Oh look, Miley Cyrus smoked weed at the EMAs

Miley Cyrus

The MTV Europe Music Awards were this weekend, which is like the regular VMAs, only they take place in Amsterdam yet still give out most of their awards to Americans. Weird how that works, huh? Anyway, Miley Cyrus ended up winning something over there, and during her acceptance speech, pulled out a joint and lit it up onstage. To be fair, they were in Amsterdam, which kind of makes it the most European moment of the night since most of the major MORE

The 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards happened

Heidi Klum

The tl;dr version: Heidi Klum is the best thing ever, as seen below. ENCHANTING. Oh, and the winners ... well, despite this being the MTV Europe Music Awards, only three awards went to European acts, with the lion's share going to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. Yes, really. Because when you think of European music, you think of the American country artist and the Canadian pop star. The winner's list from the Daily Mail ... Best Song MORE

There was a streaker at the MTV EMAs!

Hayden Panettiere and David Monahan

Proving once and for all that Europe just does it better with award shows, the MTV Europe Music Awards were taken by surprise over the weekend when a streaker (actor David Monahan) ran out onstage while Hayden Panettiere was presenting, and everyone was just sorta like "Oh, hey, that guy is naked and onstage on live television. That's cool. Stick a microphone in his face." Huffington Post reports: As Panettiere was addressing the crowd, a MORE