This is what Joe Manganiello used to look like …

Joe Manganiello

I'm actually not that thrilled right now, and here's why: I joined a new gym about a month and a half ago, and over the weekend they closed without telling anyone, then sold all of our personal information to another gym thirty minutes away. I KNOW. So on top of the whole "giving private personal information to a third party without my consent" thing, I'm also out of a gym and I now I just feel blah. So I'm just going to live vicariously though MORE

Hottie Joe Manganiello goes clean-shaven!

Joe Manganiello

I seriously almost didn't recognize True Blood star Joe Manganiello without his signature beard! Joe debuted his clean-shaven look the other night (wearing John Varvatos) at the 2013 Style Awards held in New York City. Although his werewolf character, Alcide Herveaux, basically chewed on the scenery this past season of True Blood, Joe is still totally delicious to look at, especially when he takes his shirt off! I don't mind him at all without MORE

Oh hey, Joe Manganiello. Working out shirtless I see?

Joe Manganiello

A little while back, True Blood (starting up again this coming Sunday on HBO) star Joe Manganiello did a photo shoot for Men's Health UK magazine which ... good lawd, the man is unfairly handsome. Anyway, now they've released a behind the scenes video featuring plenty of Joe working out in various state of undress if you happen to be into that sort of thing. Which we are. Very much. MORE

Links: Joe Manganiello strips down for Men’s Health

Joe Manganiello

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Coming Soon: Neil Patrick Harris’ Puppet Dreams

Neil Patrick Harris

What happens when you combine a shirtless Neil Patrick Harris, his beautiful husband David Burtka, a bunch of foul-mouthed puppets, Willam and Detox from RuPaul's Drag Race, and Joe Manganiello in a pineapple shirt? You get Neil's Puppet Dreams, a new web series coming to Nerdist on November 27th, that follows Neil and his battle against a rare disorder that makes him dream only in puppets. And also Joe in a pineapple shirt. That's weirdly MORE

Channing Tatum’s ‘Magic Mike’ flash mob

Channing Tatum - Magic Mike

It's a really good thing Magic Mike is supposed to be a great movie, because I'm starting to get sick of hearing about it. And I never thought I would get sick of hearing about hot famous people naked. What's wrong with me? Whatever. Channing Tatum and Joe Mangianello were on the Today Show to promote the movie, when a "spontaneous" flash mob as lead by Tatum broke out. The weirdest part: no one took off their shirt. You're promoting a movie MORE

Dorito Foreplay w/ Joe Manganiello & Kylie Minogue

Joe Manganiello and Kylie Minogue

Full disclosure: Doritos are the grossest thing ever in theory. There's something about weird greasy chips covered in cheese powder that I find inherently unsettling, although this fact will not stop me from eating an entire bag if I eat so much as one. It's a slippery slope. Anyway, here's a clip of Kylie Mingoue eating one off True Blood hottie Joe Manganiello's prosthetic tummy on The Soup, because WUT DA FUQ. MORE

Joe Manganiello loves wearing thongs!

Joe Manganiello

Proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that we're basically the alternate dimension evil twin of every straight, boob-obsessed gossip blogger out there (true story: if you put an evil goatee on that guy who writes The Superficial, we'd be completely identical) here's a story about Joe Manganiello talking about wearing a thong for Magic Mike. On a sidenote, how do you guys feel about the tagline, "PopBytes: Because where else will you find Joe MORE

Let’s talk about Joe Manganiello’s penis!

Joe Manganiello - Out Magazine

Yup, don't need to change that headline. Hey, we know our audience. You're all here because you want to hear about Joe Manganiello and how he's going to be shaking his thing in the upcoming male stripper movie, Magic Mike (alongside fellow hotties Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, and Matt Bomer). And yes, I have already reserved my ticket. Get it girl. OUT magazine reports: Joe Manganiello plays Big Dick Richie. He demurs MORE

Joe Manganiello: A ‘Muscle & Fitness’ monster!

Joe Manganiello - Muscle & Fitness

Naturally huge bitches like Joe Manganiello are the reason so many guys do steroids. This dude stands at six and a half feet tall and trained DOWN to 220 pounds. He's a monster! If there were anyone deserving a Muscle & Fitness cover, well, wait until next month (just kidding Joe!). The actor was interviewed by the men's fitness magazine for a very hardcore feature on his transformation for True Blood (see celebrity body transformation MORE

Work it out with hottie Joe Manganiello!

Joe Manganiello

Who else caught the fourth season premiere of True Blood last night?! I thought it was a great episode, and although I'm totally Team Eric Northman (played by the oh so sexy Swede Alexander Skarsgård), coming in a close second is definitely werewolf Alcide Herveaux played by super hottie Joe Manganiello! Just look at him all ripped, buff and shirtless in the hot workout video below from Details magazine! Unless you’re living under a MORE

‘True Blood’ season 4 starts tonight!

True Blood - Season 4

Are you ready to show your true colors tonight for the 4th season of HBO's hit series True Blood? Just last night I caught the 3rd season's final episode again to refresh my memory, I'm dying to see what's going to transpire this time around, with a coven of witches added to the supernatural mix. Below you'll find the new season's trailer along with an eight-minute sneak peek of tonight's premiere episode! I'm totally Team Eric Northman (played MORE

Links: The hottest werewolf ever!

Joe Manganiello

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Hottie Joe Manganiello goes shirtless for GQ!

Joe Manganiello

Damn! How hot does Joe Manganiello from True Blood look without his shirt in the latest issue of GQ magazine? I cannot wait for the HBO series to return for its fourth season this coming Sunday, June 26th! True Blood’s resident werewolf, Joe Manganiello, heads to the island of Santorini for his GQ photoshoot in the July issue, and isn’t afraid to show a little skin. HBO obviously has taken notice of the fact that he looks good without MORE