Ke$ha is off to rehab


Last night TMZ broke the news that Ke$ha has entered rehab for the next month to deal with an unspecified eating disorder. She'll be staying at Timberline Knolls outside of Chicago, the same place that Demi Lovato went to deal with her issues. She told TMZ, "I'm a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself, but I've found it hard to practice. I'll be unavailable for the next 30 days, seeking treatment for my eating disorder ... to learn to MORE

Ke$ha’s face looks … different?

Ke$ha "Dirty Love"

Here's the music video for Ke$ha's new single, "Dirty Love," which apparently featured Iggy Pop at some point, but then she was all like "Nah, let's just pour beer and glitter on The Horsewoman of Pestilence." Except as some people are saying, Ke$ha's face looks ... slightly different. Specifically the nose. Although for all we know, either someone contoured her nose down, or they finally took a squeegee to the inch-thick layer of grime, dirt, MORE

TGIF! Ke$ha electrocuted her vagina!


It's Friday, and this weekend is the Northbound Leather Fashion Show which we've got tickets for, so I'm just going to close out for the weekend the only way I know how: Ke$ha electrocuting her vagina while doing something she was in no way adequately trained to do. Canoe reports ... Sparks fly when the "Die Young" singer grinds the custom-made metal chastity belt she wears on stage with a handheld band saw, and she almost went too far during MORE

Ke$ha and Pitbull Team Up On “Timber”

Pitbull "Timber" featuring Ke$ha

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in the pop music community, that means one thing – a collaboration with Pitbull. It's the kind of last ditch effort that's salvaged the floundering careers of divas Jennifer Lopez ("On the Floor," "Live It Up") and Christina Aguilera ("Feel This Moment") and now it seems Ke$ha, who is most certainly a pop damsel-in-distress, is hoping for similar success. And with the recently released, Dr. MORE

Help save Ke$ha from Dr. Luke!

Ke$ha and Dr. Luke

It's time to take to the streets, pop music lovers! A petition to save pop star Ke$ha from the nefarious mega-hit producer Dr. Luke has recently hit the web, and I can't think of a cause more important! Who's Dr. Luke you ask? He's the man who made her famous, of course! From "TiK ToK" to "Die Young," he's had a hand in crafting some of her biggest hits (along with everyone else's), but the 'Animals' have had enough. According to the MORE

Video: Here’s Ke$ha drinking her own pee!


Fun fact: Until All In The Family did it in 1971, a toilet flushing was never even heard on TV. And just to show you how far we've come, here's a clip from MTV's docu-series Ke$ha: My Crazy, Beautiful Life wherein the title star pees in a bottle and drinks it because there's a camera in her face and what else is she supposed to do? Entertain her audience with empathetic characters in real-life situations? HA! That's funny! No, Ke$ha has to drink MORE

Five ridiculous looks at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards!


I’m incredibly aware of the banality of The MTV Movie Awards in 2013, but I can’t stop myself from watching. It’s like passing a car accident. MTV has the unique ability to highlight the true gems of our society, so here is just a taste of what we saw tonight. Ke$ha On anyone else, this would be an utter train wreck. Don’t get me wrong, this look is a disaster but we have to look at the context of who’s wearing it. Ke$ha has worn MORE

Ke$ha drank her own pee? Yeah, that sounds right.


So Ke$ha drank her own pee. I don't even have a joke for this one, mostly because this makes so much sense I'm amazed we don't already have pictures of her mixing her own urine with vodka and butter ripple schnapps (with her toothbrush) in a shaker. TMZ reports ... The 25-year-old said her journalist brother filmed the doc over the last 2-and-a-half years, claiming, "He got all the things you would want to see and all the things you wouldn’t MORE

Video: Ke$ha’s “C’Mon”

Ke$ha "C'Mon"

After her last single, "Die Young," was given an unceremonious burial following the events at Newtown, Ke$ha decided that her best option would be to release a single with depth and substance, one that was honest and smart and didn't pander to- Oh who are we kidding, it's another song about how cool it is to be reckless asshole and how it's okay to trash other people's stuff, just as long as you're having fun. Three cheers for completely ignoring MORE

PopBytes’ Top Ten Favorite Albums of 2012!

Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart

Without any intro or further ado, I finally present to you my top ten favorite albums of 2012! Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart It certainly hasn't been a secret that Marina and the Diamonds would once again land on the top of my list. Her stunning debut album, The Family Jewels, topped my list back in 2010. Although I probably still prefer Jewels over Electra Heart, her sophomore effort comes in right behind it! Every track on the MORE

Ke$ha is pretty much full of it


Ever since Ke$ha's hit single "Die Young" was pulled from the airwaves since no one wants to hear about dying young after the Newtown tragedy, Ke$ha has been doing everything in her power to avoid taking any sort of culpability. First, she claimed that she had been forced to sing the lyrics, then a video was brought up where Ke$ha claims that she wrote the song herself, and now here she is on her own website sort of settling in the middle of MORE

Ke$ha claims she was forced to sing “Die Young”


In the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy, Ke$ha's track "Die Young" was pulled from the airwaves because, well, it was a song called "Die Young." Did they not see why that was kinda dark? Well, Ke$ha took to Twitter to apologize for the song, and take responsibility for releasing a song that could be seen as tactless. No, not really, she actually claimed that she had been forced to sing the song but those tweets have now been deleted. Via HuffPo MORE

Ke$ha’s “Die Young” has plummeted off the charts


To the surprise of the five people who didn't see any problem with writing a song glorifying dying at an early age, it turns out Ke$ha's song, "Die Young," is falling out of grace in light of the Newtown tragedy. Let this be a lesson everyone: there's nothing cool or edgy about death, so cut this crap out, please. TMZ reports ... "Die Young" clocked in at #3 on the radio playlists on Friday (the day of the shooting) ... reaching 167 million MORE

Giveaway: Ke$ha’s ‘Warrior’

Ke$ha Warrior

WINNERS: @diamondcarol27 @MelissaTippie @mcjunkie Hey hey! A few days ago Ke$ha dropped her highly-anticipated sophomore album Warrior (featuring the hit single "Die Young"), and it turned out to be a super tight release (with the help of oh so sexy pop producer Dr. Luke), I fell in love with the album instantly (she needs to make "Crazy Kids" a single, it's an amazing song), it will most likely be making my top favorite albums of 2012 MORE