Lauren Conrad to open a cupcake shop?

Lauren Conrad

Yeah, I know, I'm reaching for a sixth post here. Anyway, since she's not really doing anything right now, former star of The Hills, Lauren Conrad is now going to open a cupcake shop in Los Angeles, I'm assuming because between this and the two New York Times best-selling books she's written (kill me now), Lauren is trying to destroy everything I hold dear. Word is that Lauren is scouting locations to find a perfect place to set up shop so MORE

It’s like ‘The Hills’ never ended …

Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port

Oh look, two of the whores from The Hills are fighting. Again. Honestly, it's like fucking clockwork with these people. Anyway, Whitney Port, who I thought was actually dead until this story popped up, is pissed off at Lauren Conrad, who I didn't think was dead but secretly wished she was, because Whitney thinks her show was canceled to make way for Lauren's show, which was canceled before it even made it to the air. Try and figure out how that MORE

‘The Hills’ just isn’t the same without Lauren!

hey kids! did anyone else catch the 5th season premiere of the hills last night? it's been a guilty pleasure of mine for a few years now but i was worried about the loss of main character & narrator lauren 'LC' conrad - and everything i was fretting over turned out to be true - i don't think i can deal with the show much longer - it felt really awkward without LC at the helm! as for the new girl in town kristin cavallari - who now narrates the MORE

Lauren Conrad has a green tongue!

good morning everyone! who else caught the hills last night? the show is so damn predictable (of course lauren conrad was going to get a job with BFF whitney port at people's revolution - LC simply couldn't bear being all alone at 'teen vogue' w/ lisa love!) but i totally love it! ms. conrad hit the hollywood scene last night at katsuya (another piece of the bolthouse family) with her pals brody jenner & frankie delgado and girlfriend must have MORE