Never change, Farrah Abraham. Never change.

Farrah Abraham

Fresh off the spectacular failure that was her frozen greek yogurt restaurant -- which failed because Fox News hacked her website you guys -- Farrah Abraham is barrelling onward into the future with plans to turn her erotic novels into movies! Actual movies, starring actual Academy Award winners because I'm sure esteemed actresses the world 'round are lining up to play the screaming entitled beast from Teen Mom. I hear Meryl Streep is already MORE

Jennifer Lawrence didn’t insult Meryl Streep

Jennifer Lawrence

If, like me, you watched the Golden Globes live, you probably remember Jennifer Lawrence's acceptance speech, and how her first words when she held her trophy were "what does it say? 'I beat Meryl!'" Hopefully, you have good taste in movies and realized that it was a reference to The First Wives Club, when Bette Midler finds Goldie Hawn's Oscar. Except some people, like professional smart person Lindsay Lohan, didn't know that and acted like it MORE

Meryl Streep is ‘The Iron Lady’

Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady

I totally smell Oscar all over this ... here's the newly released poster for The Iron Lady starring Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep as former British Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990). Meryl already has sixteen Oscar nominations winning twice (as for Golden Globes, she's been nominated twenty-five times and won seven), I'll bet right now she's nominated once again! The film is releasing on December 16th, just in time to be MORE

Yup, Meryl Streep is still amazing!

Meryl Streep

Oh look, a teaser for Meryl Streep's new movie about Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady, has hit the web and of course, she's magnificent. She's always magnificent. I swear to God, the woman must have multiple personality disorder or something because her level of talent is unnatural. Seriously, how? HOW?! Is she a wizard or something? Seriously, if you were to ask me to do a Margaret Thatcher impression, I'd just say "I'm Margaret Thatcher. I'm a MORE

Meryl does Margaret plus more fresh gossip!


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