Oh No: Does Justin Bieber have a sex tape now?

Justin Bieber

Well, Justin Bieber's been accused of everything else at this point -- weed, sizzurp, vandalism, property damage, being photographed coming out of a brothel, videotaped sleeping by a prostitute, calling a fan "a whale", driving while impaired, assaulting a limo driver -- so now allegedly he has a sex tape. From an orgy. Sure, why not. RadarOnline reports ... In a still image provided to RadarOnline, Bieber can be seen with his baseball cap on MORE

Justin Bieber wasn’t speeding … so that makes it okay then?

Justin Bieber

Yesterday, we found out that Justin Bieber was high on weed and Alprazolam (Xanax) when he was pulled over and arrested in Florida. But that's okay, because based on speed reports from a GPS in his car, he was never drag racing as we originally thought. See? He wasn't drag racing while high! He was just driving at normal speeds while high! And everyone knows you can drive impaired as long as you just drive really slowly. TMZ reports ... TMZ MORE

Toronto’s Crack Mayor is defending Justin Bieber now

Rob Ford and Justin Bieber

Quick heads up here: There's going to be some light posting tomorrow, as I'm heading down to Montreal for my mother's 50th birthday. I know! Fifty! Oh, I feel weird about that ... anyway, onto the story! Just when you thought Justin Bieber couldn't possibly have dug himself a deeper hole, here's Toronto crack mayor Rob Ford to give him some advice. Yes, the guy who's greatest achievement has been "smoking crack" is in a position to give Justin MORE

Justin Bieber: Now charged with assault in Toronto!

Justin Bieber

Thus far today, we found out that Justin Bieber was high on weed and alprazolam when he was arrested in Florida, and that he was kind of being a jag-off to the cops who pulled him over. So how can it get worse? Oh, I don't know, maybe he can be charged with assault in Toronto? Yeah, that's happening now. He's being charged with assault in Canada. TMZ reports ... Toronto Police have released new details of the Dec. 30 incident ... and say the MORE

Scooter Braun is ready to let Justin Bieber fail

Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber

In the course of about four years (give or take) Justin Bieber has gone from "annoyingly over-marketed tween pop singer" to "cultural pariah people are asking Obama to deport." Around this point, you'd figure that his manager Scooter Braun would be taking a long hard look at the decisions he made when shaping a teenage boy into a man. Well, kinda? According to RadarOnline, he's talking about being there for Justin and letting him fail, which ... MORE

The ‘Deport Justin Bieber’ petition is growing strong

Justin Bieber

So apparently, more than a few of you Americans remembered that Justin Bieber is actually from Canada, and you saw your opportunity. You saw the chance to rid yourself of Aaron Carter 2.0. So you guys started a neat little petition on We The People to deport him back to Canada, and now it has 100,000 signatures. Cute. Real cute. For those of you who haven't read it, here's the basic gist of it ... We the people of the United States feel that MORE

Justin Bieber wants to open a tattoo parlor with his dad

Justin Bieber

Another day, another stellar example of Justin Bieber's terrible decision making. Go figure. In the midst of Justin's Panama-based intervention (side-note: Why are his interventions nicer than most people's vacations?) comes news that Justin wants to take a break from music so that he and his hanger-on dad Jeremy Bieber can open a tattoo parlor. So good news! Soon you too can look like 12-year-old Vanilla Ice! Via RadarOnline ... “Justin MORE

Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend is already trying to sell him out

Chantel Jeffries

So apparently, that girl that was with Justin Bieber the night he was arrested? Her name is Chantel Jeffries, and she's Justin's new girlfriend. And by girlfriend, I mean random hanger-on lady who's already trying to sell him out in interviews to the tune of $20,000. And also a mention of her modeling gig, because of course she's a model. They're always models. Page Six reports ... One source said, “She hired an attorney and was negotiating MORE

Justin Bieber’s team held an intervention for him in Panama?

Justin Bieber

All right, so let's just do some catching up: Apparently, Justin Bieber's off the hook for the whole drag racing thing last week, because Florida police really are just that bad. Despite their precious, precious cash cow being free to be milked, I guess his team decided to lay down the law with an intervention. But they didn't want it to be too harsh, so they held it in Panama. Sure, why not. TMZ reports ... Usher has high-tailed it down to MORE

Ugh: Justin Bieber compares himself to Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber

It was only a matter of time before Justin Bieber finally said something stupid and devoid of insight about his drag racing arrest, so here it is: A picture of himself and the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, side by side, after their legal battles. I mean, how do you respond to that? He put himself and others in danger, and instead of apologizing, he just uses it as an excuse to further stroke his own ego? For some reason, all I can think about MORE

Justin Bieber snitched on his mom for giving him Xanax

Justin Bieber and Pattie Mallette

Thus far this week, Justin Bieber has been arrested for drag racing while drunk AND high, posed for a weirdly chipper mugshot, and gone in front of a judge wearing a prison jumpsuit with -- I swear to gawd -- the sleeves rolled up to show off his arms. Apparently, he's trying to take lemons and turn them into hardcore baller lemonade. Except it turns out the person who pushed all those drugs on him is his own mother, Pattie Mallette. Super MORE

Selena Gomez was a bad influence on Justin Bieber? Yeah, no.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Look, I'm going to level with you here: The world is still freaking out that the spoiled, entitled little popstar did something that a spoiled, entitled little popstar absolutely would do. This means that we're going to be wading through a lot of stories about how everyone around Justin Bieber is trying to shift the blame, or people are lashing out at him, or yadda yadda yadda. My point is, I'm going to try and stagger them as much as we possibly MORE

Let’s talk: Justin Bieber’s mugshot

Justin Bieber Mugshot

Well, you know the drill: Justin Bieber got arrested early this morning in Miami Beach for drag racing while inebriated (a combo of drugs and alcohol), so here comes the inevitable mugshot, via Gawker. Now, this next part is about to get ranty, but I'm just going to go through everyone's reactions to Justin Bieber's arrest and point out the flaws in those arguments ... Reaction #1: Justin Bieber's just a kid, we should be going easy on MORE

Justin Bieber: Arrested for DUI in Miami Beach!

Justin Bieber

Oh this was so bound to happen sooner or later ... Justin Bieber was arrested (after getting his party on at a club, pictured above) early this morning down in Miami Beach for DUI (drugs and alcohol use were suspected). At first Justin resisted arrest (of course he did) and cursed out the cops (of course he did), after they pulled him over for speeding when they realized he was drunk and high. Oh good times for Justin, whose passenger in his MORE