Nancy Grace let another one slip …

Nancy Grace

Well, I think we found this season's Bristol Palin. Nancy Grace used last night's episode of Dancing With The Stars to embarrass herself further by letting another one slip last night. Only instead of a boob, this time she allegedly ripped a huge fart on camera and holy crap this is simultaneously the grossest and funniest thing ever. Here's TMZ with the toot: BREAKING WIND NEWS -- Nancy Grace claims she's been FRAMED in the Dancing with the MORE

Did Nancy Grace’s nipple slip?

Nancy Grace

So despite the cadre of celebrity tits on this season of Dancing with the Stars, the first celebrity to allegedly slip a nip was Nancy Grace, she of the perpetual bitchface (or maybe she's just constantly smelling farts? Who knows.) Anyway, Nancy is now swearing up and down that she never let her areola fly out of her dress and OH GOD THE IMAGE IS IN MY HEAD AND IT WON'T COME OUT. TMZ reports: Nancy Grace is adamant ... her nip did NOT slip on MORE

Revealed: The new ‘Dancing With The Stars’ cast!

Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Cast

You know the drill: 12 D-list stars enter but only 1 D-list star leaves with their dignity still intact. Below, I've posted the list of celebrities competing on the show, via Huffington Post, as well as the token slots they'll be filling, because every Dancing With The Stars season follows the same basic casting template: Ricki Lake - Lovable Formerly-Fat Girl Ron Artest - The Athlete Kristin Cavallari - Reality Star/Whore Chynna Phillips - MORE