Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: We are ending our marriage!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

OMG! I'm actually a bit shocked (ok, not really) over the breaking news that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting a divorce after being married for seven years, and even renewed their marriage vows just last year! They seemed like such a perfect couple but as we all know too well, statistics show that things don't last forever in Hollywood, especially marriages. The couple share two kids, 3-year-old twins Max and Emme. I wonder if this MORE

First Look: Jennifer Lopez – I’m Into You – The music video!

Jennifer Lopez - I'm Into You

Here's the brand new music video from Jennifer Lopez for I'm Into You (featuring Lil' Wayne), the second official single off her 7th studio album, Love?. The album which was released last week is pretty decent, and even includes a super fun track penned by Lady Gaga called Hypnotico. Everything seems to be coming up roses for Ms. Lopez lately, I think she's doing a great job as a judge on American Idol (even though the contestants suck this year) MORE

Links: Jennifer Lopez – the world’s most beautiful woman?

Jennifer Lopez

• Bald is beautiful: Some celebs look just as hot without their luscious locks, yes? BuzzFeed • Why is Catherine Zeta-Jones staying at the mental hospital?! In Case You Didn't Know • Here's Karina Smirnoff (Dancing With The Stars) gracing the cover of Playboy magazine PopEater • Scarlett Johansson is apparently now living with her boyfriend Sean Penn! Cele|bitchy • Oh, Britney Spears ... where have your fancy dance moves MORE

Listen: Jennifer Lopez ‘Invading My Mind’

Jennifer Lopez - Invading My Mind

Hot on the heels of her hit single On The Floor (which I love) here's a new leaked track from Jennifer Lopez's upcoming Love? album (April 19th) called Invading My Mind, produced again by RedOne. This is yet another hot dance single that's bound to get people sweating all over the dancefloor. I'm genuinely excited for Jennifer's seventh studio album, if the first two tracks are any indication, it's bound to be on fire! I actually really liked her MORE

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘On The Floor’ video!

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor

Finally, here's the new music video from Jennifer Lopez (I'm surprisingly enjoying her as a judge on the new season of American Idol) for her incredibly infectious hit dance single, On The Floor (with Pitbull), which will be featured on her upcoming album, Love, releasing next month on April 19th! When I first heard this track, I wasn't overly crazy for it but after a couple of repeat listens, I absolutely love it. I hope the rest of JLo's new MORE

J.Lo Hates being on ‘American Idol’

So despite being on America Idol for all of ... what, like a month? Barely half a season? J.Lo has already come out and said that she hates having to be on the show. I mean, mind you it was because she hated having to reject a contestant, but still, what are the chances she cries herself to sleep every night while drinking from a Coke cup? J.Lo in particular had a difficult time becoming J.No. She seemed in agony the first time she was shown MORE

Jennifer Lopez likes to expose herself!

Get ready to see a side of Jennifer Lopez that you probably really wished you never would: Her vagina. Yes, Jennifer Lopez apparently has a sex tape - Oh, wait, sorry, I mean nude tape - wherein she rides around on a scooter flashing her beaver. Sadly, she's still less exposed then she was back before Gigli came out. "JLo is riding a scooter in public in Cuba, while talking to the camera and numerous by-standers," Ed Meyer, a representative for MORE

JLo’s getting $12 million to judge a karaoke contest

Oh glory be hallelujah, the long national nightmare has ended restarted: Jennifer Lopez has finalized her deal to be a judge on American Idol because... well, let's face it here, the girl's not doing anything else, is she? Remember that crappy song about shoes? No? Neither does anyone else. A month after the singer-actress's initial deal with American Idol fell apart -- thanks, in part, to demands that had gotten "out of hand," according to a MORE

lopez, out!

Just in case American Idol needed yet another nail into their coffin, Jennifer Lopez, who was scheduled to be one of the new judges after Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and that other chick no one cares about left, has also been canned from the show for being a gigantic diva bitch. No way, really? I think the only thing that surprises me about this is that someone out there couldn't actually see this coming. Jennifer Lopez won't be a judge on MORE

surprise jennifer lopez – you just turned 40!

hey hey! so yesterday was jennifer lopez's 40th birthday and over in NYC tonight her (troll-like) hubby marc anthony threw his wife a surprise birthday party (here's pictures of the first non-surprise party) at the edison ballroom - called 'an evening for lola' (which i assume is a pet name of his for her) by the looks of the pictures below - ms. lopez was actually surprised (there were tears!) and was greeted by such guests as (bisexual) hottie MORE

jennifer lopez & marc anthony – still on!

good evening! this is a follow-up post to a rumor that was floating around a few months back ... supposedly jennifer lopez and marc anthony were to announce their rumored divorce during marc's NYC concert on valentine's day - tonight he did perform but there was no announcement about the state of their marriage! the couple was spotted leaving for madison square garden where his show took place - ms. lopez was sporting a sparkly heart-shaped purse MORE

is jennifer lopez running back to diddy?

good morning! this week's STAR magazine is chock full o' more drama for jennifer lopez and her supposedly estranged hubby marc anthony (things have apparently gone all olivia newton-john - physical!) and ms. lopez could be turning to her ex-boyfriend diddy for help (she did look way better back then - when she was still 'jenny from the block' - her gold dress this past sunday was all wrong - she was poured into it and had overflow - yikes!) MORE

the most ridiculous rumor ever!

good evening y'all! i'm still laughing from this morning when the NY post's gatecrasher posted this ridiculously delicious rumor that i can't stop thinking about... Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may have renewed their wedding vows a mere three months ago, but their rocky romance will likely bite the dust right after Valentine's Day, says an insider. "Marc and Jennifer are planning on announcing their divorce right after Marc's show at Madison MORE

jennifer lopez & marc anthony – on the rocks?

oh my word! i'm stunned - well not really - but this bit of gossip came out today - seemingly out of left field - it sounds like there's trouble going on between jennifer lopez and marc anthony after nearly fours years of wedded bliss which produced twins max & emme (they both turn one-year old in february) ms. lopez used to be in popbytes' shithouse and then i started to warm up to her again - i even retired my marriage count after almost two MORE