Kirstie Alley thinks it’s fine to attack photographers

Kirstie Alley

Over the weekend, Kanye West allegedly put a photographer in a headlock while a bunch of other photographers allegedly caught the entire thing on camera. Smart move all around, really. Anyway, Kirstie Alley decided to take it upon herself to log onto Twitter and tell everyone that they should totally take a swing at the paparazzi, because it's not like that's super illegal or anything, right? MORE

Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars: The Pairings!

Pamela Anderson

Because RuPaul is launching an All-Stars Drag Race (or is it Drag Race All-Stars? I can never get this right ...) someone over at Dancing With The Stars presumably sat down and thought, "Hey, us too!" So now we have Dancing With the Stars: All Stars, which proves that just because you awkwardly shoe-horn the word "stars" in your title twice, does not mean your show contains any stars whatsoever. The cast list via Entertainment Weekly MORE

Kirstie Alley lost 38 inches on her waist!

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

She may not have won Dancing with the Stars (who knew football players were so light on their feet?), but at least Kirstie Alley can walk away from the competition knowing she dropped 38 inches from her waistline. Oh, also she's like 60 years old and she looks twenty years younger. Straight boys, get ready for the most confusing boner of your lives. The 60-year-old actress has been noticeably shrinking week after week, but she was coy when MORE

Vote for Kirstie Alley on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Kirstie Alley

Everyone better do what the lady says ... vote for my gal Kirstie Alley on Dancing With The Stars. I've been a huge fan of hers for years now, she's such an amazing comedic actress (she won an Emmy in fact for Cheers) and I just love her free spirt. When I first heard she was going to be on DWTS, I was a bit worried that she wouldn't be able to bring her special brand of magic to the dance floor, but she's actually doing amazing, even with her MORE

Kirstie Alley’s shoe came off on the dance floor!

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

So Kirstie Alley returned to Dancing With The Stars again this week after her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy's legs nearly goddamn broke last time, and for the most part, she actually did a really good job (so far, she's actually been pretty consistently good this season). Unfortunately, once again she ended up messing up a bit after she lost her shoe, but to her credit she bounced back surprisingly fast. What can I say? I'm rooting for her, along MORE

Kirstie Alley fall down go boom!

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

So last night, our fearless leader, MK, was at the taping of Dancing With The Stars, which means he got an in person look at Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy's (did I spell that right?) epic fall. Long story short, they were doing a rumba routine, and for various reasons that I'm sure you're thinking but I won't say out loud, Maksim's legs gave out like a pair of breadsticks while he was lifting her across the floor. In all fairness, they MORE

Surgeries, drugs and secrets: Dancing With The Stars?!

Star Magazine

That's the main cover story of this week's issue of Star magazine! They're targeting three of my favorite contestants, Kirstie Alley (there's info below on her first marriage), Kendra Wilkinson, and Wendy Williams. Kirstie and Kendra have been great so far, but Wendy could definitely use a bit more practice time perfecting those tricky dance moves. This coming Monday (April 4th), thanks to my pal @SmrtMnky, I'll be attending a live taping of the MORE

kirstie alley’s diet scrapbook + more!

hey hey! who else has been watching kirstie alley's big life on A&E? it's hysterical - i've always been a huge fan of ms. alley - she really does make me laugh! below she's being featured on the latest cover of ladies home journal looking pretty darn fabulous and it definitely seems like she lost some weight (again) check out the extra photos including a look back at her fluctuating weight through the years from 1982 all the way up to 2007! i'd MORE

video fix: kirstie alley’s big life

good evening! one of my favorite people in the entire universe is all set to star in a brand new reality series - kirstie alley's big life - which will chronicle ms. alley's kooky everyday life with her two kids and twenty-five animals (girlfriend puts my zoo to shame!) along with her seemingly never-ending battle with weight gain and loss! i've loved this woman for years - she's totally hysterical (please just go rent deconstructing harry, she's MORE

kirstie alley weighing in at 240lbs collapsed

oh no! there's more drama being featured on the cover of the latest national enquirer for one of my favorite people kirstie alley - who hasn't called jenny craig for months now! apparently she collapsed (while weighing in at a supposed 240lbs) but luckily her pals rushed to her side - girlfriend is going to need to find a way to shave off some pounds - i'd love to see her work again (the last thing i remember her doing was fat actress which was MORE

kirstie alley – fired for being too fat!

good evening! tonight i've got the latest national enquirer which is featuring kirstie alley once again - this time she has been fired for being too fat - she used to be the spokesperson for jenny craig but you may have noticed recently queen latifah has taken over for ms. alley! i've admitted before that i'm a huge fan of kirstie's work - but you certainly can't be representing a weight loss solution when you can't stick to the plan yourself - i MORE

kirstie alley is fat again

hey hey! i've also got the latest cover of national enquirer featuring a hefty kirstie alley - which doesn't surprise me - old habits die hard! i guess jenny craig helped her take off the weight but she isn't helping to keep it off! i do adore ms. alley - she's very funny & talented (you must rent deconstructing harry - she's great in it!) i'd love to see her do more work but i guess some TV executives think she's too plump for the boob tube! in MORE