Courtney Stodden is here to desecrate some graves!

Courtney Stodden

Over the weekend, former teen bride Courtney Stodden decided to go out and pose for some sexy Instagram photos in a graveyard, next to the final resting places of Farrah Fawcett, Marilyn Monroe and Eva Gabor. You know, because there's no better way for her to honor dead legendary Hollywood actresses than by using their death to make people look at her massive boobs. Now, I had a hard time coming up with just one joke, so I came up with MORE

Kanye West thinks Kim Kardashian is Marilyn Monroe

Kim Kardashian

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving that was celebrated at home and not, say, out shopping because seriously, why would you make someone work on Thanksgiving? Ruuuuuuuuude. Anyway, we have no allegiance to this Black Friday nonsense, so here's Kanye West ranting some more, because every thought that is in his head is the thought of a genius and needs to be out there for the world to see. For example: KIM KARDASHIAN IS MARILYN MONROE! MORE

Links: Scarlett Johansson is a ‘Modern Marilyn’?

Scarlett Johansson

→ Scarlett Johansson declared a 'Modern Marilyn' by Harper's Bazaar: ugh, really? Celebitchy → How much did Oprah's huge wig weigh that's featured on the new cover of O magazine? SOW → If Lindsay Lohan happens to be coming over, make sure to hide all your alcohol! The Blemish → Miranda Kerr keeps on trying ... since she quit Victoria's Secret! (site NSFW) Drunken Stepfather → Miley Cyrus announced the name of her new MORE

The Canyons’ director thinks LiLo is like Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan

At the beginning of the year, The New York Times released a lengthy exposé of what exactly the hell happens when you cast a pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan in your movie. Spoiler alert: It was a trainwreck. One huge, massive trainwreck. Well, almost half a year later to the day, The Canyons director Paul Schrader wrote his own piece about how LiLo is just like Marilyn Monroe. Via Us Weekly ... "Similarities? Tardiness, unpredictability, tantrums, MORE

Delusions of Grandeur: The Courtney Stodden Edition

Courtney Stodden

I used to think that famewhore and teen bride Courtney Stodden was knowingly acting like an underage prostitute for the sake of attention, which to be honest probably isn't much better than doing so unknowingly. Either way, you're still sexualizing yourself at an age where you're still too young to really understand your own body and sex in general. But here she is comparing her singing voice to Britney Spears and Cher, which is 100% sacrilege in MORE

Marilyn Monroe’s FBI files are now available!

Marilyn Monroe's FBI file

The files (available in two parts) insinuate a communist connection between Marilyn Monroe, which was the center of attention in the files. Her close relationships with government officials like her ongoing affair with President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby Kennedy put her in a very pivotal position. Only months before she died she was in Mexico rubbing with shoulders with the likes of Frederick Vanderbilt Field, the black sheep of the MORE

Big Ang does Marilyn Monroe!

Big Ang does Marilyn Monroe

Just last Friday, we gave you the gift -- or was it a curse? -- of Courtney Stodden dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. Now here's VH1's Mob Wives breakout star Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola doing her best Seven Year Itch thing on the latest cover of Next magazine. Once again: just because you stick a talentless famewhore in a white dress and blow wind up her ass until you can see her panties, does not make a Marilyn. Also, MY EYES. SWEET JESUS MY EYES. KILL MORE

Courtney Stodden does Marilyn Monroe!

Courtney Stodden

Because there's something about Marilyn Monroe that stupid blonde whores just love -- they realize she died of a drug overdose, right?  -- here's Courtney Stodden dressed as Marilyn, because if there was one thing the world was missing, it was a famewhore trying to emulate Monroe. The Daily Mail reports: Since entering the spotlight, she has become something of a blonde bombshell in her own right. So Courtney Stodden decided to channel her MORE

Marilyn Stripped Bare: ‘My Week With Marilyn
’ review

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

It’s no wonder that Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous women of all time. She wasn’t just the star of such classics as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch and Some Like It Hot. Monroe was an international symbol of femininity, sexuality and the American dream. But as is the case with so many stars, the public Marilyn Monroe was very different from her tortured, fragile private persona. Her life followed the classic script MORE

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe: Brilliant!

My Week With Marilyn

If you're a fan of brilliant performances then you simply cannot miss Michelle Williams turn as legendary bombshell Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn which opens on Wednesday! I saw an advance screening last week and was literally blown away by Ms. Williams' incredible portrayal of one of the most prolific yet mysterious celebrities of all-time! Set in 1956, it tells the true story (with some liberties) of when Ms. Monroe came to London to MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s vagina will be strategically covered up!

Lindsay Lohan

By now it should be plenty obvious that the only reason Playboy magazine wanted to have Lindsay Lohan as the centerfold in an upcoming issue is because (A) she has no other career to speak of, (B) drug addicts will do anything for money, and (C) vagina. The only reason Playboy wanted LiLo is because she was willing to show everyone, including members of her own family, her vagina aka her firecrotch. So of course, The New York Post is saying that MORE

Courtney Stodden thinks she’s Marilyn Monroe!

Because you just can't keep a good girl (read: teenage prostitute) down, Courtney Stodden somehow made her way to Los Angeles after saving up enough back alley handjob money to get her and her creepy 51-year-old husband, actor Doug Hutchison, bus tickets down to the city. Once she arrived in Hollywood, Courtney took time out of her busy, busy schedule of ... I don't know. Old people dick? Yeah that sounds right. She took time out of her busy, MORE

Trailer: My Week With Marilyn

My Week With Marilyn

Watch the trailer for My Week With Marilyn (opening November 4th) starring Michelle Williams as the legendary Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, doesn't it look totally amazing?! I must see this! In the early summer of 1956, 23 year-old Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), just down from Oxford and determined to make his way in the film business, worked as a lowly assistant on the set of The Prince and the Showgirl. The film that famously united Sir MORE

Photos: Marilyn Monroe at just 19!

Marilyn Monroe

I love these newly released photos of legendary Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe at the tender age of just nineteen! They were snapped photographer Joseph Jasqur back in 1946, when Marilyn was simply known as Norma Jeane Dougherty. The photos have been tied up in court battles but are finally seeing the light of day and will be hitting the auction block in December at Julien's Auctions. I'd kill to own one of these (especially the first one) but you MORE