First Look: ‘Mad Men’ season six!

Mad Men (Season Six)

AMC recently released some enticing photos from the upcoming sixth season of Mad Men! The new season kicks off on April 7th with a two-hour premiere, and it looks like a few years have passed since we last checked in with Don Draper (played by the oh so smoldering Jon Hamm) and the rest of the Madison Avenue gang. Series creator Matthew Weiner also spoke with The Daily Beast about what's coming down the road, on this second to last season, check MORE

Celebrity Bowling: ‘Mad Men’ vs. Nerdist

Mad Men

What happens when you bring together the cast of a hit televsion show, Play-Doh penises, and bowling? You get the epic deathmatch between the cast of Mad Men (namely Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, Rich Sommer, and Matt Weiner) to take on the guys over at Nerdist. And also Weird Al was there too, because ... Weird Al. Don't question it. Just accept that Weird Al makes everything better and move on with your life. And there's also a fun scene where MORE