Breaking: Mariah Carey is joining ‘American Idol’

Mariah Carey - American Idol

UPDATE: Mariah is reportedly being paid $17 Million, which is two million more than Britney Spears snagged for The X Factor! OMG! Best news ever! This just in ... Mariah Carey will be a judge on the upcoming 12th season of American Idol. This comes hot on the heels of both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler's departure from the show after just two seasons. I don't know how much FOX is paying Mariah to get on board but it seriously must be a lot, MORE

Jennifer Lopez’s stunt double is a man

Jennifer Lopez

All right, I'm just going to say this now because I'm sure no one is going to get the reference: does anyone remember Jade Sotomayor from the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race? If you do remember, you probably took one look at her and said "holy cow, she looks exactly like JLo". Apparently we are not the only people who thought this, because Jennifer Lopez's stunt doubles are men. Via the Daily Mail: The 42-year-old actress was seen on the MORE

Jennifer Lopez: Nipple or no nipple?

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz

During the awards ceremony last night, there was a brief moment where a little bitty patch of skin on Jennifer Lopez's boob that was a shade darker than the rest of her boob. Cue the entire web freaking out over the possibility that they may have seen a tiny sliver of JLo's nipple (which now has its very own Twitter account), because despite the fact that you can find boobs pretty much everywhere online, one tiny slip of nip is like crack to MORE

Jennifer Lopez’s emotional breakdown on stage!

Jennifer Lopez

Remember when Jennifer Lopez split from Marc Anthony? Because she sure does and God help her, there's no way in hell she's going to let you forget it either! Actually, she's going to make sure you don't forget ANY of her break-ups, and will trot them all out in her stage act and then cry about it because sympathy is totally big money these days. From Us Weekly: With thousands of adoring fans looking on, the newly-single mom got emotional MORE

Watch: Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Papi’

Jennifer Lopez - Papi

Here’s the latest music video from newly single Jennifer Lopez for her new single, Papi. It’s basically an extended version of the Fiat commercial that’s now playing on TV. I do think this is one of the better tracks off JLo’s most recent album, Love?, but the video is pretty silly and kind of lame. She could have easily come up with something better than this, watch below and decide for yourself! MORE

Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper?

Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper

It sounds like newly single Jennifer Lopez is wasting no time at all, apparently she went out on a 'romantic' date with hottie Bradley Cooper last night in NYC! Who can blame her for moving so quickly? After having Marc Anthony doing his business on top of her for years, I'd totally get it on with Bradley ASAP too! Although Bradley does seem to go through the ladies pretty fast (Jennifer Aniston, Renée Zellweger to name a few), so JLo needs to MORE

Awkward: Jennifer Lopez / Marc Anthony at Kohl’s!

Jennifer Lopez - Kohl's Collection

This new Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony collection thing at Kohl's was planned way before the two decided to split up after seven years of marriage. But obviously the retail giant wasn't going to change their plans, regardless of the couple's personal life. Yet the whole thing just seems totally awkward, you know people up in their corporate offices were probably shitting bricks when news of the impending divorce broke back in July. Supposedly MORE

Jennifer Lopez just needed to love herself!

Jennifer Lopez - Vanity Fair

Despite only breaking up with Marc Anthony two weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez somehow managed to already snag an interview with Vanity Fair about the break-up because everyone knows the first thing you do when you split with someone is to go around making sure that everyone thinks you're the victim here. Oh, and she makes sure to drop the "I just needed to learn to love myself" card here, because clearly JLo's problem is that she doesn't love herself MORE

Marc Anthony tried to control JLo?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Famewhore rule number one: If you're going to announce your split, announce it on Friday as late as possible so that it consumes the entire weekend. Second rule: Once that's done, immediately start planting stories in the press about how he tried to control you, despite the fact that he's a skinny nobody and you're built like a mac truck made of self-importance and egotism. Take it away, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. "He would make her feel MORE

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: We are ending our marriage!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

OMG! I'm actually a bit shocked (ok, not really) over the breaking news that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting a divorce after being married for seven years, and even renewed their marriage vows just last year! They seemed like such a perfect couple but as we all know too well, statistics show that things don't last forever in Hollywood, especially marriages. The couple share two kids, 3-year-old twins Max and Emme. I wonder if this MORE

First Look: Jennifer Lopez – I’m Into You – The music video!

Jennifer Lopez - I'm Into You

Here's the brand new music video from Jennifer Lopez for I'm Into You (featuring Lil' Wayne), the second official single off her 7th studio album, Love?. The album which was released last week is pretty decent, and even includes a super fun track penned by Lady Gaga called Hypnotico. Everything seems to be coming up roses for Ms. Lopez lately, I think she's doing a great job as a judge on American Idol (even though the contestants suck this year) MORE

Listen: Jennifer Lopez ‘Invading My Mind’

Jennifer Lopez - Invading My Mind

Hot on the heels of her hit single On The Floor (which I love) here's a new leaked track from Jennifer Lopez's upcoming Love? album (April 19th) called Invading My Mind, produced again by RedOne. This is yet another hot dance single that's bound to get people sweating all over the dancefloor. I'm genuinely excited for Jennifer's seventh studio album, if the first two tracks are any indication, it's bound to be on fire! I actually really liked her MORE

Jennifer Lopez’s ‘On The Floor’ video!

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor

Finally, here's the new music video from Jennifer Lopez (I'm surprisingly enjoying her as a judge on the new season of American Idol) for her incredibly infectious hit dance single, On The Floor (with Pitbull), which will be featured on her upcoming album, Love, releasing next month on April 19th! When I first heard this track, I wasn't overly crazy for it but after a couple of repeat listens, I absolutely love it. I hope the rest of JLo's new MORE

J.Lo Hates being on ‘American Idol’

So despite being on America Idol for all of ... what, like a month? Barely half a season? J.Lo has already come out and said that she hates having to be on the show. I mean, mind you it was because she hated having to reject a contestant, but still, what are the chances she cries herself to sleep every night while drinking from a Coke cup? J.Lo in particular had a difficult time becoming J.No. She seemed in agony the first time she was shown MORE