Katy Perry’s PRISM was deemed a biohazard in Australia

Katy Perry

For those of you who don't know, Australia has a pretty long history of being overprotective of their agricultural industry. Long story short, Australia introduced the cane toad to their ecosystem once, it ended up becoming a national pest ... it was pretty bad. So now they're pretty protective about their agriculture, to the point where Katy Perry's latest album, PRISM, has been named -- I swear to gawd -- a biohazard. HuffPo explains this MORE

Katy Perry has the highest following on Twitter!

Katy Perry

Because this is apparently a thing that people care about, Katy Perry has surpassed Justin Bieber as the most followed person on Twitter. Aaaaaaaaaaand cue the death threats from Beliebers who have no clear concept of reality, because how dare you be more popular than the thing they like? That makes it okay for them to threaten your life! Gossip Cop reports ... The “Roar” singer currently has 46,556,467 followers, while The Biebs is at MORE

Katy Perry: You don’t always have to use your sexy card

Katy Perry

It used to be that a pop star getting naked was something people got excited about. Seriously, remember when Britney Spears did "I'm A Slave 4 U" back in 2001 at the MTV VMAs and everyone completely lost their sh!t? Now that would barely get a half-glance and a passing "yeah, that's pretty cool I guess." Point is, pop star nudity isn't bad, but singers rely on it so often now that it's gotten boring. Anyway, Katy Perry has taken it upon herself MORE

Katy Perry and friends dazzled at the Hollywood Bowl!

Katy Perry

Last night I was super lucky to attend the Citi Presents Katy Perry's We Can Survive show (benefiting the Youth Survival Coalition) at the famed Hollywood Bowl, which turned out to be one of the best concerts I've seen in awhile, it was a truly magical (and chilly) evening. The night started out early with a very special VIP pre-event that kicked off around 5pm with Katy Perry doing an intimate acoustic set along with a Q+A session. Fans MORE

Photos: Katy Perry’s iHeartRadio PRISM release party!

Katy Perry

Last night Katy Perry christened the brand-new Los Angeles iHeartRadio venue in Burbank with a swanky release party for her new album, PRISM. The party was streamed live on Yahoo Screen but in case you missed out, the festivities will be televised this coming Friday (October 25th) on The CW Network at 9pm! I would have loved to been at the party last night but I can't complain at all since I'll be attending Katy's We Can Survive (presented by MORE

Giveaway: Katy Perry’s new album PRISM

Katy Perry

WINNERS: @DanielAPfister @jay_resnick @Godven Katy Perry's brand-new, third studio album PRISM (iTunes) is finally here! I've been totally obsessed with the album, which is surprising because just a few years ago, I wasn't a fan at all but everything has changed since then. PRISM is definitely a worthy follow-up to one of the best (and most successful) pop albums ever, Teenage Dream, it's packed with potential hits and it's quite clear MORE

Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” lyric video

Katy Perry "Uncondtionally"

Just the other day we had our first listen to Katy Perry's new single, "Unconditionally," and now here's the recently released lyric video! It's the second official single off of PRISM which is due out on Tuesday (pre-order on iTunes), but you can stream the entire album on Katy's website right now. Without a doubt, Katy is going to score herself yet another number one hit with "Unconditionally," it's already impacting radio so get ready to be MORE

Listen: Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally”

Katy Perry "Unconditionally"

Here's your first listen to Katy Perry's second official single off Prism, the midtempo power ballad "Unconditionally" (produced by Dr. Luke and Cirkut). Plan on getting used to hearing this track, it will definitely be a massive hit for Ms. Perry. "Unconditionally" also happens to be Katy's personal favorite track off her new album (releasing next week), which she told us at her Los Angeles listening party last month. For Prism's third single, I MORE

Katy Perry nailed “Walking on Air” on SNL

Katy Perry

After getting back from seeing a truly fantastic show put on by Pet Shop Boys last night, I tuned into the end of Saturday Night Live (with host Bruce Willis) just in time to catch Katy Perry's second performance. After taking on "Roar," she decided to go with "Walking On Air," which is without a doubt one of my favorite tracks (inspired by the likes of CeCe Peniston and Crystal Waters) off her upcoming album, Prism (due out 10/22), and MORE

Katy Perry goes 90′s retro for “Walking On Air”

Katy Perry "Walking On Air"

Katy Perry released a brand-new cut last night off her upcoming third studio album, Prism (due out on October 22nd), and if you were so much as a fetus at some point in the 90's, this should bring back some memories. Katy apparently decided to delve into some House / New Jack Swing (think CeCe Peniston and C+C Music Factory) for "Walking On Air," (produced by Klas Åhlund) so if you have a fondness for the era where Friends was a thing and people MORE

Whore: A parody of Katy Perry’s “Roar” w/ Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner

If you can't stand Kris Jenner (which I assume is pretty much everybody these days), then this hysterical brand-new parody from Charlie Hides TV will be right up your alley. It's a twist on Katy Perry's hit song, "Roar," mixed in with Miley Cyrus' latest single "Wrecking Ball," and it is hilarious! MORE

Katy Perry gets the wax treatment …

Katy Perry

I'm really not sure what to make of this new Teenage Dream era wax figure of Katy Perry that was unveiled at Madame Tussauds wax museum in NYC. It's certainly not the worst waxy doppelgänger ever (that distinction still belongs to both Lindsay Lohan and LeAnn Rimes), but something about Katy's wax twin is off, especially the body plus the blue wig looks like a cheap replica. The Candyland themed wax figure of Katy Perry is unveiled at MORE

Listen: Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”

Katy Perry "Dark Horse"

As Katy Perry promised, here's the second preview track off her highly-anticipated third studio album Prism (out on 10/22), called "Dark Horse," which is now available on iTunes! The Dr. Luke and Max Martin produced track features Memphis rapper Juicy J, and is a dark thumper that's completely opposite of Prism's lead single, "Roar." Still no word on what will be the album's official second single, yet Katy will be offering up the track "Walking MORE

Remix: Katy Perry’s “Roar” (Jump Smokers)

Katy Perry "Roar" (Jump Smokers Remix)

So, yes I've been on a Katy Perry kick as of late if you haven't already noticed! She retweeted this great dance remix of her number one single, "Roar," crafted by Jump Smokers. It's quite good and gives the song a whole new spin, have a listen for yourself below. Plus if you haven't already checked out my thoughts on hearing Prism at Katy's Los Angeles listening party the other night, don't miss out! MORE