vampire Bill is going to star in ‘The Sound of Music’

Stephen Moyer

If the idea of Ben Affleck starring as Batman is enough to blow your gawddamn mind, prepare to have it DOUBLE BLOWN. True Blood's Stephen Moyer is set to star in NBC's upcoming live production (taking place on December 5th) of Rodgers & Hammerstein's classical musical The Sound of Music, alongside Carrie Underwood. Because when you think lavish Broadway musicals, you think of the undead guy who ripped Arliss Howard's head off while high on fairy MORE

A Sampling of New TV Shows Coming this Fall!


As a TV fan, every year come September it’s like Christmas. All the new shows start and returning shows come by to grace the small screen. Oh, it’s so exciting, the countdown is officially on. Here is a list of ten new shows that have some promise, and others that seem like revamps of shows that already exist. Almost Human (FOX / Premiere: November 4th) Shot in the future, it’s the same old cop show. A cop that lost his leg returns to MORE

Dan Harmon might be coming back to ‘Community’

Dan Harmon

The other day I was chatting with a friend who, like me, totally loves Community. Well, sorta. While he liked the first three seasons, he's apparently not a fan of the fourth. At one point, I remembered that he didn't actually have cable, to which he replied that he just watches them all online. So ... yeah. I'm just saying, if you pirate a show for free, you don't really get to complain about the quality that you're not paying for. But no MORE

TV Cancellations: ‘Happy Endings,’ ‘Go On’ and more!

Happy Endings

Most of the big shows are ending their seasons right about now, in order to make way for the summer line up and give their fall debuts enough time to film for the upcoming season. This means that many networks are now taking the time to announce which shows have been cancelled, and thus far, there haven't been many big surprises: According to US Weekly, ABC has cancelled long-running shows like Happy Endings and Private Practice, as well as MORE

There isn’t going to be a ‘Friends’ reunion … yet


Yesterday, Facebook decided to explode every which way it could with the news that there was allegedly going to be a Friends reunion on Thanksgiving in 2014. Because if there's one thing the internet loves, it's sh!t from the 90's that white people watched. Well, sorry to break it to you but it's not happening everyone. [Insert sad trombone noise here.] Via HuffPo ... Reports claimed that NBC confirmed a revival of the popular sitcom and it MORE

Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno as host of ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno

Because BAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! KARMA! Jay Leno is officially being dropped from NBC's The Tonight Show and will be replaced by Jimmy Fallon starting in Spring 2014. Via HuffPo ... NBC has officially announced that Jimmy Fallon will take over The Tonight Show in 2014, and Jay Leno will end his run as the host of the show. Bill Carter of The New York Times reports that Fallon, currently the host of Late Night, will begin hosting the show in MORE

‘Community’ is coming back to NBC soon!


I've been so miserable over the impending end of 30 Rock -- after last night's episode, I spent a good hour staring out the window forlornly while Adele's hit song "Someone Like You" looped over and over in the background -- that I almost forgot that Community is coming back (Thursday, February 7th at 8pm) after a very long hiatus! So here's a little remix video from NBC, plugging the new season. SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE! MORE