Justin Bieber’s phone is in police custody and he’s worried!

Justin Bieber

So apparently, when the police were raiding Justin Bieber's stupidly huge unearned house the other day, they confiscated his phone as evidence. Well, like all young stupid people, his phone is apparently just teeming with damaging information, and now Justin's worried that the cops might find / leak nude pictures and incriminating texts. TMZ reports ... Law enforcement sources tell us ... when they searched Justin's house Tuesday, they seized MORE

Lil Za got arrested again while under arrest. Genius.

Lil Za

So it's pretty much safe to assume that Lil Za has become the designated fall guy for Justin Bieber's latest marvelous f**k-up of causing $20,000 in property damage. Yesterday, Lil Za was arrested for possession of drugs, and was arrested a second time -- IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS FIRST ARREST --  after he smashed a phone. Or in terms the internet can better understand, yo dawg! I heard you like taking the fall, so we put a felony in your felony so MORE

Joel McHale slams Justin Bieber

Joel McHale Slams Justin Bieber

Cutie Joel McHale stopped by Conan O'Brien's talk show this evening and chimed in about Justin Bieber's latest egg tossing vandalism drama. Of course we all know by now the police raided his Calabasas home this morning and also arrested his BFF Lil Za for drug possession. They're both total idiotic losers and Joel says out loud what we've all been thinking, catch the video below! MORE

BUSTED: Justin Bieber got raided, Lil Za got arrested!

Justin Bieber and Lil Za

So ... remember how Justin Bieber egged his neighbor's house and caused tens of thousands of dollars in property damage? Yeah, well, his neighbor really wasn't about to take that one sitting down, and so the police got a search warrant to enter his home, and are now looking for anything that could tie him to the incident. Oh, and in the interim they arrested one of Justin's best friends, Lil Za for cocaine possession. TMZ reports ... Justin MORE

Justin Bieber’s egging prank caused $20,000 in damages?

Justin Bieber

Wow, can you believe it? In all the hype over the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, I completely forgot that Justin Bieber is a huge jerk! Weird how that happens. Anyway, yeah, Justin is a huge jerk and that egging prank he pulled on his neighbor last week apparently caused approximately $20,000 worth in damage. Guess who's looking at a potential felony charge? TMZ reports ... TMZ broke the story ... Justin was caught on video egging his neighbor's MORE

Justin Bieber egged his neighbor’s house?

Justin Bieber

Remember when Justin Bieber was just lesbian-haired little boy constantly being pushed on the world by a team of yes-men? And then apparently, Bieber was like "Yeah, I'm rich and I get everything I want, but what if I was also a huge asshole?" I guess dreams really do come true! Anyway, for his latest douche stunt, Justin decided to egg his neighbors house, thoroughly freaking out the guy's daughter (I'm guessing she's not a Belieber anymore). MORE

Selena Gomez can’t quit Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Oh lordy, here we go again ... the other day there were reports that Selena Gomez was hanging out with her old flame Justin Bieber again and now it looks like the two might actually be back together. Justin posted the above picture to his Instagram account with the caption, "Love the way you look at me." I really thought Selena was totally done with Justin, but obviously girlfriend can't stay away. Selena recently cancelled the Australian and MORE

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez might be together again

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

I'm not even going to pretend I know what's going on between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, although I will say that she can do SO much better, and yet for some reason it's like she refuses to. Either way, apparently they're possibly back on again, as they were spotted by TMZ riding their segways around Justin's neighborhood. Yeah, segways. I know it's not like he got down on a knee and popped the question, but it's ... something. Our MORE

Justin Bieber has a new pet to abandon!

Justin Bieber's New Puppy Karma

Justin Bieber doesn't have what you would call the best track record with pets: He auctioned off a snake he used as an accessory, he dumped a gerbil off on a fan only to have it die a short time after, and he abandoned a pet monkey in Germany because he is the devil. Well, since Justin has a team of yes-men around him at all times so he never learns anything, Justin has a new English Bulldog puppy named Karma. And it's doomed. So, so doomed. It's MORE

Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ documentary bombed. Hard.

Justin Bieber Believe

I'll be completely straight with you: I have not seen Justin Bieber's new documentary Believe, nor do I have any intention of ever seeing it because why the hell should I? Even the Beliebers who actually like Justin didn't bother going out to see it, because according to RadarOnline, it bombed at the box office. It bombed hard, which kind of makes you wonder if that whole "retirement" thing Justin keeps harping on about might actually come MORE

Justin Bieber is still teasing us about retirement

Justin Bieber

Last week, Justin Bieber said in an interview that he's retiring. Now, there's absolutely nothing I'd like more than for Justin to vanish, but there's no way something that good could happen to us. Well, apparently he's sticking to his guns, because now he's on Twitter trying to convince us he's retiring. Look, I get that Justin's people have never been great about correcting him, even when it comes to his most minute bullsh!t, but someone really MORE

Links: Justin Bieber was a hot mess at his premiere

Justin Bieber

→ Justin Bieber went full douchetube at the Los Angeles premiere of Believe last night Dlisted → Sarah Palin has some thoughts about 'intolerants' hating on Duck Dynasty, y'all Celebitchy → Lindsay Lohan has tricked yet another sucker into paying her a pile of cash! Bohomoth → Katie Couric's daytime talk show, Katie, will be coming to an end next June! SOW → Brazilian fashionista Martha Graeff had a bikini malfunction MORE

Justin Bieber isn’t retiring (but we all wish he would)

Justin Bieber

This morning, I woke up, walked the dog, poured myself some coffee, and started hunting for stories and wouldn't you know it, the first thing that pops up is a picture of Justin Bieber with "I'M RETIRING!" in big-ass headline letters above it. The first thing that popped in my head was "Bye Felicia." And then the second thing was "This is too good to be true." So of course, it absolutely WAS too good to be true. Justin Bieber is NOT retiring MORE

Gosh, Justin Bieber is quite the lady’s man, huh?

Justin Bieber

You know, for the longest time, I didn't get the raw, sexual appeal of Justin Bieber. I looked down on Beliebers, saying that they were deifying a mediocre singer of average aesthetic because they were easily swayed little girls who didn't know better. But now, after watching Justin get roasted by Chris D'Elia at The Laugh Factory, only to defend himself by saying he "f*cks bitches"? I get it now! I totally get it! Man, the thought of having MORE