Announced: The ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot–with an all-female cast!


A little while back, it was announced that a third Ghostbusters movie was being made, and that it was, in fact, going to have an all-female cast. Well, the four leads have been announced–and it's pure comedy perfection: Kristen Wiig. Melissa McCarthy. Kate McKinnon. Leslie Jones. Literally, if you were to sit me down and ask me who I thought could lead a female-centric Ghostbusters movie, this is what I would go with. If they end up MORE

Official Trailer: Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2

After two teaser trailers that were essentially the exact same thing but with slightly different lines, the first real look at Anchorman 2 (due in theaters December 20th) is out, which features the original foursome plus Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) transplanted into the 80's for the sake of doing a 24-hour news network. To be honest, it looks pretty good (especially the part featuring Kristen Wiig) but honestly? I'm still feeling MORE

Trailer: Kristen Wiig’s ‘Girl Most Likely’

Kristen Wiig and Darren Criss

After the massive success of Bridesmaids a couple years back, Kristen Wiig is returning to the big screen with Girl Most Likely (July 19th), where she plays a woman who has a meltdown and moves back in with her mother. It also features her having sex with Glee star Darren Criss, which ... yeah, good call Kristen. You played your cards right on that one. I will pay to see this. MORE

Trailer: Despicable Me 2!

Despicable Me 2

Because today's news is dry as hell -- I wrote a Kim Kardashian post, I can't even -- let's just cap this day off with something nice: The brand-new trailer for Despicable Me 2 (due out July 3rd)! Now served with more funny lady Kristen Wiig! MORE

Kristen Wiig will play Lucille Bluth in her youth!

Kristen Wiig

Just in case you were wondering if the new season of Arrested Development, exclusively on Netflix, could get any better, the answer is a resounding yes, yes it can, because the amazing Kristen Wiig has been added to the cast, where she'll be playing a young Lucille Bluth. See? AMAZING. Via Vulture ... Word’s out that Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen filmed a little somethin’ for the upcoming season of Arrested Development, premiering on Netflix MORE

Kristen Wiig is named GQ’s ‘Bro of the Year’

Kristen Wiig

... And in related news, GQ doesn't know what a "bro" is. Anyway, after a year where everyone realized that hey, Kristen Wiig is actually hilariously funny, GQ has seen fit to name Kristen their Bro of the Year, and in a write-up for her entry, Jon Hamm revealed what it was like to have pretend sex with his bro on camera. So that happened. The opening bit in Bridesmaids with all the crazy sexual acrobatics was done on the very last day of MORE

Is Kristen Wiig leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Kristen Wiig

I'm just going to completely ignore the thousands of angry Internet people going "Saturday Night Live stopped being funny ten years ago!" (it didn't) and just jump straight to the meat of the story: after six years on the show, it looks like funny lady Kristen Wiig might be leaving the show in order to focus on making movies, which is probably for the best because if you look at her film resume, she's actually kind of nailing it (unlike other SNL MORE

Go see ‘Bridesmaids’!


If you're a fan of funny, you seriously need to go see Bridesmaids if you haven't already! I wasn't all that keen on seeing it but the buzz on Twitter was overwhelmingly positive and so I simply had to go see what all the fuss was about. Of course, I also happen to be a huge fan of Kristen Wiig (best known for Saturday Night Live) who totally carries the film, her funny bits are side-splitting. Bridesmaids is an R-rated comedy directed at a MORE