Kanye West’s deposition isn’t going well …

Kanye West

Remember a while back when Kanye West compared the paparazzi to rape? And then yesterday, we found out that in a deposition for a paparazzi beating case, he compared celebrities fighting the paparazzi to the 60's civil rights movement? Well the deposition marches on, and continuing along in the vein of "incredibly dumb parallels", here is Kanye talking about that time he compared the paparazzi to Nazis. Via TMZ ... Nate Goldberg -- the MORE

Lindsay Lohan rehires Shawn Holley, goes to Betty Ford

Lindsay Lohan and Shawn Holley

After realizing yesterday that she can't actually just do whatever she wants, something must have clicked in Lindsay Lohan's brain that went, "Oh, that's right, Shawn Holley is the only reason we're not trading cigarettes for sandwiches in prison right now." So after bailing on one rehab, and then another, Lindsay has hired back Shawn as a lawyer, and has been given the green light to stay at The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California ... MORE

Lindsay Lohan wants to keep her ‘incompetent’ lawyer

Lindsay Lohan and Mark Heller

Who's ready for a hypothetical thought experiment? All right, let's say you fire your old lawyer who you never bothered paying in favor of a new lawyer who costs way less but is also way less ... competent. As in, he's sponsored by someone who never actually practiced law, barely knows how to file the correct paper work, and thinks hitting on the judge is a good idea. After a while, the judge tells you to either hire a lawyer who knows what he's MORE

Lindsay Lohan still hasn’t paid Shawn Holley

Lindsay Lohan and Shawn Holley

So remember how Lindsay Lohan swore up and down that paying lawyer Shawn Holley the $300,000+ she owed her was on the top of her to-do list? Yeah, she hasn't paid her a dime so far. I know, I can hardly believe it either. RadarOnline reports ... “Lindsay hasn’t paid Shawn Holley one dime of her outstanding huge legal bill. Lindsay figures since Shawn refused to take her back as a client, it just isn’t a priority for the troubled starlet. MORE

Judge calls Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer ‘incompetent’

Lindsay Lohan

We've been saying that Lindsay Lohan dropping Shawn Holley in favor of Mark Heller has been the biggest mistake in her entire life, and according the judge on her latest case, we were entirely right. During a court appearance today, Lindsay's new lawyer was verbally bitch-slapped by the new judge, who in no uncertain terms called him an incompetent and laid down the gauntlet: Either Lindsay gets a lawyer who knows what they're doing or she waives MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s new lawyer is a legal wiz!

Lindsay Lohan and Mark Heller

We've spent so much time reporting on how Lindsay Lohan owes even more taxes and apparently can't sue people for pointing out the fact that she went to jail (like Pitbull), we almost forgot that Lindsay is on trial and probably on her way to jail. So here's Lindsay's new lawyer, Mark Heller, trying to have the charges dropped because Lindsay wasn't read her Miranda rights. Except whoops! Turns out, legally speaking, they never had to do so MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer doesn’t know how to reach her

Lindsay Lohan

Considering Lindsay Lohan not only failed to pay Shawn Holley, one of the best lawyers out there, but fired her in favor of a guy (Mark Heller) who seems to think that lucky rabbits' feet and hitting on the judge are the way to go, you would figure that everyone to ever pass the bar exam would have agreed to never touch her. Except it turns out, Lindsay currently has another lawsuit on her hands, stemming from a 2010 incident where she hit MORE

Lindsay Lohan finally plans to pay Shawn Holley

Lindsay Lohan and Shawn Holley

Can we talk about how much of a saint Shawn Holley must be? Because she represented Lindsay Lohan for years, through major malfunction after major malfunction, apparently never got paid, and ended up getting fired for her troubles. Seriously, I'm pretty sure people have been canonized for less. Anyway, despite the fact that people have been talking for weeks about the hundreds of thousands of dollars Lindsay owes Shawn, Lindsay is only now paying MORE

Lindsay Lohan: Desperately seeking a new lawyer!

Lindsay Lohan

Since Lindsay Lohan's new lawyer, Mark Heller, basically built his case for her around lucky rabbit feet and trying to flatter the judge, it probably shouldn't be too surprising that Lindsay just realized what a colossal mistake she made, and is now shopping for a new lawyer. Except she's Lindsay, so you can bet your ass that everyone she asked to represent her nervously looked around the room, wrung their hands and went, "Oooooo, no, I can't, I MORE

Links: Lindsay Lohan’s new lawyer is a liar

Lindsay Lohan

→ Whatever: Lindsay Lohan's lawyer believes he can get her acquitted of all charges! Celebitchy → Check out how cute Amy Poehler and Adam Scott are at the Sundance Film Festival BuzzFeed → Listen: Prince reinvents himself yet again with his brand-new song "Screwdriver" StarCrush → Julia Stiles almost always goes with a smoky eye and nude lip on the red carpet Yeeeah → Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied are set to MORE

Shawn Holley is done with Lindsay Lohan for good!

Shawn Holley and Lindsay Lohan

Presumably after making sure that Lindsay Lohan was left in the best of hands --  specifically, the hands of a lawyer who used to represent Jon Gosselin and can't even practice law in L.A. without a socialite sponsoring him -- Shawn Holley has finally decided bending over backwards trying to keep a perennial trainwreck out of jail for no money is crap, and has officially given up on Lindsay. Via TMZ ... Sources connected with the case tell us MORE

Lindsay Lohan’s new lawyer sounds like a winner!

Lindsay Lohan and Max George

So remember how Lindsay Lohan fired Shawn Holley, aka the only reason she isn't currently blowing prison guards for sandwiches, and then replaced her with the guy who represented Jon Gosselin? Well, it's getting worse: turns out, Mark Heller can't actually practice law in Los Angeles, where all of Lindsay's legal trouble is, and he had to be sponsored by a socialite who hasn't practiced the law in seventeen years. In related news, Shawn was last MORE

Lindsay Lohan just fired her lawyer Shawn Holley!

Lindsay Lohan and lawyer Shawn Holley

I've been writing for PopBytes for almost three years now, and one of the things that has consistently amazed me is the talent of Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Holley. I don't know how she does it, but the woman is a certifiable legal genius. That is the only explanation for why Lindsay isn't currently bartering cigarettes for toilet paper in jail, even when she is clearly doing everything she possibly can to put herself in that situation. MORE