Jose Canseco: The new Charlie Sheen?

Jose Canseco

While everyone else was busy freaking out over Kim Kardashian possibly running to be the Mayor of Glendale, or Amanda Bynes slowly turning into Lindsay Lohan's messy doppelgänger, former MLB player Jose Canseco decided to make a public splash via yet another bizarre meltdown on Twitter, after he was caught sending flirty (and creepy) direct messages. Basically, imagine Charlie Sheen, only instead of intelligence and drugs, Jose has aimless anger MORE

Jose Canseco wants to bang Lady Gaga!

Jose Canseco and Lady Gaga

And just like that, the distinction between Madonna and Lady Gaga grows ever dimmer. Anyway, Jose Canseco decided to go on Twitter and announce to the world that he would totally marry Gaga if he could. And you know what? Gaga could do a hell of a lot worse I suppose. Honestly, this is the woman who is the biggest star in the world and she only just now broke up with the boyfriend no one has ever heard of. The former baseball player, 46, MORE