Giveaway: Madonna’s INCREDIBLE new album ‘Rebel Heart’

Madonna / Rebel Heart

Enter to winfrom Madonna! Two lucky PopBytes readers will receive Rebel Heart–the deluxe CD release! To be entered for a chance to win ... 1. Like PopBytes on Facebook 2. Like Madonna on Facebook 3. Follow @PopBytes on Twitter Follow @PopBytes 4. Tweet the entire following message to your followers–include the link: I want to win @Madonna's new album #RebelHeart from @PopBytes because we're all MORE

GIVEAWAY: Madonna’s “Living For Love” remixes!

Madonna "Living For Love"

Enter to win "Living For Love" remix CDs from Madonna! Five lucky winners will receive Madonna's "Living For Love" remix CD! To be entered for a chance to win ... 1. Like PopBytes on Facebook 2. Like Madonna on Facebook 3. Follow @PopBytes on Twitter Follow @PopBytes 4. Tweet the entire following message to your followers–include the link: I want to win @Madonna's #LivingForLove remix CD from MORE

Madonna is Now “Living For Love” on Youtube!

Madonna "Living For Love"

All right, we're going to get to the Grammy Awards in a bit, I swear. It's just that Madonna released a new music video over the weekend for "Living For Love," the lead single from her upcoming album Rebel Heart (due out March 10th) so we have to get to that first. Especially since she finally released it onto Youtube after initially releasing it on Snapchat or Imgur or whatever it is the kids are using to send around naked pictures these days. MORE

Madonna’s Daenerys costume was the real deal!


Last week was Purim, which according to Wikipedia is the celebration of Mordecai and Esther foiling the plans of Haman, who wanted to kill all the Jews in the Persian Empire. Apparently, one of the ways people celebrate is by wearing costumes, and Madonna decided to celebrate it by dressing up as Daenerys (played by Emilia Clarke) from Game of Thrones. Exactly like Daenerys as it turns out, because according to Us Weekly, the costume she wore was MORE

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hosted a mass Grammys wedding

Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis, and Queen Latifah

So the big moment of the Grammy Awards last night was the performance by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with Mary Lambert and Madonna combining "Same Love" and "Open Your Heart," which featured 33 couples (gay and straight) getting married by Queen Latifah. I'm not even going to try and write anything funny, because f*ck I was crying when I saw this. I am a super easy cry at weddings, so this brought on the waterworks. MORE

Madonna apologized for calling her son the n-word

Rocco Ritchie

Because Madonna desperately needed someone to remember she's not dead -- she just looks like she is -- last week she posted a picture to her Instagram account of her son Rocco Ritchie where she called him her uh ... you know. The n-word. Once again, I'm Irish-Canadian. Don't make me say it. Anyway, after everyone rightly called her out for being a 50-something white woman calling dropping the n-bomb, she gave a pseudo-pology to People magazine IF MORE

Links: Madonna might have a hot new 26-year-old boy toy!

Timor Steffens

→ Is 26-year-old Timor Steffens Madonna's new boy toy? She knows how to pick 'em! The Frisky → Kim Kardashian has postpartum bald spots and a sewn-in weave: creepy or normal? Celebitchy → Something is going down between model Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez! Bohomoth → Oh my gosh ... no one can make a mullet work, not even super hunk Hugh Jackman! SOW → At 38-years-old, Eva Longoria was named Maxim magazine's MORE

Links: Madonna is single and ready to mingle!

adonna and Brahim Zaibat

→ Madonna and her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat have broken up after a three years of dating! Rickey → Kim Kardashian shows off her 'post-baby body' on the new cover of Us Weekly Celebitchy → Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll welcomed a baby boy into the world on Saturday! Bohomoth → The first Godzilla teaser trailer is out—I cannot wait to see it on May 16th! SOW → Miranda Kerr is single and just went topless for MORE

Madonna: Banned from Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas over texting


Last week, Madonna was invited to the New York Film Festival premiere of 12 Years a Slave and proceeded to thank everyone involved by texting through the whole thing before someone called her out on it. Oh, and then she compared being chewed out for texting during a movie to slavery, so yeah, not cool. Well, according to Entertainment Weekly, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (a Texas-based theater chain) decided to twist the knife by banning Madonna MORE

Giveaway: Madonna’s MDNA World Tour DVD!

Madonna - MDNA World Tour DVD

WINNERS: @PatrickBeller @MittsInMyOven Today Madonna's fabulous MDNA World Tour is finally available on DVD, Blu-ray and CD! To celebrate the release, I have two copies of the DVD to toss out. If you didn't get to see the show live, this is your chance to witness the legendary and iconic Madonna doing what she does best, she's still at the top of her game after three decades. I saw the show last year here in Los Angeles, and I had the best MORE

Not Cute: Madonna’s new gold grill


I love Madonna, the woman is a true legend and icon but girlfriend seriously needs to ditch that new gold grill of hers. It looks AWFUL, I don't know what would possess anyone to go out in public with a grill in their mouth. Madge was showing off the grill over in Italy where she opened up one of her Hard Candy gyms in Rome. Hopefully this is the last time we'll be subject to this, it's beyond ridiculous. Singer Madonna attends the grand MORE

Links: The best moments from the best interview ever!

Madonna, Kurt Loder and Courtney Love

→ The twelve very best moments from Courtney Love's now infamous 1995 VMA interview! BuzzFeed → Justin Theroux is tanned, shirtless and pretty buff down in Cabo: would you hit it?! Celebitchy → Hmmm ... does cutie Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska have something to tell us all? SOW → If you haven't heard, someone is shopping around 20+ images of Demi Lovato naked The Blemish → Kate Beckinsale has the skinniest MORE

Madonna dressed as a Boy Scout for Anderson Cooper!


Just because it was actually kinda funny, and also because her speech was actually pretty decent, here's the video of Madonna presenting an award to silver fox Anderson Cooper at the GLAAD Media Awards this weekend while dressed up as a Boy Scout. Yes, we like Madonna again. Yay! MORE

Madonna’s brother has advice for Lady Gaga

Madonna and Christopher Ciccone

Madonna's brother (who she recently reconciled with) Christopher Ciccone (above is them pictured years ago) is now giving advice to nemesis and thorn in side, Lady Gaga. Also getting advice? Kelly Clarkson, who apparently has no taste and no real fashion identity (I’m actually in agreement on that one). His advice to Gaga is pretty basic, so mother monster can reach even more fans, or in this case, potential fans, his simple advice is to MORE