Lady Gaga: I’m the Queen of the Universe!

Lady Gaga

Remember how one of Lady Gaga's former personal assistants, Jennifer O'Neill, was suing her for unpaid overtime? Well, according to RadarOnline, Lady Gaga has hit back at the claims in a 200-page witness report, and ... yeah, I really don't think she helped herself at all. “This is it: when I need you, I need you,” is the way Gaga presents the job, according to the Mail, and that includes getting up in the middle of the night to help a MORE

Lady Gaga: My ex-assistant is ‘a f–king hood rat’

Lady Gaga and Jennifer O'Neill

Back in 2011, Lady Gaga was sued by her former assistant Jennifer O’Neill for 7,168 hours of unpaid overtime, to the tune of $393,000 dollars. (Somewhere out there, Lindsay Lohan just went "HA! Amateur," before asking Gaga for a $50,000 loan.) Anyway, the tapes from Gaga's deposition have made their way online, and if Gaga's still an anti-bullying advocate, she sure as hell isn't showing it. Lady Gaga unloaded on a former personal assistant MORE

Gaga’s assistant sues for having to do her job!

Lady Gaga

Welcome back everyone! Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. And to welcome you back, here's the most baseless celebrity lawsuit ever: Jennifer O'Neill, aka Lady Gaga's former assistant, is suing her touring company because she claims she was forced to do demeaning work. And by "demeaning work", we actually mean "her normal job." And she's also suing for 7,168 hours of unpaid overtime worth $380,000. But we'll discuss why that's bullshit MORE