Kim Kardashian denies doing nothing in Haiti!

Kim Kardashian

What, did you think Kim Kardashian using child labor to peddle her shoddy, ugly merchandise would be the worst story about Kim today? HA! Bitch please. It gets even worse! So after a story ran in the National Enquirer about how Kim did eff-all in Haiti, other than stay in the lap of luxury during the trip while avoiding those icky things like "work" and "the less fortunate people", Kim has gone on the offensive, claiming that she actually just MORE

Kim Kardashian products are made by kids?

Kim Kardashian

Has anyone noticed that whenever anyone asks Kim Kardashian what she does, she always says she's a business executive? Which is hilarious because she has all the business acumen of a moonshiner. Anyway, it looks like someone may be taking her to task for her "business executive" credentials, because Star magazine (via RadarOnline) is reporting that Kim is selling and endorsing products and lines made in sweatshops by child laborers. Ummm ... MORE

Surprise! Kim Kardashian is a selfish douchebag!

KIm Kardashian

Remember how there was a whole big stink about whether or not Kim Kardashian should give back all her wedding gifts because it turned out her fake sham wedding that barely even cleared the two-month mark? And then she was all like "I won't give any of them back, but I will donate all the money to charity!" Well, it turns out by "charity" she meant "Rolex watches for my family." What a douche. OK! magazine reports: Though etiquette called for MORE

5 Things Wrong with the Kardashian Kristmas Kard!

The Kardashian Kristmas Kard

Because it wouldn't be Christmas without the Kardashians releasing an off-putting Christmas card while bastardizing the English language with enough K's to make a white supremacist jizz in his pants, here's the 2011 version of the family's Kristmas Kard. I actually thought this was originally a still from American Horror Story, but then I realized that no one was dead (sadly) so clearly that wasn't the case. Oh well ... here are five things wrong MORE

Kris Humphries calls Kim’s shows fake!

Khloé, Lamar, Kim, and Kris

Why is it news when people call Kim Kardashian's shows fake? I mean seriously, at this point, that's like freaking out because someone called The Simpsons a cartoon. Just ... gah. Anyway, Kris Humphries is reportedly telling everyone that Kim's show is fake, and is citing a moment where Kim mysteriously finds her missing earring IN THE OCEAN as a prime example. And it turns out, Khloé Kardashian is the only good egg, which once again: Well d'uh. MORE

Barbara Walters tells it like it is!

The Kardashians

When Barbara Walters announced that the Kardashians were on her list of the most fascinating people of 2011, I initially thought that the poor lady had just gone bonkers after years of being forced to sit next to Elisabeth Hasselbeck and praying for death. Well, turns out I may have underestimated the spunky lass. Turns out, it was all an elaborate ruse to lure the reality famewhore to her so that she could call them all untalented to their MORE

Barbara Walters & Janice Dickinson hate the Kardashians!

Barbara Walters, Janice Dickison and the Kardashians

As we reported earlier, Barbara Walters included the Kardashians on her list of the most fascinating people of 2011, because someone on her staff must have mistaken "fascinating" for "boring but also inhumane". Anyway, it turns out she filmed her interview with them back in September because they swore up and down nothing major would change between then and now. So of course, because the gang of famewhores said this, it was completely untrue and MORE

Kim Kardashian gives back to Haiti (but not really)

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

As a ploy to make her seem like a generous and giving person (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no she isn't) Kris Jenner took Kim Kardashian down to Haiti so that the two of them could give back to those whose lives were destroyed by natural disasters. Oh, wait, I fudged that one up, let me try that again: Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian went down to Haiti and did eff-all to help the people, and instead just whored it up for the cameras which I'm sure the MORE

Does Kim Kardashian even know what Megaupload is?

Kim Kardashian

Just in case you've never been on the web before, there's still a huge legal shitstorm brewing between file sharing sites and record labels over illegal downloads of copyrighted music because blah blah blah money and legal jargon, I don't care. Point is, record labels hate sites like Megaupload. So major artists are lending support to the service by starring in a video (posted below), including Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, and ... MORE

How much would you pay to be by Kim Kardashian?

KIm Kardashian

Remember back when Kim Kardashian was on "media lockdown"? Yeah, that turned out great, didn't it? Only Kim can lock herself in a house and still somehow manage to unleash a steady stream of lies and slutty pictures. No prison can hold her! Anyway, her next stop on the "remind the world why I'm an evil scag" tour is a New Year's Eve hosting gig down in Las Vegas, where she's charging people $20K just to sit at a table near her. RadarOnline MORE

The Kardashians have a nail polish line?

Kardashian Nail Polish

Ho ho sluts! Just in time for the Christmas season comes the perfect gift for that special person in your life you wish death upon. It's the Kardashian nail polish line from OPI! Because when you think of class and sophistication ... well, you don't actually think of the Kardashians. But when you think "bargain bin products that appeal to the lowest common denominator", you sure as hell think of the Kardashians! Just read all the fun, sassy names MORE

Kim Kardashian called Khloe a troll!

Kim and Khloé Kardashian

Much like the minotaur she actually is, you should never try and waken a sleeping Kim Kardashian, otherwise she will chase you through her labyrinth and gore you on her horns. Why did I use a random monster reference to describe Kim? Well, first off because Kim is, in fact, a monster, and also because Kim ended up freaking out on Khloé Kardashian, after she woke her up early, by calling her a troll, even though Kim looks like something that MORE

The Kardashians are fascinating?

The Kardashians

It's time for Barbara Walters to roll out the names of the people she considered fascinating this year, and once again, the lady set the bar so low you'd have to dig into the freaking mantle just to find it. That's just what happens when you categorize the Kardashians as "fascinating", rather than "useless" or "annoying" or "according to Darwinism, you should all be dead like five times over by now." Yahoo News reports: Despite fallout MORE

Kim Kardashian: Domestic abuser?

Kim Kardashian

So during the premiere episode of Kim and Kourtney Take New York, famewhore Kim Kardashian apparently took a playful swing at Kris Humphries after he accidentally stepped on her toe. And now, we enter into some weird moral territory about whether or not this constitutes domestic abuse. From The Huffington Post: Are people quick to defend her because she is physically smaller and weaker than her husband therefore he should be able to "take it?" MORE