Reasons Why Katy Perry slayed the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Katy Perry

Unlike the lame halftime show from last year featuring Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers ... Katy Perry rocked the hell out of yesterday afternoon's Super Bowl XLIX's, halftime show–dazzling the crowd with impeccable production and a bubblegum pop, tongue-in-cheek performance–there was truly something for everyone. Here are seven reasons why our favorite "California Gurl" deserves all the credit due ... EXCUSE ME BUT WAS THAT A TIGER? MORE

Racists are upset over ‘The Hunger Games’

Lenny Kravitz and Amandla Stenberg

So the other day, I relented on the whole hoopla over The Hunger Games thing and went out and bought the first book in the trilogy. Apparently, you guys are really into the series. Turns out? The book is kind of awesome. Not gonna lie. It's no Harry Potter, but at least it is leaps and bounds ahead of Twilight. Well, turns out that certain fans of the book are up in arms over the fact that the characters of Rue and Cinna are played by Amandla MORE

Links: Lenny Kravitz is a hottie at 48!

Lenny Kravitz - Interview Magazine

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