Thwarted: Lindsay’s stolen bracelet switch-a-roo!

Lindsay Lohan

Yesterday we reported that Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole one of Elizabeth Taylor's bracelets from Taylor's long-time nurse, and was immediately found out because, well, something that Lindsay wanted went missing immediately after someone left it within LiLo's reach. Really doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to crack this case. Anyway, the plot has apparently thickened, as Lindsay allegedly planned to pull a switch-a-roo on the bracelet, because it's MORE

Lindsay Lohan: Accused of stealing Elizabeth Taylor’s bracelet!

Lindsay Lohan

Already today, we've reported on Lindsay Lohan allegedly conning Bravo out of $250,000 in furniture before throwing it all in a storage locker so that they couldn't ever repossess it. Normally, that would be our one "LiLo accused of stealing stuff" post, but no! No it isn't! So here's RadarOnline reporting that Lindsay was accused by Elizabeth Taylor's former nurse of stealing one of the late actress' bracelets because LINDSAY MORE

Everyone Freak Out: Kim Kardashian wore a diamond ring on her pinkie

Kim Kardashian

On Monday, the horrid man who wrought Kim Kardashian upon us all, Ryan Seacrest, said that Kim was going to update us all about her possible engagement to Kanye West. Except then nothing happened because not even Kanye is willing to get caught in that death trap. Well, now that her "engagement" is a no-go, Kim decided to walk around with a diamond ring on her pinkie, because OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I HEAR WEDDING BELLS! Us Weekly reports MORE

Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels to be auctioned

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s famous jewelry is on display at select galleries around the world, before 269 pieces are put up for sale at Christie’s New York, this December. There's many pieces up for grabs including the Krupp Diamond, Peregrina Pearl, and the 69.4 carat pear shaped rock that became known as the Taylor-Burton Diamond. All in all Taylor's estate included $30 million worth of jewels, while another $20 million could easily be raised from MORE