FitnessBytes: Blind Depp, Hot Henry + Healthy Hearts!

Johnny Depp

Sure he's hot, but did you know Johnny Depp is practically blind? That totally explains the whole Vanessa Paradis thing. The actor says: "Everything is just very burry. I've never had proper vision." Without corrective lenses, he can only see a few inches in front of him. He also revealed (via Rolling Stone) that he doesn't wear underwear. Blind as a bat and easy access? MY KIND OF HERO. He doesn't let his poor vision stand in the way of looking MORE

Vanessa Paradis hates Amber Heard!

Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

A little while back, Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp finally split up even though they were rumored to have split up long, long before. Anyway, people automatically assumed that Johnny had dumped Vanessa for his The Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard. Except ... ummm, Amber is a lesbian, I think? And she has a girlfriend for almost two years now? Yeah ... The Daily Mail reports: Her sombre mood was perhaps understandable considering claims that MORE

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have split!

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Good news if you have a thing for douchey-looking, out of touch hipsters who have essentially been making the same two movies for the past decade: Johnny Depp has split with his partner, Vanessa Paradis after fourteen years as a couple. Here's the info I gleaned from The Daily Mail, which is incredibly hard to do when their idea of writing involves solitary sentences sandwiched between onslaughts of giant pics. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis MORE

‘Lone Ranger’ is going way over budget!

Lone Ranger

When we last checked in on the Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp was playing a Native American stereotype and we were all pretending like that wasn't totally offensive. Well, here comes karma because apparently the movie is now ballooning its budget and way behind schedule. Whoops. Via Hollywood Reporter: Insiders say the movie, which began shooting Feb. 28 in New Mexico, is not only running days or possibly weeks behind its 120-day shooting schedule, MORE

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis split?

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

So a couple weeks back, a rumor circulated that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had split up, and I kind of ignored it because (A) It was a rumor, and not a very exciting one, and (B) Johnny Depp? Meh. Anyway, now it's showing up again as the cover story of People magazine, which is usually pretty good about not reporting on straight-up bullshit, so these two might actually be for reals dunzo. Once upon a time, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis MORE

Johnny Depp fall down go boom!

Johnny Depp

So after last week's little "being rich and beloved despite doing less work than most people equals rape" comments, Johnny Depp ended up getting followed by some paparazzi in Hollywood, which must have really sucked because he left his rape whistle at home. (This is why I keep mine attached to my house keys.) Anyway, some guy who I assume to be in Johnny's entourage decided to protect him from the evil, evil cameras by bear hugging him into the MORE

Johnny Depp apologizes for his rape comment!

Johnny Depp

Confession time: I never got the appeal of Johnny Depp. Nope. Never. I get it: he's wearing a fedora and a scarf. Isn't he precious? Whatever. Anyway, yesterday he showed everyone why he never talks to the media, specifically because he's out of his tiny hipster mind, by saying that getting paid massive amounts of money to have his picture taken is like rape in the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Anyway, now he's saying that he's very sorry MORE

Captain Jack Sparrow is gay!

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Johnny Depp talked about how Disney executives were less than thrilled with the fact that he played his character in Pirates of the Carribean as a gay guy, because clearly there's nothing gay about a handsome, smooth-talking guy who hangs out on a boat with a bunch of muscular shirtless guys and wears eyeliner. So how long before Jack Sparrow gets to come out on the cover of People magazine? Johnny Depp's MORE

Yes, I have a dirty mind …

... doesn't it look like johnny depp is getting serviced in the picture below? looking all relaxed and at ease! who might be providing the services? his co-star angelina jolie! the two were spotted filming their upcoming flick the tourist on a boat earlier today in venice, italy! although i can't really see angelina and johnny together - you never know what could happen - but brad pitt and vanessa paradis can probably rest easy (maybe with one MORE

video fix: johnny depp is the mad hatter

i can't wait for tim burton's upcoming 3D flick alice in wonderland (3/5/10) here's a new featurette with mr. sexy - johnny depp - who's playing the mad hatter! popbytes over & out for now ... xoxo MORE

Is Angelina Jolie a maneater?

good morning! although everything appears to be fine with brad pitt and angelina jolie (the couple was at the DGA awards this past weekend - looking more in love than ever) the latest issue of STAR magazine claims she has set her sights on her upcoming co-star johnny depp! soon ms. jolie will be heading to italy (supposedly without brad and the kids) to film the tourist with mr. depp - who's not married to his long-time partner vanessa paradis MORE

johnny depp: most stylish man in the world?

i wouldn't say johnny depp is the hottest guy ever but i will say he is quite stylish - i love his whole bohemian vibe (hello - he owns his own island) and laid back attitude - plus he's had an amazing career (which is far from over - next up is alice in wonderland) i remember seeing him in 1984's a nightmare on elm street - little did i know twenty-six years later he'd be on top of the hollywood game! mr. depp is looking handsome on the cover of MORE

johhny depp’s first wedding photos…

good afternoon everyone! did you all know that johnny depp was once married way back in the day? this week STAR magazine unearths some photos from his first wedding to makeup artist lori anne allison which took place when he was just twenty years old on rivo alto island in florida on dec 20th 1983...before he even had his first film role in a nightmare on elm street - the couple was married two years before divorcing in 1985... then johnny met MORE

johnny depp’s wedding – new STAR cover

hey hey! below is the latest cover of STAR magazine which features johnny depp's wedding plans with his gal vanessa paradis! plus it's all about the skinny...poor dumped kate bosworth who has gone all bones on us...i guess she won't be modeling in spain anytime soon...popbytes over & out for now - xxoo! MORE