Awkward: Miley Cyrus’ Today show interview

Matt Lauer and Miley Cyrus

OHMYGAWD. YOU GUYS. DID YOU HEAR THAT MILEY CYRUS IS TWERKING AND IS ALL GROWN UP NOW? Because she's going to beat that horse until it's glue. Miley recently twerked all over the Today show, and twerked all over Matt Lauer's ego during the follow-up interview. Seriously, there was a lot of passive-aggression flying back and forth. It's like trying to negotiate Thanksgiving dinner with your divorced parents. I mean ... I just wanted some f**king MORE

Kris Jenner wants you to believe Kim Kardashian’s baby will be on her daytime talk show

Kris Jenner

If the the idea of Kris Jenner hosting a daytime talk show sounds like unwatchable dreck to you, don't worry: Literally everyone else feels the same way. Kris is apparently still hard up for guests on her upcoming gab fest, and it doesn't help that no one seems to be showing any interest in it, so now she's trying to convince Matt Lauer and the rest of America that Kim Kardashian's baby girl, North West, is going to be on her show. Via MORE

Paula Deen is digging her grave deeper and deeper

Paula Deen

Paula Deen was on The Today Show for an interview earlier this morning (which you can watch below) with Matt Lauer after she bailed on them last Friday. I'm going to cover this in the lower paragraph, but for now, let's just jump straight to the B.S., shall we? Via Us Weekly ... "There's been some hurtful lies told about me," the Georgia native said after she admitted to previously using the N-word in a court deposition. "The main reason I am MORE

Lindsay Lohan still thinks she’ll win an Oscar!

Lindsay Lohan

As we move along to the next step in the "Lindsay Lohan Fuck-Up Cycle", it's time again for LiLo to proclaim that, thanks to her new found sobriety, she's now a shoo-in to win an Oscar. You know, because the Oscars are given out based on whether or not you can keep your nose out of the booger sugar. "*Snort* Well fuck, there goes my nomination ..." TMZ reports: Lohan explained, "I regret the choices that I've made ... but I’m grateful for MORE

Zac Efron talked condoms!

Zac Efron

Earlier this week, Zac Efron accidentally dropped a condom on the whatever-colored carpet it was at the premier of The Lorax. You know, because children's movie premiers are apparently some sort of Caligula-esque orgy of hot, torrid celebrity trysts (You should have seen the one they had at the premiere of Cars 2. Cuh-ray-zay!) Anyway, in an interview Matt Lauer for the Today Show, Zac finally admitted that yes, it was a condom, and yes, you MORE

Lindsay Lohan is a homebody now?

Lindsay Lohan

Now that Lindsay Lohan has dodged the massive bullet that was heading her way, it's only right that she move on with the rest of her fuck-up cycle by claiming that she's really a homebody now and she'll never go out partying again! Which means somewhere out there, there's a pretty good chance she's playing Edward Fortyhands with the empty vodka bottles she had for breakfast. RadarOnline reports: "I still need to go through the process of MORE