Victoria Beckham’s son Romeo is gainfully employed!

Romeo Beckham / Burberry

On the off chance that you were aching for more Beckham in your fashion industry, Burberry announced today that ten-year-old Romeo Beckham, the second oldest of David and Victoria Beckham, is the new face of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. While it would be remarkably easy to make a joke about how Romeo is smiling more in the 34-second campaign video than his mother ever has in her life, we shall refrain. The adorable video, which was MORE

How hot does Chris Evans look on GQ?

Chris Evans - GQ Magazine

Chris Evans looks VERY hot on the latest cover of GQ magazine (shot by Mario Testino), he's such a cutie! Although I'm not too keen on seeing his upcoming action flick Captain America, maybe it will be good? I wasn't all that into seeing X-Men: First Class, but I ended up loving it, maybe I'm more of a comic fan than I originally fancied myself? It certainly beat Super 8 which was totally lame and over hyped. As Captain America, Chris MORE

FashionBytes: Kate Moss goes naked for Vogue!

Kate Moss - Vogue Brasil

In case you hadn't noticed, there is absolutely no escaping the Royal Wedding. Whether it is rumours of Beyoncé and Jay-Z performing on the big day, or the never ending speculation on who designed Kate's dress ... or even the fact that Mario Testino shot the promo photos for the programme. I COULDN'T GIVE A SH*T. So here is another Testino photo that is actually worth your time. Here is the amazingly stunning Kate Moss, naked for the cover of MORE

Kate Winslet. Nude. ‘Nuff said.

Kate Winslet

So Kate Winslet's new ad for Lancôme hit the web recently, and it features her writhing around on the floor naked and you're not even reading this because you've already scrolled down and clicked on the video shot by Mario Testino, haven't you? I could literally write anything here and no one would be the wiser, would they? All right, fine. Until I was nineteen, I thought that line in You Oughta Know about the cross she bears actually went 'the MORE