Let’s talk: Justin Bieber’s mugshot

Justin Bieber Mugshot

Well, you know the drill: Justin Bieber got arrested early this morning in Miami Beach for drag racing while inebriated (a combo of drugs and alcohol), so here comes the inevitable mugshot, via Gawker. Now, this next part is about to get ranty, but I'm just going to go through everyone's reactions to Justin Bieber's arrest and point out the flaws in those arguments ... Reaction #1: Justin Bieber's just a kid, we should be going easy on MORE

Dina Lohan got arrested for drunk driving

Dina Lohan

UPDATE: Dina Lohan's lawyer issued this statement: "Dina Lohan is a good person. Her life has been dedicated to her four children. She has worked hard her entire life and she has been a 'Parent Trapped' with the entire world watching her in a fishbowl with murky water due to no fault of her own. She appreciates the grave seriousness of this matter and is mindful that the Nassau County District Attorney considers these types of cases a top MORE

Links: See Amanda Bynes’ lovely new mugshot!

Amanda Bynes' Mugshot

→ Here's troubled / crazy actress Amanda Bynes' brand-new mugshot, isn't she lovely? BuzzFeed → This is Amanda Bynes' original mugshot, before officials made her remove her wig! ICYDK → LOL: Amanda Bynes told the judge the bong she threw out a window was a vase! The Frisky → Brad Pitt's makeup artist says Brad and Jennifer Aniston 'are very good friends' Celebitchy → Ever since leaving Boardwalk Empire, we haven't MORE

Reese Witherspoon: You’re about to find out who I am!

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

As much as I loved Legally Blonde, I kinda lost a lot of respect for Reese Witherspoon when she decided to start slut-shaming Kim Kardashian at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, despite the fact that she was at an awards show best known for that one time Sacha Baron Cohen sat his ass in Eminem's face. So in a bit of ironic retribution, Reese and her husband got SMASHED last night, drove drunk into oncoming traffic, and when they eventually got pulled MORE

Lindsay Lohan has a new mugshot for her collection!

Lindsay Lohan New Mugshot March 2013

We knew this was coming, but I didn't realize it would be so soon! Here's Lindsay Lohan's brand-new mugshot, courtesy of the Santa Monica Police Department, because sharing is caring after all, LOL. This is Lindsay's sixth mugshot, she did have one snapped in NYC (when she allegedly punched a psychic) but those don't get released to the public, so technically this is the seventh one she's had taken. I can't even deal with the thought of having MORE

Katt Williams is retiring after his crazy weekend

Katt Williams

While Lindsay Lohan may have grabbed most of the headlines for her crazy-ass weekend, Katt Williams was quietly showing LiLo up over in Seattle. Turns out, in the space of just a few days, Katt allegedly slapped a Target employee, assaulted a bunch of other people, got kicked out of multiple hotels, and even got booted from a sports bar. Allegedly, mind you. Anyway, Katt has decided that now is the best time to retire, but not before vowing to MORE

Fiona Apple: Arrested for drug possession!

Fiona Apple

TMZ is reporting that Fiona Apple was arrested last night at a border stop in Texas. Her tour bus was stopped for inspection in Sierra Blanca, Texas and the police found hash. If you're like me and never really understood what hashish is, it's supposedly marijuana at higher concentration levels. Right now the singer is being held at Hudspeth County Jail. Twitter is inundated with jokes about Fiona's arrest. People are borrowing lyrics from MORE

Amanda Bynes: Charged with two hit and runs!

Amanda Bynes

A couple months ago, Amanda Bynes got into a string of hit and run mishaps, and when she wasn't trying to pry her car out of the trunk of a cop car, she was telling everyone who would listen that she wasn't the new Lindsay Lohan. Which is true, because Amanda is actually being charged for two of her accidentd, and is currently looking at a year in jail. Fox News reports ... TMZ broke the story that prosecutors recently reopened Bynes' MORE

Amanda Bynes’ dad thinks she doesn’t drink?

Amanda Bynes

So last Friday, Amanda Bynes got super drunk and side-swiped a cop car, while trying to avoid it, because I'm guessing she wanted her DUI to be as ironic as it was hilarious (her lovely mugshot is below). Unfortunately, it happened on Good Friday, so everyone kind of just swept it into the 'To Mock' pile while we gorged ourselves on candy brought to us by a giant rabbit demon dressed as a pedophile. Anyway, Amanda's dad has stepped into proclaim MORE

Laurie from ‘That 70’s Show’ is in trouble

Lisa Robin Kelly

I've been trying to ignore the whole 'Lisa Robin Kelly allegedly beat up her roommate' fiasco that's been brewing, mostly because when your biggest credit is playing Eric Forman's (Topher Grace) sister on a show that was cancelled years ago, as well as looking like a total Faces of Meth girl, there really isn't that much I can go on for laughs. That being said, Laurie (who are we kidding, she'll always be Laurie, not Lisa) decided to release a MORE

Russell Brand got arrested too!

Russell Brand

Sure, it might make absolutely no sense for George Clooney to be in prison, since he didn't actually do a damn thing, but at least the knowledge that Russell Brand was sent to jail yesterday actually makes sense and balances out reality so that it sounds like there's some sort of logical thread to -- oh, wait, he got out after only a couple hours by posting bail, so no one learned anyone. We're back to chaos. Via TMZ: Russell Brand has been MORE

Isn’t She Lovely: Kate Major!

Kate Major

Gosh, we're only a few weeks into 2012 and we already have a super glamorous mugshot of Kate Major (her claim to 'fame' is dating Lindsay's loser dad Michael Lohan) that has instantly become a classic! Michael Lohan's ex girlfriend, Kate Major, was arrested January 14, 2012 in Boca Raton, Florida, for attacking Rosario Tapia and Juan Jimenez in an apartment parking lot! According to Jimenez, he and his wife were waiting for a parking spot to MORE

Guess why Michael Lohan got arrested?

Michael Lohan

Ah the hell with it, I'm just going to throw this one at you and let you guess what happened. 'Father of the Year' aka Michael Lohan was arrested early this morning according to TMZ. What did he do? A) Wore a mesh shirt in public B) Funneled coke up Lindsay Lohan's nose because she's worth more to him high than sober C) Kicked Kate Major in the vagina again D) Punched a kitten Tampa Police arrested Lindsay Lohan's dad at 1:10AM ET after MORE

Links: Lindsay’s glamorous mugshot gallery!

Lindsay Lohan's Mugshots

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