Mashup: Disposable War Pigs


† FROM DJ PAUL V. If you've been following the mashups here, you've most likely heard me tell ya how much I'm an old-school rock 'n roller. I like 'em crunchy, ballsy, and hard. But I also love those huge, paint-peeling beats. So this week's bootleg really caught my ear, 'cuz it's got ALL that going on! You get Metallica, you get Black Sabbath, and you get Detroit's Celldweller "klashing" it all together with mind-melding dubstep beats. Rock MORE

Metallica fans rejoice?

Metallica and Lou Reed

In a sordid twist of events, famed modern metal band Metallica has joined forces with none other than The Velvet Underground alumni Lou Reed. Yes, the Lou Reed, though there were clues, guitarist Kirk Hammett hinted at it by saying their next album would “not [be] really 100% a Metallica record”, it’s still a surprise. The pairing has even already completed that full album collaboration according to an announcement on their website MORE