Ray J leaks his sex life with Kim Kardashian

Ray J and Kim Kardashian

HA! Get it? Because the only reason Kim Kardashian is famous is because Ray J peed on her in a sex tape that she sold herself because she's an opportunistic cretin? Oh, I am good sometimes ... anyway, Ray J is the latest celebrity who thinks that an ability to do something entirely removed from writing somehow means he can write, which means he's going to (get a ghostwriter to) pen his autobiography in which he discusses how Kim loves the black MORE

The Kardashians are being sued over QuickTrim

Kim and Khloé Kardashian

Stop me if you've heard this one before: the Kardashian family was paid to endorse a product that either doesn't work or completely screws over the user, and then everyone was all like "wait, this product is bullshit!" and then the Kardashians get sued for trying to pimp out a useless product. Oh, wait, you have heard this one before? Well, what if I told you that instead of a credit card for teenage girls that will send them to the poor house, MORE

Jeremy Lin isn’t dating Kim Kardashian

Jeremy Lin and Kim Kardashian

Because you can't be a successful athlete without someone claiming that you're doing Kim Kardashian (that someone is Kim) Jeremy Lin had to shoot down rumors that he's dating Kim. The best part? His reasoning is she isn't even his type. So if you need another reason to love Jeremy, he doesn't go for the whole "attention-seeking famewhore" type. And I found the perfect man. USA Today reports: In it, the single, 23-year old Harvard graduate MORE

Khloe Kardashian asked Kim to be her surrogate?

Khloé and Kim Kardashian

I used to think that Khloé Kardashian would be a good mother because as far as I could tell she was probably the least money and attention hungry out of the Kardashian whorebeast clan. Except now Kim Kardashian is claiming that Khloé asked her to be a surrogate mother, and now I'm starting to think I might have been wrong, because who would willingly put anything in Kim's vagina unless they wanted to watch it dissolve into a screaming puddle? MORE

Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush: Back on?

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

Remember when Kim Kardashian made the whole "I'll never date another football player" thing, which had nothing to do with the fact that the Super Bowl was happening, and I called her a lying liar who tells lies for attention because she's a morally corrupt famewhore? Well, score one for me, because it looks like she's back together with her football player ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. See how that works? TMZ reports: Kim Kardashian has reunited MORE

Kim Kardashian finally agrees not to have herself on TV

Kim Kardashian

For those of you who never thought they would see the day where Kim Kardashian would refuse to air part of her private life on reality television for money and attention: well, congrats on being alive I guess. I reported yesterday that Kim and Kris Humphries' divorce could potentially be aired since the footage of it would have been legally deemed public property. But for once, Kim has refused to air her personal business in order to get more MORE

Kim Kardashian & LeAnn Rimes: Church buddies?

LeAnn Rimes and Kim Kardashian

Despite the fact that one faked a marriage for money and attention and the other cheated on her husband to sleep with another woman's husband, it seems Kim Kardashian and LeAnn Rimes have become church buddies and might start a Bible study group. Because, why not? We've made plenty of other attention-starved, money-grubbing con artists into televangelists, why not these ones? TooFab reports: The stars had lunch together Friday in Calabasas MORE

‘Kim’s Fairytale Divorce’ could be a thing!

Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian

So back around the middle of October, I joked about how E! would start putting together a new special called Kim's Fairytale Divorce sometime in the spring, because ha ha! Laughable! Turns out, I may have totally been right. Thanks to a weird legal loophole, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' divorce trial could be legally public, which means that there's a very good chance the famewhore herself could turn it all into one big reality TV special, MORE

Kim Kardashian is done dating football players?

Kim Kardashian

In case you needed any further proof that Kim Kardashian is a lying whorebeast, aside from anything and everything she's ever done ever, here's the most damning piece of evidence you can think of: after rumors circulated that she was dating football star Mark Sanchez, Kim claimed that she would never date another football player ever again, which I think means she's banging one as I type this. And chances are she'll be banging a different one by MORE

Joanna Krupa vs. The Kardashians

Joanna Krupa and The Kardashians

I'm not sure who Joanna Krupa is, although if you have a thing for tig ol' bitties, you probably do. Anyway, Joanna is not only a fan of having giant naturals, but she's an anti-fur advocate, and is going so far as to start a petition against the Kardashians to stop them from selling fur in their stores, especially since some of them have already done PETA ads against fur. Yeah, the Kardashians are hypocrites. In related news, cake is delicious MORE

Kim Kardashian is dating Mark Sanchez now?

Kim Kardashian and Mark Sanchez

After Kim Kardashian gave the whole "beg the world for pity" thing a try only to have it completely not work, Kim has decided that the hell with it, she's just going to find some another professional athlete to stick his penis in her. So here come the reports about how Kim is now doing it with football star Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets. Probably because at this point, he's probably the only New York Jet that she hasn't banged. RadarOnline MORE

Kim Kardashian has it so hard!

Kim Kardashian

In a move that I'm sure doesn't coincide at all with the finale of her latest TV show, Kim Kardashian has decided to play the victim card, as Life & Style tunes the world's tiniest violin in order to show just how hard it is for her to make millions of dollars by doing nothing at all. Yes, I'm sure the world feels super bad for her, what with the whole faking a marriage in order to swindle the people out of millions. How so very hard it is MORE

Kim Kardashian is starting a Bible study group?

Kim Kardashian

Now that Kim Kardashian has ended her new show where she spends an entire season breaking up with Kris Humphries because he isn't black the man she thought he was, Kim has decided to spend all her time convincing America she isn't an attention-starved whore-beast who will do anything for money and attention by tweeting about how she's going to start a Bible study group. You know, because she loves Jesus! And attention! But mostly MORE

Kim Kardashian: I failed at marriage!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

So as Kim Kardashian tried to pull a last-minute Hail Mary on her show to try and convince everyone that she's actually capable of feeling emotions and that her whole 72-day scam marriage was actually just a 72-day really stupid marriage, Kim decided to spray on some of those fake tears (the same ones Chris Brown used to make everyone forget he nearly killed Rihanna and left her for dead) and told the camera about how sorry she is for all of MORE