Don’t smoke around Madonna or else!


So apparently, Madonna was doing a sound check before a show in Santiago, in the middle of a rainstorm no less, when someone in the audience decided to light up a smoke. The nicotine from the tiny puff of smoke was just enough to irritate her, and she unloaded a steaming hot plate of "BITCH NO YOU DON'T" on him. To be honest, I'm not sure what Madonna's complaining about, since her last album is a thinly-veiled reference to ecstasy and she's been MORE

Madonna: Fall down go boom


At this point, Madonna has like, five castles in the English countryside and a pet gryphon to protect them, plus a stable filled with nothing but European pool boys with 0% body fat. Why she feels the need to keep touring is beyond me, since she makes more off royalties in one year than most people will in their lifetime, but when people pay $300 a ticket, you go where the money is I guess. Well, here's Madge in concert (in Dallas), miraculously MORE

Madonna forgives Elton John?

Madonna and Elton John

The Elton John / Madonna feud has been raging for something like eight months now, which is crazy because by the eighth month, someone should have had a glass of wine thrown in their face by now. It's just science people. SCIENCE! Anyway, Madonna went out on stage last night and claimed to forgive Elton, although we're going to get into how that might be total crap in a minute. But first, the blockquote from HuffPo ... Madonna might be ready MORE

Giveaway: Madonna “Turn Up The Radio” prize pack

Madonna - "Turn Up The Radio"

WINNERS: @hyperballad627 @WonderboyLB @myworldpablo @SimonVenekeo @Deb55106 Enter to win one of five Madonna "Turn Up The Radio" prize packs, which includes a remix CD, a MDNA rubber bracelet, plus a mini-poster! Follow the simple instructions for a chance to win! To be entered for a chance to win a "Turn Up The Radio" prize pack: 1. Like PopBytes on Facebook 2. Follow @PopBytes on Twitter 3. Tweet the following message to your MORE

Elton John and Madonna are fighting again!

Madonna and Elton John

Like two drag queens gunning for the same pair of size eleven high heel shoes, Madonna and Elton John just can't stop whipping out the claws and taking swipes at each other. So here they are again in another fight, as Elton calls out Madge for being way too old to wear cheerleader outfits, and for being a total bitch to Lady Gaga. From HuffPo ... Now John is at it again. In a new interview with Molly Medrum on Australia's Channel 7, the iconic MORE

Madonna refused to put down her guns


Madonna has had a career for something like over thirty years now, mostly because of her stellar vocal range and her wonderful song-writi- PFFFFT. Sorry, almost made it through that one with a straight face. No, it's entirely because of shock value. Shock value, shock value and more shock value. Anyway, here comes more news about how Madonna did something shocking for attention, this time by continuing to play around with guns during her concert MORE

Madonna: Turn Up The Radio (VIDEO)

Madonna - Turn Up The Radio

OMG! I was literally about to go to bed, but then Madonna (who turns 54 on August 16th) released her latest music video for "Turn Up The Radio" (shot recently in Florence, Italy - directed by Tom Munro) which happens to be the third single from her stellar 12th studio album MDNA. Girlfriend looks fantastic, the video is super fun, the song is a perfect summer feel-good track, I swear October 10th can't come fast enough ... that's when our queen MORE

Madonna causes a commotion with a swastika


Considering her latest album, MDNA, tanked harder than a 12-year-old at a frat party, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that Madonna's really pulling out all the tricks on controversy corner. Like Hitler! Yes, she's burned crosses, but Madonna has finally lost all traces of coyness and dove head first into Godwin's Law by showing a picture of French right-wing politician Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead. Oh, and she did this MORE

Madonna covered Gaga! THIS MEANS WAR!

Madonna and Lady Gaga

I'm assuming someone checked their watch and thought "My word, it's been almost four months since we had a contrived feud between Lady Gaga and Madonna!" because here comes another one to help remind you that Gaga and Madonna are both women in pop, and therefore they must hate each other. Anyway, footage of Madge performing Gaga's Born This Way along with Express Yourself (as part of her new tour) hit the web over the weekend, which of course MORE

Summer Games by Bravo!

Summer Games by Bravo

There's no question in my mind that Bravo is my favorite cable channel (Showtime is my favorite premium cable channel), so I was completely giddy over this new promo called Summer Games by Bravo to highlight their upcoming summer season! It's set to Madonna's track Superstar off her latest release MDNA, watch below as a bunch of Bravo celebrities compete for the spotlight. I think I'm most excited about the return of Flipping Out, I simply adore MORE

Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ dropped off the charts!


Despite the fact that she's freaking MADONNA, along with the media blitz created around her new album, MDNA is about to set a whole new record: she's about to achieve the biggest second week sales drop for any album ever sold, after MDNA's sales plummeted a whole 88% after the first week. MTV reports: Reporter Roger Friedman wrote that he was told that after debuting at #1 on sales of 359,000 copies in its first week, MDNA is on pace to tumble MORE

Deadmau5 slams Madonna for talking drugs

Madonna and DJ Avicii

You have to figure that when you name your new album something very similar to a drug that people are capable of overdosing on, you'll probably get some flack for being irresponsible at best and a complete moron at worst. So here comes the surprisingly awesome DJ Deadmau5 to call out Madonna for glorifying ecstasy while she was talking on stage at the Ultra Music Festival down in Miami this past weekend, which is really the sort of thing you MORE

Madonna’s uncensored ‘Girl Gone Wild’ video

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild - Music Video

First there was the teaser (which I went absolutely nuts over) and now here's the just released full music video for Girl Gone Wild. It's the second single off Madonna's highly-anticipated new album MDNA which drops next week (although it finally leaked to the web yesterday). Of course I simply had to have a listen to the album, it's quite good and this track still remains one of my favorites, plus the video is beyond sexy. Can you believe she's MORE

Watch: Teaser of Madonna’s ‘Girl Gone Wild’

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild

OMG! Please just stop everything you're doing and watch this incredible teaser clip of Madonna's new music video for Girl Gone Wild, the second single off her upcoming album MDNA (out on March 26th)! This looks fucking amazing (I seriously can't stop watching it over and over again) plus it totally reminds me of her Erotica days (which is now twenty years ago), as Brad from MuuMuse just said DITA is back! MORE