Marilyn Monroe’s $4.6 million dollar dress!

Marilyn Monroe

The iconic white gown worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, has attained a cultish standing, almost as popular as the film star herself. Recently at an auction of pieces from Debbie Reynolds' personal film memorabilia collection, that billowy white gown by Travilla went for $4.6 million, a stand out price for a stand out gown, the image of the dress swelling around and above Marilyn's legs while standing above a subway grate, is seared MORE

Is Megan Fox getting her Marilyn tattoo removed?

Megan Fox

The entire gossip blogosphere is collectively shitting itself right now because apparently, Megan Fox's Marilyn Monroe tattoo (the one on the inside of her right arm) looks a tiny bit lighter than it used to, which means she's having it lasered off or something. I don't know, I honestly can't see it as any lighter than it was before, but clearly someone out there did so that's all that matters. Several blogs have speculated that the MORE

FilmBytes: Michelle Williams is awesome!

Did you know back when you were watching Dawson's Creek that Michelle Williams would one day leave all her co-stars in the dust, moving on to film stardom, an Oscar nomination (Brokeback Mountain), and predictable acclaim for each new movie? She's won a level of respect within the industry that young actors dream of. That respect and talent didn't help Michelle with the MPAA, the board that rates movies, though. They slapped her next movie BLUE MORE

Marilyn turned over in her grave because of Paris!

Paris Hilton has TEN fragrances? Who buys her shit? I need a show of hands! I bet none of her scents smell like the real thing since it's hard to contain the stank of skank. Paris Hilton embodies icon Marilyn Monroe to celebrate the launch of her 10th fragrance TEASE held at My Studio in Hollywood, California on August 10th, 2010. PHOTOS | FAME PICTURES MORE

filmbytes: marilyn monroe at 84

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st all the way back in 1926 when movies were still silent. Sound hit Hollywood movies the very next year. Just in time you might say since Marilyn had one of the most memorable movie voices ever, all breathy, affected 'who me?' innocence, from those kissable lips. Strangely, Marilyn is best loved today in complete silence. People buy up countless images of her face and body on calendars and posters and merchandise MORE

if marilyn monroe were alive today…

good evening! if legendary pop icon marilyn monroe were alive today she would have just celebrated her 82nd birthday on june 1st (sadly she died in 1962 at the young age of 36) and i bet she'd probably be best friends with 76-year-old elizabeth taylor (the two did meet but only a couple of times) but we'll never know what might have happened to marilyn - one photographer andrzej dragan took a stab at what ms. monroe might have looked like in her MORE

Lindsay Lohan goes topless as Marilyn Monroe!

good evening everyone! although you normally don't get presents on president's day - i bet a lot of guys were super happy with the 'gift' of lindsay lohan's naked & topless pictures featured in new york magazine's spring fashion issue - the photos are a recreation of legendary hollywood icon marilyn monroe's last set of nude photos snapped over forty-six years ago (known as 'the last sitting') taken by the exact same photographer bert stern! MORE