Kate Winslet received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame!

Kate Winslet

It’s not a bad week to be Kate Winslet. This weekend, the Hollywood legend will be tackling her first ever villainous role in Divergent, the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the blockbuster YA book series by Veronica Roth. But the release of that film won’t be the only reason that Winslet will be celebrating. Amongst her numerous accolades, Winslet has won an Academy Award, an Emmy, a Grammy, three Golden Globes, two BAFTA Film MORE

Film Review: Labor Day

Labor Day

Kate Winslet is no stranger to playing complex, multi-layered characters. In her new film, Labor Day, the Academy Award winner takes on the role of Adele, an aggressively agoraphobic single mom who lives with her tween son, Henry (Gattlin Griffith). Not only can she not lift a finger without her hands shaking, she also only leaves her house once a month to pick up groceries and supplies from a local convenience store. And by astutely observing MORE

Kate Winslet married Ned RocknRoll

Kate Winslet and Ned RockNRoll

We got word today that Kate Winslet (37) married fellow Brit Ned RocknRoll (34) earlier this month, and yes, that's his real name, after he legally changed it from Abel Smith. This new union marks Kate's third (and hopefully final) trip down the aisle. Slow clap. SLOW. CLAP HUNTY. Us Weekly reports ... Academy Award winner Kate Winslet has wed Ned RocknRoll in a secret ceremony, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. The Titanic actress, 37, MORE

Exclusive: ‘The Golden Hat: Talking Back to Autism’

The Golden Hat: Talking Back to Autism

When her son was only 10-years-old, Icelandic mother Margret Ericsdottir was told that her child had a severe form of nonverbal autism. Medical professionals informed her that Keli, her son, would never be able to communicate with another human being and should be institutionalized for the rest of his life. Unwilling to give up on her child, Margret set forth on a mission to help Keli learn how to communicate. To help raise awareness of her MORE

Kate Winslet hates ‘My Heart Will Go On’

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio

Remember when Titanic came out something like fifteen years ago (1997), it was boring as hell and overwrought, taking nearly three hours for the ship to even sink, then someone gave Celine Dion the most over-emotive song they could find and made her stretch each and every note far beyond its welcome? Well, Kate Winslet hated all of that too, almost as much as you did! The Daily Mail reports: Kate Winslet told MTV News: 'I feel like throwing up MORE

Review: Carnage


Carnage Goes For The Jugular … And The Funny Bone Adapting theater to cinema is never an easy task. With theater, there’s a degree of intimacy that film lacks. When the actors hit the stage, they don’t get to have multiple takes of a scene. When a scene is over, it’s really done. If they flub a line or trip over a prop, there is no re-shoot option. And the audience gets to experience the story simultaneously with the MORE

Kate Winslet’s ‘What If’ was an amazing song!

Kate Winslet

CAUTION: Things are about to become very personal in here. In fact, if you have my phone number, you’ll probably delete it from your contacts list after reading this. Consider yourself warned. For my fifteenth birthday, my mother bought me a karaoke machine. It was that kind that played any song by lowering the existing vocals and amplifying the instrumentals. You know. As karaoke machines do. Naturally, I decided to use this MORE

Trailer: Roman Polanski’s ‘Carnage’


Director Roman Polanski promises another wham packed entry into his cannon of notable works with his take no prisoners Carnage. Polanski worked on the script while under house arrest in 2010 with Yasmina Reza, adapted from Reza’s Tony award-winning play God of Carnage. Academy Award-winners Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and Oscar nominee John C. Reilly comprise the only players in the dark comedy, about two adult couples who meet MORE

Kate Winslet started an “Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League”

Kate Winslet

Let me just start off by saying that I really like Kate Winslet. She's an amazing actress (I still consider her acting in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the best I've ever seen) and she's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. But now she's going to war against cosmetic surgery, even going so far as saying that she joined with Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson to form an Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League, complete with the lamest super powers ever. The MORE

‘Titanic’ to be shown in 3D!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet - Titanic

Fans of the uber Oscar-winning blockbuster Titanic (starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) will be pleased with the recent announcement that the romantic melodrama will be released in 3D on April 6th, 2012, in commemoration of the 100 year mark since the original sinking on April 10th, 1912. Director James Cameron made the date public in a statement that has come a year and half after the original idea to redo Titanic in 3D was made public. MORE

Kate Winslet. Nude. ‘Nuff said.

Kate Winslet

So Kate Winslet's new ad for Lancôme hit the web recently, and it features her writhing around on the floor naked and you're not even reading this because you've already scrolled down and clicked on the video shot by Mario Testino, haven't you? I could literally write anything here and no one would be the wiser, would they? All right, fine. Until I was nineteen, I thought that line in You Oughta Know about the cross she bears actually went 'the MORE

Kate Winslet stuns on the cover of Vogue UK!

Kate Winslet

Damn! Doesn't Kate Winslet look amazing on the cover of April's Vogue (UK) magazine?! She looks great with that sassy blonde hair but I'm assuming it's a wig? The stunning cover was shot by none other than famed photographer Mario Testino (who recently shot Britney Spears for V magazine). Hands down, Kate is one of my favorite actresses (ever since 1994's Heavenly Creatures), and I'm super excited for her upcoming HBO mini-series beginning March MORE

Kate Winslet is in love!

It looks like Kate Winslet is totally over her divorce from director Sam Mendes, she has moved on and is now dating British male model Louis Dowler! The couple (both 34-years-old) stepped out in Madrid last night - they look great together! In other Winslet news, I seriously can't wait for Mildred Pierce, a five-part miniseries coming to HBO next spring - director Todd Haynes' take on the classic depression-era drama! You might have seen the MORE

Kate Winslet’s hollywood life …

good evening y'all! oh tomorrow is going to be a big long day...the oscar nominations will be announced (by the lovely salma hayek) at 5:30am (los angeles time) and i'm going to try to bust out of my bed around then so i can watch beyonce get snubbed live (i'm sorry girl but i just don't think you're going to make the cut but i still love ya) for me the most pleasant surprise would be to see the amazing and wickedly talented laura dern nab a best MORE