Beware: Ariana Grande’s right side–brings the dark side!

Ariana Grande

Back when the news first broke that Ariana Grande purposely refused to show the right side of her face, I made a joke amongst friends (SHUT UP I HAVE FRIENDS!) that seeing the right side of Ariana's face would bring about the apocalypse. Well, here's the music video for her latest single, "One Last Time," in which we see the right side of her face and the world explodes. So clearly, this one is on me. I apologize. Turns out, the Mayans were onto MORE

Madonna is Now “Living For Love” on Youtube!

Madonna "Living For Love"

All right, we're going to get to the Grammy Awards in a bit, I swear. It's just that Madonna released a new music video over the weekend for "Living For Love," the lead single from her upcoming album Rebel Heart (due out March 10th) so we have to get to that first. Especially since she finally released it onto Youtube after initially releasing it on Snapchat or Imgur or whatever it is the kids are using to send around naked pictures these days. MORE

Giorgio Moroder + Kylie Minogue = “Right Here, Right Now”

Giorgio Moroder + Kylie Minogue = "Right Here, Right Now"

As much as I love to bandy about my indie cred ("Oh, you don't have Dum Dum Girls on your gym playlist? That's okay, a lot of people haven't heard "Bedroom Eyes" either. Hold on, I have to accept my trophy for Most Exhausting Person Ever")–I will forever and always be a total stan for Kylie Minogue. She's hands down one of the best pop singers out there. Hell, she's who Madonna wishes she had grown into. Anyway, here's "Right Here, Right Now," MORE

RuPaul + Michelle Visage: Bringing that “New York City Beat”

RuPaul + Michelle Visage "New York City Beat"

Michelle Visage has been becoming increasingly more popular thanks to Celebrity Big Brother, and stands as the bitch to beat because you don't mess with the queen mother! Anyway, with Michelle a household name, RuPaul released the music video for their latest collaboration, "New York City Beat," off the Covergurlz 2 album–plus there's even a little commercial for a new RuPaul figurine! MORE

Charlie XCX + Rita Ora = “Doing It”

Charlie XCX + Rita Ora = "Doing It"

My favorite thing about the web -- other than bitchy fashion blogs and Drag Race .GIFs (oh and porn) is the fact that it really does function as a great equalizer when it comes to media. It used be that if you wanted to get played, you had to have a label behind you to do all your PR. Nowadays, Twitter and Tumblr are easily viable options willing to share lesser known artists who actually make great songs. Granted, you still need luck, but at MORE

All Tied Up: FKA Twigs’ “Pendulum”

FKA Twigs / "Pendulum"

A quick aside here: At my dayjob (Northbound Leather), there's a TV behind the cash register that runs footage from our past fashion shows. One of my favorite bits to watch comes from Bento, which features a rope bondage suspension that creates, as I put it, a human chandelier. Super cool stuff. Anyway, I bring this up because FKA Twigs' new music video for "Pendulum" features tons of amazing rope work, including some seriously impressive MORE

Music Video / Sia / “Elastic Heart”

Sia / "Elastic Heart"

Hey everyone–happy new year! I wanted to drop in and quickly let you all know that PopBytes is currently undergoing a massive overhaul behind the scenes–the main content of the site will be shifting to something I love more than anything–music! There has been tons of music-related content over the years–however after almost twelve years of operation–music is now going to be the primary focus of PopBytes–mixed with dashes of TV, film MORE

Starbomb returns with ‘Player Select’


Fun fact: Christmas is now less than a week away, so if you haven't gotten all your gift by now, SURPRISE! You're boned! But not to worry, here's an early Christmas present for you: Starbomb, the nerdcore rap / rock group comprised of Egoraptor (Arin Hanson) and NinjaSexParty (Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian) is back with a brand new album called Player Select! And they even have a new music video for their first single, a love letter to the MORE

Exclusive: PopBytes chats with Eden xo

Eden xo

Eden xo is ready for pop domination. It took a few false starts before she emerged as the confident and exciting songstress that she is today. The 25-year-old musician started out in a female-fronted punk band, Shut Up Stella, before moving to England to collaborate as a songwriter with some of the biggest hit makers it pop. When she returned to the US, she fronted Jessie and the Toy Boys (interviewed by PopBytes back in 2011), but after a MORE

Music Video: St. Vincent’s “Birth In Reverse”

St. Vincent

Thanks to the never-ending supply of "album of the year" lists being published again, St. Vincent is getting one last victory lap before we jump into a new calendar year. And rightly she should, because St. Vincent (the album, not the artist or the movie) really does deserve to be ranked in the upper tier. Anyway, now's probably as good a time as any to release the music video for her single, "Birth In Reverse," in which she serves high-fashion MORE

DJ Earworm dropped his “United State of Pop 2014″ mashup!

United State of Pop 2014

We are now less than like three weeks away from the new year, which means only one thing: The year end retrospectives—so many year end retrospectives! Because at this point, the writers of the web have clocked out for the year and we want to do something easy and fun and quick so that we can all go home and get turnt on eggnog. (You haven't been truly turnt until you've been turnt up on rummed eggs.) Anyway, to kick off the retrospective MORE

Beyoncé’s “7/11″ has a #FLAWLESS music video

Beyoncé "7/11"

Last week, we were blessed with a pair of heavenly delights as Beyoncé debuted two brand new songs which would be appearing on the platinum edition of her 5th self-titled studio album (available now). Well, one of them, "7/11", already has its own music video, and Beyoncé managed to put everything I like in it: Christmas, fake nunchucks / lightsaber fights, and pure unadulterated college girl drunkery. Also, Beyoncé! Get off that rolling chair MORE

Beyoncé blesses us with two new tracks … “7/11″ & “Ring Off”


Like all massively selling albums, Beyoncé's self-titled fifth studio album (released by surprise last December without any promotion or announcement) is getting its own box set platinum edition tomorrow (iTunes), which can only mean one thing: new bonus tracks–yay! So take a listen to the two new songs that will be included on the box set, "7/11" (now with a music video) and "Ring Off". I have absolutely no idea what "7/11" is about ... MORE

Azealia Banks is a ‘Broke “Ice Princess” with Expensive Taste’

Azealia Banks

It's been a while since we talked about Azealia Banks, mostly because her musical output (fantastic though it is) kind of got eclipsed by her feuding with everyone. Thankfully, her album Broke with Expensive Taste (iTunes) has finally seen its long overdue and highly anticipated release–SHE'S BACK! THANK HEAVENS SHE'S BACK! It's like a Christmas miracle! (I'm fully aware that Xmas is still over a month away, let me have this.) Anyway, here's MORE