Lindsay Lohan: Blamed for the failure of ‘The Canyons’

Lindsay Lohan and James Deen

Do we really need to recap what went wrong with The Canyons? We do? Ugh, all right fine, but I'm going to do abbreviated version: Lindsay Lohan was hired as the lead on The Canyons during her mess days. Her bad behavior on the set becomes huge news. The Canyons eventually gets released, and critics panned it, but didn't necessarily shred it. If anything, the acting was one of the high points for most critics. Well, writer Bret Easton Ellis has MORE

It’s Friday, so here’s Lindsay Lohan’s side boob

Lindsay Lohan

The Santa Claus Parade is happening this weekend in Toronto, which means I'm going to be spending this weekend on the edge of my seat waiting to see if our Crack Mayor Rob Ford actually marches in it because guess what? The Crack Mayor wants to march in the parade and give candy to kids he doesn't know. It's practically a parents' dream come true! Anyway, to close out the week, here's Lindsay Lohan's side boob. Because apparently straight guys MORE

Links: Miley + Lindsay = What could go wrong?

Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan

→ Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan? Oh, this should turn out well ... what could go wrong? IDLYITW → Nicole Kidman: 'No disrespect to what I had with Tom, but I've met my great love now' Celebitchy → Beyoncé photobombed a girl's photo and she ended up with the greatest selfie ever! BuzzFeed → It looks like Fergie hasn't lost any of the prgenancy weight she put on her boobs! SOW → WTF: Kanye West thinks Kim Kardashian is MORE

Links: Meet Lindsay Lohan’s new boy toy, Liam Dean!

Lindsay Lohan and Liam Dean

→ Lindsay Lohan is apparently getting it on with a 19-year old model named Liam Dean! IDLYITW → Is Katie Holmes doing it with Jamie Foxx? Multiple sources say they're 'keeping it quiet' Celebitchy → Thirty-seven things Beyoncé has apparently been doing instead of releasing new music BuzzFeed → Hottie Jesse Williams visited Sesame Street and taught Elmo all about the word furious SOW → Leonardo DiCaprio's latest MORE

Lindsay Lohan wants to open her own rehab center?

Lindsay Lohan

Back during Lindsay Lohan's messy days, we posted a lot about her, but we always had the exit plan prepared for her: If she sobered up and matured, we would gladly never say a cross word about her. And you know what? Since she got out of rehab, she's been absolutely great about staying on the straight and narrow, and we've since shut up because we're nothing if not true to our word. Well, now LiLo wants to open a rehab. Good for her and all, but MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s Parents: Banned from her reality show!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's parents only means of employment are coasting on their daughter's image and that's it, so of course both of them would attempt to jump on Lindsay's reality TV series (coming to Oprah Winfrey's OWN network early next year) the first chance they got. Except it turns out even the producers, people who profit directly from creating dramatic circumstances around their central star, think it's a bad idea to have them on the show and MORE

Michael Lohan talks Ashley Horn’s plastic surgery


Michael Lohan is pretty much an expert on judging when someone is riding Lindsay Lohan's coattails, specifically since that's really his only means of making money. When he has to list his occupation on his taxes, he just writes "my daughter is famous." Anyway, one of Michael's illegitimate love children, Ashley Horn, decided to spend $25,000 to look like LiLo, and now Michael is calling her out for using Lindsay for an easy buck. That's his MORE

“I got plastic surgery to look like Lindsay Lohan!”

Ashley Horn and Lindsay Lohan

Oh lordy, this is all kinds of crazy! In Touch magazine has an exclusive interview with Ashley Horn who is Lindsay Lohan's half-sister (Michael Lohan had an affair with Ashley's mom), and apparently she got plastic surgery to look like LiLo. Ashley claims she spent $25,000 on a bunch of procedures to look like 'Lindsay in her good days.' Talk about a complete waste of money, I could think of a million things better to do with that kind of money, MORE

Lindsay Lohan launches!

Lindsay Lohan

Now that Lindsay Lohan has proven that she can anchor a show without flying off the handle or running her car into a stroller, apparently Lindsay has been given the green-light to work again. So now, Lindsay has a new job as a blogger (with the help of SpinMedia), which I'm cool with as long as she doesn't move into celebrity mockery. That's my racket, bitch. Page Six reports ... The recovering party girl launched Friday, MORE

Oprah interviewed Lindsay Lohan last night

Oprah Winfrey and Lindsay Lohan

The moment finally arrived last night, as Oprah Winfrey's interview with Lindsay Lohan made its debut on OWN and everyone finally got to see the grilling. Except for the most part, it was pretty amicable, and while Oprah didn't pull any punches, she was pretty tactful about the whole thing. For her part, Lindsay seemed pretty stable and sounded like she was actually serious about staying sober, although apparently she's still pretty tight-lipped MORE

Lindsay Lohan wants to get Dina Lohan into rehab

Dina Lohan

Now that Lindsay Lohan has actually completed rehab without any glaring mistakes, and is actually doing decently well for herself on cable, Lindsay has decided that now is the right time to try and convince her mom, Dina Lohan, to enter rehab. In case you didn't remember, Dina's the one who drunk-dialed Lindsay during her rehab stay. So I'm sure this will go swimmingly. Via RadarOnline ... “She knows Dina has been out drinking and she sees MORE

First Look: Oprah’s interview with Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

One of the big stories as Lindsay Lohan was leaving her 90-day rehab stint was her interview with Oprah Winfrey (followed by an eight-part docu-series). Granted, most people would love to be interviewed by Oprah for something special they did, but I guess you gotta just take what you can get, am I right? Anyway, here's your first look at Oprah's interview with Lindsay (airing on OWN on August 18th), and as you can see, she is not pulling any MORE

Lindsay Lohan read Kristen Stewart for filth

Lindsay Lohan

Say what you will about Lindsay Lohan's past indiscretions, but she seems to be on the right path now. She sounds like she's serious about her sobriety, she's working with a sober coach, and her guest stint on Chelsea Lately seems like a good fit for her, if only because it provides her with a structured work environment that she wasn't getting working in film. Hell, celebrity snark is a pretty good fit for her, as seen when she read Kristen MORE

Lindsay Lohan is hosting ‘Chelsea Lately’

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan just got out of three-month rehab stint a few days ago, but she's already back to work, which in the grand scheme of things is probably one of the better things she could be doing for herself. Funny lady Chelsea Handler apparently has enough confidence in Lindsay to let her guest host her talk show for an episode (airing August 5th). To be fair, it's on E!, so thankfully there isn't too much pressure on Lindsay considering her MORE