Box Office: ’22 Jump Street’ hits #1, ‘Dragon 2′ takes #2

22 Jump Street

Two major summer sequels premiered at the movies this weekend, but according to BoxOfficeMojo, 22 Jump Street with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill came out on top with a $60 Million opening weekend. Also, I realized this when I was cobbling the title together, but there's a disturbing amount of numbers-based movie titles this week. Which brings me to... How To Train Your Dragon 2, which debuted at number two with $50 Million. Apparently, some MORE

Catch the latest ’22 Jump Street’ trailer

22 Jump Street

I know we spoiled ourselves on the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and now nothing else today is going to compare to the gun-toting raccoon. Well, SUCK IT UP! 22 Jump Street (in theaters June 13th) tried very hard, and they deserve at least a watch! Even though most of this is footage from the first trailer. Although the fourth-wall breaking from Nick Offerman was a nice touch, I'll give you guys that. MORE

How Random: Sara Bareilles fired Jonah Hill’s brother after he picked a fight with Sharon Osbourne

Sara Bareilles

Sometimes, a story will get thrown our way that, for the life of me, makes absolutely no friggin' sense. A story that seems like a mish-mash of weird ideas and random celebs you never thought would cross ways. A story that makes you just go, "wait, huh?" This is that story: Apparently, Sara Bareilles fired her manager Jordan Feldstein (who happens to be Jonah Hill's brother) after he got into a fight with Sharon Osbourne. And yes, DRINKS WERE MORE

‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ sets the record for the most F-Bombs

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Look, we're going to level with you: Everyone's still in a bit of a post-holiday come down, which means that none of the regulars are out doing the regular sh!tty things they're doing, and outlets are kind of dead for material. So we sort of have to take what we're given here and what we've been given is The Wolf of Wall Street breaking the record for most F-bombs dropped in a single film. Via SkyNews ... The Golden Globe-nominated film has MORE

Hey look, it’s the trailer for ’22 Jump Street’

22 Jump Street

Since 21 Jump Street ended up being something of a surprise hit, considering it came out during the early spring and was an adaptation of an ignored 80's TV show, they decided to make a sequel called 22 Jump Street (due out next June). Anyway, here's your first official trailer, which now takes place in college instead of high school, as is the natural progression of academia. Just assume that 23 Jump Street will involve post-graduate MORE

Red Band Trailer: This Is The End

This Is The End

You know what's weird? It's April 2nd, but I'm still sifting through everything that happened yesterday trying to figure out what is and isn't an April Fool's Day prank (and, in the case of LiLo, what happens when you destroy your brain and then try to pull of a clever prank). Take for instance the NSFW red band trailer for This Is The End, the new movie from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg which features a bunch of celebrities playing themselves in MORE

Rita Ora cheated on Rob Kardashian with Jonah Hill?!

Rob Kardashian, Rita Ora and Jonah Hill

Honestly, this is probably one of the most confusing mish-mashes of celebrities (well, one celebrity, and two pseudo-famous people) I've ever seen, so let's just plow into this one: As some of you may remember, Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian split up a little while back after Rob accused Rita of cheating on him with twenty other guys. Turns out, one of those guys was allegedly Jonah Hill. Yes, really. Us Weekly reports ... One person who isn't MORE

The Art of the Mainstream Movie: 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street

Believe it or not, there indeed is an “art” behind the making of a successful mainstream movie. There is a misconception that the only “good” movies are independent “critical darling” movies favored by the Sundance crowd. Yes, successful mainstream movies do exist. I am not denying that. Just let me make my case. 21 Jump Street is a good example of a successful mainstream comedy. It follows the recent Hollywood trend of rebooting MORE

Sacha Baron Cohen beats out Jonah Hill!

Sacha Baron Cohen

In a stellar cast that already comprises of Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jamie Foxx things couldn’t get better, right? Wrong. Though Jonah Hill was the front-runner in director Quentin Tarantino’s latest spaghetti western adventure Django Unchained, Sacha Baron Cohen is the set in stone contender, as of now. The film will follow Waltz as he plays a German dentist who turns bounty hunter, as if MORE

Is Jonah Hill too skinny?

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill looks different. Normally I'd really compliment someone on their weight loss and be all happy and shit, but, I can't sign off on this. Dude looks a little ... off? Amirite? I'M WORRIED JONAH HILL!!! OMG ARE YOU MANOREXIC?!? I don't know, and I'm an such an ass for saying he looks weird. BUT I'M CONCERNED!!! Here's why: NHS figures have shown a 66 per cent increase in hospital admissions in England for male eating disorders MORE