Links: Paz de la Huerta goes naked in Playboy!

Paz de la Huerta

→ 'Eccentric' Paz de la Huerta celebrates nudity in her birthday suit in Playboy (NSFW) The Frisky → Scarlett Johansson's nude pics hacker was sentenced to ten years in prison! BuzzFeed → Why are they looking into my darling Amy Winehouse's unfortunate death again? PopCrush → While making love, couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon only listen to her music! Yeeeah → Britney Spears took Sean and Preston (and their little MORE

Anne Hathaway’s crotch shot is on the web now!

Anne Hathaway - Les Misérables

You know how you know your gay? When Anne Hathaway accidentally flashes her vagina while getting out of her car at the premiere of Les Misérables and all you can focus on is the fact that she's wearing head-to-toe Tom Ford and it's GORGEOUS. Oh my God. I want her dress. But yeah, up skirt pictures of Anne Hathaway's vagina ... they're on the internet if you're into that sort of thing, and now Anne is talking about how hilarious her crotch shot MORE

Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe get naked in a tub

Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe

Oh, yeah, and I guess there's like a show too and stuff. Anyway, here's the trailer for A Young Doctor's Notebook, a British miniseries (set to air on December 6th) where Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm play the same doctor, only at different ages. And they're together somehow (A time machine? The Delorean? The time-travelling mail box from The Lake House?) so ... yeah, that makes sense? Sorta? Oh who cares, they're naked together in a bathtub at MORE

Oh hey, Rihanna’s naked again. Spiffy!


Oh who am I kidding, you're not reading this, are you? You just clicked the link to see Rihanna naked on the cover of the latest issue of GQ, didn't you? No, it's cool, I get it. I'm just going to slip in this blockquote and quietly take the rest of the day off. All yours, NY Daily News ... The singer oozes unbridled sex appeal in a series of GQ snaps featuring her mostly naked body and a strategically placed motorcycle jacket, manicured hand MORE

Amanda Bynes has no reservations

Amanda Bynes

You know, for a second there, it almost seemed like Lindsay Lohan had re-established herself as the reigning queen of grown-up child stars acting like crazy people. So here's a report from In Touch magazine talking about how washed up actress Amanda Bynes was walking around a tanning salon completely naked to remind us that yes, she's still totally nuts. After purchasing a Mystic spray-tan session, the 26-year-old was set up in a private room MORE

Taylor Momsen is doing naked poetry now

Taylor Momsen

Anyone else remember when emo was a thing? Yeah, that was fun, assuming your idea of fun involves wallowing in misery and eyeliner. Well, Taylor Momsen is still clinging to faux-goth like a sloth to a tree, so here she is reciting emo poetry completely nude in a new NSFW Pretty Reckless video. If there's a lesson in all of this, it's that young, nude celebrities bring in the page views if you force your daughter to act in a movie with Jim Carrey, MORE

Naked pictures of Justin Bieber are on the web?

Justin Bieber

Yesterday, Justin Bieber went on Twitter and told the whole world that a laptop and a camera full of personal information was stolen from him during a concert. Today, naked pics are floating around the web that show someone who allegedly may or may not be Bieber shirtless, holding his penis. Coincidence? Possibly. We can't say for sure for legal reasons, although Justin really should consider Googling "bury the lead," because this is kind of a MORE

Royal Scandal: Topless photos of Kate Middleton!

Kate Middleton Topless

By now you probably would have figured that society would be totally okay with boobs, what with the fact that they're just spherical flesh with a little spot of slightly darker flesh on them. But then again, not all boobs are the boobs of Kate Middleton, which have made their way onto the web after the paparazzi snapped naked pictures of her while she was out sunbathing. E! Online reports: The photos were published Friday by French magazine MORE

Lady Gaga is getting naked for ARTPOP!

Lady Gaga

So by now you probably know that Lady Gaga is recording her new album, ARTPOP, because those things practically print money. Oh, and also art and fashion and yadda yadda yadda other pandering buzzwords. Anyway, to hype up the release, Gaga announced that she was recording her next album naked, which could be read three ways: First, she's trying to be artsy. Second, she wants attention. Or third, like me she gets to work from home and she's too MORE

Want to see naked pics of Prince Harry?

Prince Harry

We always knew our favorite royal ginger Prince Harry was a wild child, and now he's taking it to a whole new level by getting caught snapped naked while partying down in Las Vegas, no view of the crown jewels but who knows, that could be up next. When he was younger, his brother Prince William was always the cuter one but now it's totally the other way around. TMZ has the scoop below on Harry's recent crazy escapade in sin city. I wonder what MORE

Carly Rae Jepsen has nude pics?

Carly Rae Jepsen

You would figure one of the first things you learn as a celebrity is to never take pictures of anything you wouldn't want people to see, and if you do, never keep them on your phone. Or maybe celebs learn the complete opposite of that because hey, publicity, amirite? Anyway, just a day after her supposed sex tape was revealed to be a fake, here comes report that Carly Rae Jepsen's phone was hacked and there are nude pictures floating around out MORE

Who wants to see Shia LaBeouf naked?

Shia LaBeouf

Oh look, famous people naked. Awesome. Anyway, here's Shia LaBeouf's completely nude in the NSFW music video for Sigur Rós' track Fjögur píanó which I had to spell by copy and pasting the title because my laptop can't even put double dots over an o without me hammering at the keyboard like a drunken pianist. Anyway, you can call this "artsy" and deep all you want (in all fairness, this is a great song) but nothing you say will ever wash away MORE

Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman posed naked!

Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman

A couple years ago, back when Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman was still a thing and people just couldn't get enough of the batshit crazy lady who pushed out eight kids when she already had six she had no way of caring for, Vivid Video offered her $1,000,000 to do a porno with them. Of course, she said no, because she was too good to put ridiculous things in her vagina for money. Pushing ridiculous things out of her vagina for money was a whole other MORE

Heather Morris has alleged nude pics too!

Heather Morris

After the web was blessed with the double whammy of Christina Hendricks' and Olivia Munn's alleged-but-probably-fake nude pictures last week, there was apparently just enough miracle left over for one more go around, which is why there are now alleged nude photos of Heather Morris, who some of you might remember as one of the last reasons to still watch Glee at this point, because it sure as hell isn't for that Finn/Rachel ridiculous marriage MORE