Miley Cyrus dressed up as (1999) Lil’ Kim for Halloween

Miley Cyrus as Lil' Kim

Ever since Miley Cyrus reinvented herself as a porn-and-weed-loving-twerk-tonguing-baby, she's been talking a lot about how she loves Lil' Kim and she was secretly Lil' Kim in a past life and one day she will behead her in The Quickening and absorb her power and knowledge because THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Anyway, Miley decided to go out as Lil' Kim for Halloween, and in case you're wondering: Old Lil' Kim (circa the 1999 MTV VMAs), not the new Lil' MORE

Happy Holidays from Lil’ Kim! #QBXmas

Lil' Kim

The holiday season is upon us, and one of my favorite people ever, Lil' Kim, just dropped this holiday card on Twitter! Say what you will, but I think she looks fabulous! Of course she's been nipped, tucked and pinched but she looks great! But all this holiday business aside, I really hope girlfriend manages to drop a new album in 2013! I still listen to 1996's Hard Core, which is one of the best rap albums of all-time, our Queen Bee seriously MORE

Lil’ Kim dissed Nicki Minaj on WWHL

Andy Cohen, Lil' Kim and Willie Geist

In the continuing saga of the Lil' Kim vs. Nicki Minaj feud that will never goddamn end even though it was tired and impossibly irritating about two days after it started, Kim was a guest on Bravo's late night show Watch What Happens Live last night where she compared Nicki to Jim Carrey's character Fire Marshall Bill (from In Living Color), and you can see that everything is just going straight to shit from there, can't you? Girls, girls, girls! MORE

Lil’ Kim: If You Love Me

Lil' Kim - If You Love Me

Oh happy day! Here's a brand new track from our Queen Bee aka Lil' Kim called If You Love Me, listen to it below and make sure to pick up a copy over on iTunes, like I just did! Hopefully we'll be hearing more from her in the coming months, and tune in tonight (Wednesday, February 15th) to catch her appearance on Bravo's late night show Watch What Happens Live hosted by the always adorable Andy Cohen! MORE

Nicki Minaj calls Lil’ Kim a ‘Stupid Hoe’

Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe

After Nicki Minaj's debut album Pink Friday was met with ... well, I wouldn't call it critical derision, because it was actually a good album, but it was disappointing given how hot her guest verses were ... yeah, that about covers it. After Pink Friday was met with a certain amount of disappointment, Nicki announced that she would release her next album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (due out Valentine's Day, February 14th) as her alter-ego, Roman MORE

Lil’ Kim & Nicki Minaj: Why can’t they just get along?!

Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj

So I guess it's Nicki Minaj's turn in the on-going feud with our Queen Bee aka Lil' Kim! It's no secret the two have a major beef with each other, Nicki took on Kim in her track Roman's Revenge (with Eminem) off her debut album Pink Friday. Then Kim turned it into Black Friday - and now Nicki fires back with a verse called Tragedy (listen below). Of course I love my gal Kim and have for years (her 1996 album Hard Core is beyond legendary) but I MORE

Lil Kim’s ‘Black Friday’ video is lacking!

Lil' Kim - Black Friday - Music Video

Listen, I love Lil' Kim, I really do but girlfriend seriously needs to move on from her beef with Nicki Minaj! We all get it, Kim is the Queen yet if she's going to insist on dropping crappy and cheap music videos like the one below for her diss track Black Friday, her crown is going to be yanked right off her head (let's not even talk about the fact she's charging $9.99 for her new 'mixtape'). Kim needs to just drop the whole thing and make some MORE

Lil’ Kim takes on Nicki Minaj!

We finally have a new track from Lil' Kim called Black Friday in which she takes on fellow lady rapper Nicki Minaj who just released her debut album Pink Friday (which is totally awesome) Rather than dissing on each other, I'd rather see these two ladies collaborate on a track together, now that would be hot! I wonder if Nicki is going to respond to this?! Kim is pretty damn harsh, have a listen for yourself below courtesy of That Grape Juice! MORE

I bet Lil’ Kim would like to thank Photoshop …

hey everyone! doesn't lil' kim look totally amazing in this new ad for purple three-o vodka - showing off her best o-face? but unfortunately she doesn't really look like this in real life (remember when she was making milkshakes a few weeks ago? that was seriously scary!) she still considers herself 'queen bee' but girlfriend better put out an album or something before rising rap superstar nicki minaj takes complete control of the game - ms. MORE

regis finally gets to dip lil’ kim!

good morning - and happy friday! oh man - i'm still feeling bummed about rap diva lil' kim getting unfairly eliminated this week on dancing with the stars - stiff rodeo star ty murray (husband of jewel) should have been the one to get the boot! besides myself - one of kim's biggest supporters this season has been talk show host regis philbin - yesterday she stopped by regis' show (on location down in miami) along with her super adorable dance MORE

se7en – girls – featuring lil’ kim

good evening! it's certainly no secret that on this season of dancing with the stars - i'm cheering on my darling lil' kim (along with regis philbin - he loves her too) i'm thrilled she's been totally kicking ass - even knocking front-runner gilles marini out of the top spot last week! (although i do think sexy mr. marini will probably win the competition this time around - perhaps kim can shimmy her way into 2nd place?) today i came across this MORE

one week from tonight – lil’ kim on DWTS!

good evening! i'm just about to settle into three hours of the bachelor tonight - which seems like a lot (yet i can't help myself) and actually there's another whole hour tomorrow night (the drummed up drama is being stretched way thin) once the show ends ABC brings back another favorite next monday - dancing with the stars which i've never been all that hot for (except last season - i loved cloris leachman's antics) but i'm so excited for this MORE

lil’ kim AND god love lindsay lohan…

good evening! our dear queen bee lil' kim is always trying to spread rays of sunshine (bless her lil' heart) she was recently spotted by the good folks over at celebrity babylon holding up a 'leave lindsay a-lohan' t-shirt and sent a message to the messy starlet (does anybody even know where she is?!?) hold your head...god loves you, so do i - kim for sure knows all about jail stays - more than paris hilton does! we all know ms. lohan will MORE

keyshia cole – let it go – music video

hey everyone! it's friday night and i'm totally spent - gosh it was a long busy week! many thanks to my gal elana (holla!) i discovered the new keyshia cole video today for her track let it go which features two of my favorite ladies missy elliott and lil' kim! the song is just ok i would have preferred something a bit faster & upbeat - but i was way excited to see our dear 'queen bee' back in action & lookin' good! oh i hope kim is working on MORE