lady gaga + V magazine + polaroid snapshots

good evening! here's a sneak peek at a hot new spread featuring never before seen polaroid snapshots of lady gaga in the upcoming issue of V magazine (issue #65, on sale may 11th) called flash of genius (shot by her rumored on and off again boyfriend matthew williams) The camera loves Lady Gaga, and Lady Gaga has brilliantly turned its invasive lens into yet another pop platform. Now, as the Creative Director of Polaroid, she has found a way to MORE

lady gaga & beyoncé – telephone – the poster!

i promise this will be my last post about lady gaga and beyoncé's new telephone music video (which has been viewed over nine million times on youtube already!) below is this amazing promotional (not that the video needs anymore promoting) movie poster created by joey james productions - i must have one! according to interscope they will soon be running a contest - and you can win a limited edition lithograph of the poster! i hope everyone is MORE

video fix: behind-the-scenes of ‘telephone’!

hey hey! now that practically everyone has seen the highly-anticipated telephone music video with lady gaga and beyoncé - check out this behind-the-scenes video below! although i do think the new video is totally fantastic - i still like gaga's previous effort bad romance better (which i hope wins video of the year at the next VMAs) but not matter which video you like better - you simply can't deny that gaga is definitely the most exciting MORE

lady gaga & beyoncé – telephone – the video!

UPDATE! watch a behind-the-scenes look at the making of telephone! oh happy day! it's almost here ... the music video we've all been patiently waiting for ... lady gaga and beyoncé's super hot collaboration telephone! it is supposed to premiere on E! news later tonight but i'm hoping it will leak before that - so stay tuned! for now enjoy some of the stills below - i'll post the video as soon as it pops up online! popbytes over & out for now ... MORE

how long before gaga needs ‘rest’?

here's lady gaga being escorted out of a london club ... how many drinks did girlfriend have?! because she definitely looks a bit out of it (and needed the support of two bodyguards!) i'll make a bet within a few months she'll pull a susan boyle and check into some comfy place to get some much needed rest - hopefully she'll manage to keep herself from coming unglued at the seams - she's being pulled in so many directions on a global level (she's MORE

a lobster? a chicken claw? oh, it’s just gaga!

oh what will lady gaga think of next?! i swear it seems like everyday she's got something totally crazy on (in the past few days she did huge antlers and a cam-equipped outfit) she was spotted out last night in london (after her gig at the O2 arena) grabbing a bite to eat at mr. chow's with a diamond-encrusted silver lobster philip treacy headpiece - along with a (rubber?) chicken claw dangling from her wrist - plus the dress is made of plastic MORE

lady gaga meet glee, glee meet lady gaga!

i'm freaking out over this amazing video - a blend of lady gaga's hit song bad romance and GLEE! kudos to creator mannylondon - it's so damn awesome! popbytes over & out for tonight ... xoxo BONUS PICS LADY GAGA AT THE BRIT AWARDS (LONDON, 02/16/10) PHOTOS | BAUER GRIFFIN MORE

just tip gaga over and pour her out!

earlier today i was watching a stream of the annual brit awards where lady gaga performed (a mix of telephone / dance in the dark - dedicated to the recently deceased alexander mcqueen - watch it below) and picked up three awards in all (the first international act to do so in five years - here's the full list of winners) of course girlfriend showed up in yet another crazy high fashion costume - the pic below of her arriving on the red carpet MORE

Can’t wait for Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video?

well then you need to watch this great video put together by ryan james yezak and friends - this should definitely tide you over until the real telephone video with both lady gaga & beyoncé premieres later this month (NY magazine has a sneak peek!) popbytes over & out for now ... xoxo MORE

video fix: lady gaga’s ‘speechless’ live

i can't get enough of lady gaga's song speechless (which she wrote for her father who underwent heart surgery earlier this year) she performed it live at the vevo launch party held a couple of weeks ago over in NYC - she's amazing! enjoy - xo (also check out a remix i posted of the song last week!) MORE

oh get a grip reverend fred phelps

good evening y'all! i'm not sure if everyone knows who reverend fred phelps (age 80) is ... he's in charge of the westboro baptist church - it's certainly not my kind of church (not that i go) phelps and his seventy-one freak fanatic worshipers (sixty are his own family - creepy) 'preach' nothing but hatred - i'm not one to go around knocking religion (except scientology) but this is a truly evil organization (practically anti-everything) MORE

lady gaga’s ‘speechless’ gets its remix on

good morning! i'm super excited because tonight i'm going to see lady gaga - she's doing the monster ball tour here in los angeles three nights in a row (at nokia live) i've already seen her once in concert - and she was incredible live - i know her new show is going to kick major ass! although i've had my ups & downs with her since i first interviewed her last year - right now i'm really enjoying all of her new material - at first i wasn't crazy MORE

when lady gaga met the queen (of england)

good morning! i'm dying to know what queen elizabeth II thought of lady gaga ... the two met last night over in england backstage at the 'royal variety performance' - the queen was dressed all in black - and gaga was all in decked out in a tight red latex dress - along with red crystals pasted around her eyes! i can't really imagine the queen busting a move to poker face but then again you never know! at least gaga didn't send her to the hospital MORE

lady gaga gets into the holiday spirit

good evening! it seems lady gaga is already in the holiday spirit - she was spotted in london last night leaving her hotel (the may fair) sporting a pair of white antlers (surrounded by feathers) on top of yet another crazy looking revealing outfit which appears to be made from clear thick plastic! (girlfriend must be freezing) she does have a couple of reasons to be in a festive mood right now - gaga was recently nominated for five grammy awards MORE