Joan Rivers thinks Lena Dunham’s body positivity will kill her

Joan Rivers and Lena Dunham

Say what you want about Lena Dunham -- seriously, just do it. I have never seen people jump all over a celebrity the way people do with Lena and I don't get it one bit -- she's a healthy weight! She looks like a regular girl, she takes care of herself and she encourages other people to love and take care of themselves too. So here's Joan Rivers saying that Lena is apparently some sort of wildebeest who will die of diabetes if she doesn't cut out MORE

Khloe Kardashian vs. Joan Rivers … over Kim’s sex tape!

Ray J and Joan Rivers

Considering the fact that the Kardashians wouldn't be jacksh!t to anyone if it hadn't been for Ray J peeing on Kim Kardashian, you'd figure they'd embrace it every chance they get. And yet they don't because these people honest to gawd think they're -- pfft, ha ha ha -- talented! Oh, oh, that's funny, tell another one! Anyway, Joan Rivers made a video mocking Kim's sex tape, and now Khloe Kardashian is mad at her and cancelled an appearance she MORE

Jimmy Fallon’s $100 ‘The Tonight Show’ Bet

Jimmy Fallon

Last night, Jimmy Fallon officially took over on NBC's The Tonight Show, at least until Jay Leno is like "Nyeh, I want to come back now." Anyway, Jimmy decided to kick off the show by calling out all the people who bet him $100 he'd never host The Tonight Show, which he apparently made with every celebrity in New York. And also Kim Kardashian, because gawd dammit, STOP ENCOURAGING HER. But then Stephen Colbert came in and fixed everything Kim MORE

Kris Jenner is full of it on ‘In Bed With Joan’

Kris Jenner and Joan Rivers

Here's the latest episode of Joan Rivers' webseries, In Bed With Joan, featuring Kris Jenner because she needs to do some damage control after her husband escaped her house of lies. Anyway, it probably shouldn't surprise anyone that Kris is pretty much full of sh!t through the whole thing, such as when she calls out the tabloids for writing about her (she loves it) or when she says she made Scott Disick into the villain on her show (mother of the MORE

Joan Rivers to Lady Gaga: Lighten up!

Joan Rivers and Lady Gaga

In case you were wondering if Lady Gaga's contrived-for-attention beef with Kelly Osbourne is ever going to end: Nope! Probably not! Anyway, after Kelly tried to make peace by saying she was a Gaga fan, Gags apparently refused to get off her high horse because apparently, she doesn't know how comedy shows work or that jokes are things people say to each other all the time. Anyway, Joan Rivers, who hosts Fashion Police and has been a comedienne MORE

Sharon Osbourne vs. Lady Gaga

Sharon Osbourne vs. Lady Gaga

So apparently, Lady Gaga decided to blast Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers' E! show, Fashion Police, because apparently there's no difference between the systematic bullying of a helpless kid until they do something drastic and making fun of things celebs wear. Well, after Gaga publicly shamed someone with less clout than her without a single trace of irony, 'Little Monsters' started sending hate mail and death threats to Kelly, once again without MORE

Joan Rivers slams Angelina Jolie’s right leg!

Angelina Jolie

If you don't know what the deal is with Angelina Jolie's right leg (which you can follow on Twitter) yet, I'll give you the sparksnotes version real quick: Angelina had a momentary lapse in sanity and started posing with her leg out on the Oscars red carpet like she was a Las Vegas stripper trying to score a sugar daddy. Turns out I'm not the only one who thought she looked super trashy, because mother-daughter fashion duo Joan Rivers and Melissa MORE

Links: Joan Rivers had 739 plastic surgeries?!

Joan Rivers

• Lindsay Lohan poses for Terry Richardson yet again: busted, trashy and cheap? Cele|bitchy • Maria Menounous' vagina was reportedly roaming Indianapolis like a roaring lion! IDLYITW • Nick Carter missed his sister Leslie's funeral and blames his dysfunctional family for it! ICYDK • Demi Moore reportedly has checked into the Cirque Lodge rehab center in Utah I'm Not Obsessed • J Lo showed her abs on the beach with a MORE

Joan Rivers vs. Chelsea Handler

Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler

As one of the first (and possibly funniest) female comedians, Joan Rivers is usually a good litmus test to see who is and isn't a respectable funny lady. So of course, it turns out Joan kind of totally hates Chelsea Handler because she feels like Chelsea basically just slept her way to the middle. RadarOnline reports: "Number one, the girl made it on her back f**king the president, we all know that, of the network. Number two, she's fine, MORE

Joan Rivers’ daughter is dating a porn mogul!

Melissa Rivers and Steve Hirsch

As everyone knows (okay, not everyone, just humor me here) the best money in porn is found behind the scenes. Sure, performers can make bank if they work hard enough, but owning a studio is practically like printing money. Which is why Joan Rivers is ecstatic that her daughter Melissa Rivers is dating Steve Hirsch, head honcho of Vivid Entertainment. And also because they make each other happy, I guess ... bah. Lovey dovey relationships. TMZ MORE

Joan Rivers told FOX News to ‘F*ck Themselves’!

So while she was promoting her new reality TV show, Joan and Melissa Rivers: Joan Knows Best, Joan Rivers went after Sarah Palin, saying that she was 'stupid and a threat'. Naturally, her appearance on FOX News was canceled, since Sarah is a talking head on FOX and saying anything bad about the woman who quit being a public servant so she could have a show after Kate Plus 8 is TREASON! While @melrivers and I were promoting our new @wetv reality MORE

Joan Rivers got snubbed!

Alright, so the latest batch of D-list losers (and Margaret Cho; Seriously how'd she get mixed in with those nobodies?!) has been announced for Dancing With The Washed-Up Has-Beens No One Cares About, and Joan Rivers is none too pleased that they went with that Carol Brady bitch over her. I mean whoop-dee-fucking-doo, she raised six kids on a show with a live-in nanny. Here's a freakin' medal. The new cast was revealed on Monday and Joan says MORE

joan rivers vs. samantha ronson!

In what is easily the most WTF? worthy celebrity feud ever, Joan Rivers and Samantha Ronson got into it over the weekend after Joan took a couple shots at Sam's ex, Lindsay Lohan. Sure, almost everyone and their dog has taken a shot at LiLo at this point, but that bitch must be stopped! "Hey Joan Rivers - you have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age, oh wait, I guess people that old can't hear. #bully," the DJ tweeted on MORE

joan rivers: a piece of work

hey hey! i cannot wait to see this documentary film about comedy legend joan rivers called a piece of work which follows the trials and tribulations of ms. rivers during her 76th year - some people don't realize that she totally paved the way for women comediennes today and is still working today - and her sense of humor is just as sharp and biting as it was back in the day - she's hilarious and i adore her - plastic surgery and all - the mold MORE